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The Way House


The film titled “The Way Home” is actually a Korean film released in 2002 directed by simply Lee Jung-hyang and authored by Lee Jung-hyang. It was produced by Whang Woo-hyun and Whang Jae-woo and was released upon November 15, 2002 simply by Paramount Classics. The film revolves on the story of your young boy and his grandma who problems to combat the differences together.

It is a great film that handles gerontology and just how the aging process impacts the lives of every individual.

In the film, Sang-woo’s mom needs to keep him under the care of his old grandmother because she needs to find a job for them to endure. However , Sang-woo’s grandmother is usually deaf and mute helping to make the situation hard for him. Living with his grandmother is very against his will because for Sang-woo, a protector like his grandmother who may have speaking and hearing disabilities is like living in hell. He cannot acknowledge the fact regarding his grandmother’s situation and badly cell phone calls her a “retard. “

Frustration and depression ingest him because he was accustomed to the city life-style. Living in the nation side is usually far not the same as his earlier home wherever electricity and technology will be part of everyday activities. He neglects all his grandmother’s work for him and proceeds playing with his toys that he brought along with him.

However, his granny patiently will everything intended for his bratty grandson. The lady persistently at home cooks meals pertaining to him, flushes his clothes, and gives the very best that she can to for him. Unfortunately, Sang-woo returns her kindness with rejection from the traditional meals that she serves and prefers Kentucky Fried Chicken, Spam and cola above her dishes. There was a scene in the movie where he stole his grandmother’s attractive pin to obtain batteries to get his video game.

He was seeking to receive the wrath and punishment of his grandmother, but when he showed up home, this individual saw his worried grandmother who was looking forward to him to come back from obtaining batteries. non-etheless, he received her hairpin for nothing as it did not provide him with any electric batteries since the rural village did not have the correct size power packs for his toy. A large number of scenes in the film show how callous Sang-woo should be to his granny.

His misbehavior comes to an end once his poor grandmother gets sick which makes him realize his errors. Suddenly, he is not the selfish brat he was. He assumes the responsibility of taking care of his unwell grandmother. His grandmother’s attempts and complete, utter, absolute, wholehearted love for him takes care of when the lady makes his grandson feel the true meaning of residence. He received love and affection by a woman who cannot speak and hear but can show him the real meaning of life.

The moment his mother returns to fetch him and deliver him returning to the city, his passion and amazing advantages of Sang-woo’s grandmother help to make it hard intended for Sang-woo to leave her. Continue to, he must come with his mother so he trained his granny how to create for them to stay in touch. The Way Home is a heartwarming film that best identifies sacrificial and unconditional appreciate from somebody who is in her later life.

The study of gerontology involves the observation of folks as they get old and knowledge changes physically, psychologically, and socially. This kind of film is suitable for a gerontology class as it gives pupils the chance to view what it is like to be older and how romantic relationship of the old with the more youthful generation can be affected. There are many changes during late adulthood, just like the case of Sang-woo’s grandmother inside the film. That only identify what an old adult experiences but it also displays how a person should deal with these improvements.

What I like the majority of about the film is definitely the scene where Sang-woo’s grandmother got sick and tired. This is because I was able to learn how hard it is to get older and how very much care and attention happen to be needed when a person gets old and sick. The Way Home is a film that encompasses a large number of discoveries about every person’s life: eschew, changes and love.


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