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CHAPTER 1 LAUNCH Proposed Analysis Topic: Disadvantage of IFM Student Management System Meaning of Student data system College student information product is a software application for education establishments to handle student info. Also known as pupil information management system(SIMS), pupil record system(SRS), student administration system(SMS). Objective of proposal: IFM’s college students claim that college student management system is very inconvenient to them as the end users of the system during daily operations.

Due to this fact, we will concentrate on enhancing the device functionalities which have proved to have weakness including to enable the system to estimate GPA towards the end of each session and associated with system trusted and designed for student to see their benefits and charge payment. Qualifications: The background of student information system starts off from manual management of information like the result to be provided to the paperwork board where as the area of student to gain access to the result.

This were challenging for the student to access the information due to boost number of student, and the program were moved to computerized that start with SARIS and now SIS but there are a sort of problem. Not only pupil but also management improved their performance due to moving from manual operations to computerized operations. Therefore , this project will be conducted in team work by 4 members inside the IFM (The Institute Of Finance Management)premises which I located at metropolis center opposite to nationwide Museum.

The first affiliate is a crew leader and he is centered on projects management, the second member is specializing in research and data evaluation, the rest two members will be specialized in system development and maintenance procedure. Shortcoming of Student Management System IFM scholar management system features proved to have a several complications (shortcoming) regarding to the user who will be students. The device seems to be extremely inconvenient to the users since it is viewed from the different uses as proven below: Deficiency of relevance info

Lack of significance information just like in the component section, since it contains nonrelevant subject by way of example for Bsc. IT component, Audit have been indicated among the subject to be selected during second year study where as it not part of subject to always be selected or perhaps studied by IT student so it lead to distress and trouble during collection of module. In addition, it has poor organization of necessary details, module ought to be divided depending on semester and not year.

It will enable customer to see the overview/content of each subject for example just in case of IS USUALLY project it should shoe this content of this subject matter so as scholar should get a picture of what is going to cover with regards to to the subject matter, this will enable student to keep yourself informed when selecting an option subject matter. In case of GPA The system should certainly calculate the students’ GRADE POINT AVERAGE at the end of each semester. This shall help to make student aware of his academic performance so helping him/her to generate strategic consider how to boost his/her performance and boost seriousness from the student Program reliability

The machine is not reliable because when repair or upgrading information in a single of the functionality adversely affect the different functionality for example during uploading of consequence, student might not be able to gain access to other functions such as cost payment, residence as well as student profile while only function that manage result can be maintained. Rather message that says system is having maintenance look and no any function can be accessed. Poor interface

Program interface probably should not require user to slide down or up to be able to access a lot of information rather all information should be arranged in a manner that all features appear to match to the display width and height. In results and payment link Information are certainly not integrity, this challenge show that the data could be changed without notice when the system used or accessed, by way of example on result you can look the result with this time won’t be the same when you will check again it can be good result or bad consequence but that does not matter, it needed to obtain expected effect.

Also in payment website link you can check the payment status on this time you are not financial debt but any moment the status will show you happen to be debt. Inside the student account link The update info to the student profile are generally not reliable, for example the timetable it is usually better each time a particular scholar check the plan in his/her profile to avoid disturbance or any type of information happen to be needed to be published in student profile showing the accuracy of pupil to receive new or perhaps particular details.

Also there may be problem at the time you editing data in your profile are not accuracy and reliability because you can modify and the program are not react to make improvements or at some time the changes will be accepted. Inside the communication link In case of interaction link you cannot find any feedback/notification which make you to know you obtain are dispatched or fail. For example you can send the e-mail to the address, when you send out the email don’t have any notification which usually show you the e-mail now is sent and there is not any feedback through the lecturer to you personally, from example to tell you your request is about processed wait for a hour or maybe a day.

PART 2 LITERATURE REVIEW Literary works review identifies the study of important articles, ebooks and other resources pertaining to pursuit topic. This review of the professional literature relevant to pursuit question will help to contextualize, or frame, your quest. It will also provide readers the mandatory background to understand your research (Joffrey hoffer ). According to Student Management of IFM we analyzed the whole program, the system tried to accomplish some of the need of the students and management although other process where not really ell presented. The system needs to be integrate implies that the accuracy and reliability and uniformity of placed data, mentioned by virtually any absence of virtually any alteration in data among two revisions of data record (joffrey Hoffer). now the student management system of IFM certainly not integrated as a result of reason the fact that available data are not constant. User friendly pertains as software, equipment, service, process, or system that is compatible with their intended wearer’s ability to utilize it easily and successfully (Balasubramanian, D 2001).

According to IFM scholar management the device failed to maintain user friendly as there is a lot of scrolling in order for the user to begin to see the other information which can reduce user intention. Reviews refers since the process where the effect or perhaps output of the action is ‘returned’ (fed-back) to modify the next action. Opinions is essential for the working and survival of most regulatory systems found living and nonliving nature, and man-made system such as education system (www. businessdictionary. com).

In case of IFM student management, the system will not provide details when the student provides the connection to the management. CHAPTER 3 METHODOLOGY According to the problem or perhaps shortcoming exhibited above, there are several ways that can be followed to investigate the real way to the above complications but for the case “Rapid Software Development and Conduct a literature assessment are the best strategies to be utilized to accomplish the proposed task due to the pursuing reasons 5. Methodologies radically decrease design and style and execution time. Close collaboration among users, experts and managers. System Development Methodology is a standard procedure followed in an organization to conduct all the steps required to analyze, style, implement, and maintain information systems. We advise using Quick Application Creation (RAD) Methodology RAD is a software advancement methodology, which involves iterative expansion and the construction of representative models. It requires extensive consumer involvement, prototyping, JAD lessons, integrated CIRCUMSTANCE tools, and code power generators.

Joint Application Design (JAD) is organised process involving users, analysts, and managers. Several-day intensive workgroup classes. It uses buyer involvement and group dynamics to effectively depict the user’s perspective of the organization need and to jointly produce a solution. REFERENCES * Modern system examination and style sixth release by Jeffrey A. Hoffer, Joey Farrenheit. George, Joseph S. Valacich. * www. businessdictionary. com * IFM Student Management * Laptop installation and servicing Balasubramanian, D 2001

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