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Ib Biology Hl2 six


6th. 1 . 1 Explain why digestion of large food molecules is essential.

You will find two reasons why the digestive function of large meals molecules is important. Firstly, the meals we eat comprises of many chemical substances made by additional organisms that happen to be not all ideal for human cells and therefore these types of have to be broken down and reman so that the body can use all of them. Secondly, the meals molecules need to be small enough to be assimilated by the villi in the intestine through diffusion, facilitated konzentrationsausgleich or active transport and so large food molecules have to be broken down in to smaller ones for compression to occur.

Synopsis:? 1 . Meals needs to be separated and reman. 2 . Significant food substances need to be broken down into small ones. six. 1 . a couple of Explain the need for enzymes in digestion. Digestive enzymes are needed in the process of digestion as they are the neurological catalysts which in turn break down the best food elements into more compact ones so that these can ultimately be assimilated. Digestion can occur naturally in body temperature, however this process takes a very long time mainly because it happens at such a slow rate. For digestion to improve in these situations, body temperature will have to increase as well.

However this is not possible as it might interfere with additional body capabilities. This is why digestive enzymes are essential as they improve this process simply by lowering the activation strength required for the response to occur and they do so in body temperature. Brief summary:? 3. Digestive enzymes break down significant food molecules into smaller sized ones. four. Speed up the digestion by simply lowering the activation energy for the reaction. 5. Work at body temperature. 6th. 1 . three or more State the origin, substrate, products and optimum pH conditions for one amylase, one protease and one lipase.

AmylaseProteaseLipase EnzymeSalivary AmylasePepsinPancreatic Lipase SourceSalivary GlandsChief cells in stomach liningPancreas SubstrateStarchProteinsTriglycerides including fats and oils ProductsMaltoseSmall polypeptidesFatty Stomach acids and Glycerol Optimum pHpH 7 pH 1 . five , 2pH 7 6th. 1 . four Draw and label a diagram from the digestive system.? Determine 6. 1 . 1 , The digestive tract 6. 1 . 5 Summarize the features of the stomach, small is going to and large gut. The stomach is an important section of the digestive system.

First of all it secretes HCL which kills bacterias and other hazardous organisms protecting against food poisoning and it also provides the optimum circumstances for the enzyme pepsin to work in (pH 1 . 5 , 2). In addition , the belly secretes pepsin which begins the digestive function of protein into polypeptides and amino acids. Theses can then be absorbed by villi inside the small intestinal tract. The small gut is the place that the final phases of digestive function occur. The intestinal wall secretes enzymes and it also will get enzymes from your pancreas.

Nevertheless the main function of the little intestine is a absorption in the small food particles resulting from digestive function. It contains many villi which increase the area for absorption. The large gut moves the material that has not really been digested from the little intestine and absorbs water. This makes solid faeces which are in that case egested throughout the anus. Synopsis: Stomach: 6th. Secretes HCL which eliminates bacteria. 7. HCL supplies optimum pH for pepsin. 8. Creates pepsin to get protein digestive function. Small intestinal tract: 1 . Intestinal wall creates enzymes 2 . Receives enzymes from the pancreas.. Has villi for consumption of food particles. Large gut: 1 . Movements material which has not been digested along. 2 . Absorbes water. 3. Produces faeces. 6. 1 . 6 Separate absorption and assimilation. Ingestion occurs when the foodstuff enters the body as the food molecules pass through a part of cells and into the bodies tissues. This takes place in the tiny intestine that has many villi that are dedicated for ingestion. Assimilation occurs when the food elements becomes section of the bodies cells. Therefore , absorption is then assimilation. 6. 1 . Clarify how the structure of the villus is related to it is role in absorption and transport with the products of digestion. The structure with the villus is very specific. First of all there is a great number of them so this increases the surface area for compression in the little intestine. Additionally the villi also have their own projections which can be called microvilli. The many microvilli increase the surface area for compression further. These microvilli have got protein stations and pumping systems in their walls to allow the rapid compression of meals by facilitated diffusion and active travel.

Also, the villi contains an epithelial layer which can be only one cellular layer solid so that foodstuff can pass through easily and become absorbed quickly. The blood capillary vessels in the villus are very strongly associated with the epithelium so that the range for the diffusion from the food substances is small. This slim layer of cells consists of mitochondria to provide the ATP needed for the active travel of particular food molecules. Finally, there is a lacteal branch with the centre from the villus which usually carries aside fats following absorption.? Physique 6. 1 . , Intestinal villus? Brief summary:? 9. Various villi improve the surface area to get absorption. twelve. Epithelium is only one cellular layer heavy and so meals is quickly absorbed. 11. Microvilli for the villi improve the surface area pertaining to absorption additional. 12. Necessary protein channels and pumps are present in the microvilli for rapid absorption. 13. The mitochondria in the epithelium provide ATP needed for active transport. 16. Blood capillary vessels are very near to the epithelium so diffusion range is little. 15. The lacteal removes fats following absorption.

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