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Tod, Homer, and Miss Lonelyhearts Another Well Thought Out Composition Tod Hackett, Homer Simpson, and Miss Lonelyhearts coming from Nathanael West’s novels “The Day from the Locust” and “Miss Lonelyhearts” all try to satisfy all their desires with sexual would like, and assault. However , all of them are very different by each other. For instance , their chronicles, and the way they follow the completion of their wishes are all exclusive to that particular character.

The novel, “The Day in the Locust”, mostly focuses on the storyline of two main personas. These personas are Tod Hackett, and Homer Simpson.

The new gives the story of their lives while they will both follow the young woman, Faye Greener. This way they are similar, but they are basically very different. Contrary to Homer, Tod understands a lot of his experiences, specifically his encounters with Faye. Because of this, Tod is portrayed as an educated man, Homer, on the other hand, has almost no idea what is going on. His actions and desires are almost always unexplainable. It appears as though this individual doesn’t actually know what this individual himself is definitely even thinking, let alone what he basically wants.

Because of this, he appears uneducated, and clumsy. The two men pursue things which have been artificial. The most known of these is Faye Greener. Unlike Homer though, Tod knows that this individual can’t possess her, because he knows that chasing her can be described as self-destructive path. Miss Lonelyhearts is the main personality of the book, “Miss Lonelyhearts”. His background is probably the cause of his requirement for sex and violence. ‘His history’ meaning his the child years, and also the letters that the people send to him for advice.

Miss Lonelyhearts provides a few runs into with a female named Fay Doyle. They actually have sex on one celebration, and your woman tries to generate him own it a second time. However , instead of intercourse, Miss Lonelyhearts makes a decision to overcome her strongly. His anger and his requirement of sex happen to be brought about by the letters that he needs to read for his work, and his the child years experiences, just like his come across with the frog. Tod Hackett presents fewer personal experiences that can be used to investigate in a internal way, however the way this individual thinks may be.

He sees that he aren’t have Faye, and this individual does want to clear Faye in the artificial top quality that your woman possesses, but he can’t help but they have a somewhat repulsive sex attraction to her. Even until he makes a decision that raping her would be a suitable thought. And even endeavors it for one point. In this way, Tod and Miss Lonelyhearts are very similar, but not completely homogenous. Homer is a bit totally different from Tod, and Miss Lonelyhearts in this area. Homer is more understandable on a emotional level. In the beginning, Homer seems as though he’s uneducated, and also very clumsy.

However , his disappointments, great insecurities quickly lead to out and out aggression. His aggressions are expressions of anger that come coming from his earlier and his future. He does have a lovemaking attraction to Faye, yet his activities and thoughts towards her are not quite as extreme as Tod’s and Miss Lonelyhearts’ emotions and activities toward girls. Faye, nevertheless , does not consider Homer seriously. He then feels like he has been cheated by Faye. This individual does a good-job for most with the book for suppressing his anger till his last outburst starting the huge range at the end with the book.

With Miss Lonelyhearts, Nathanael Western world presents a brutal and selfish character, which lusts for sexual intercourse and physical violence, and gets both. With Tod Hackett, Nathanael Western presents an excellent and well-informed character that, despite his intellect, desperately wants a sexual romance with a small woman, actually to the point where this individual thinks about raping her, although never in fact does it. And with Homer Simpson, Nathanael West presents an misleading and clumsy character, which will also lusts after a young woman, just not as clearly as Tod, and happens to be very intense.

All of these heroes are very related in most with their desires, specifically, their dependence on a lovemaking relationship, and their needs pertaining to aggression unique related to all their sexual wishes or not really. Despite their particular many commonalities, each personality has a one of a kind way of displaying their needs. It may have been a straight-forward approach like Miss Lonelyhearts, or a to some extent cautious however extreme approach like Tod, or a deceptively timid and passive-aggressive approach like Homer, which ends up in a catastrophically aggressive outburst.

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