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In a rubbish-strewn alley close to Forehead Church, Remy Legaludec pulled the Tigre limousine to a stop in back of a line of industrial waste materials bins. Eliminating the engine, he inspected the area. Deserted.

He got out of the car, walked toward the rear, and climbed into the limousine’s main log cabin where the monk was.

Realizing Remy’s existence, the monk in the backside emerged coming from a prayer-like trance, his red eye looking even more curious than fearful. Every evening Remy had been impressed with this kind of trussed male’s ability to stay calm. Following some initial struggles in the Range Rover, the monk seemed to possess accepted his plight and given more than his destiny to a higher electric power.

Loosening his bow connect, Remy unbuttoned his high, starched, wing-tipped collar and felt as though he can breathe the first time in years. He visited the limousine’s wet bar, where he added himself a Smirnoff vodka. He drank it within a swallow and followed this with a second.

Soon I am a man of leisure.

Looking the bar, Remy found a normal service wine-opener and flicked open the sharp cutter. The knife was usually applied to cut the business lead foil via corks upon fine bottles of wine, but it could serve a dramatic purpose this morning. Remy turned and faced Silas, holding up the glimmering blade.

Now all those red sight flashed fear.

Remy smiled and transferred toward the spine of the limo. The monk recoiled, attempting against his bonds.

“Be still, inch Remy whispered, raising the blade.

Silas could not think that God experienced forsaken him. Even the physical pain of being bound Silas had turned into a psychic exercise, asking the throb of his blood-starved muscle groups to remind him from the pain Christ endured. I have been praying all night for freedom. Now, because the knife originated, Silas clenched his eyes shut.

A slash of pain tore through his shoulder blades. This individual cried away, unable to believe that he was likely to die within the back of the limousine, unable to defend him self. I was undertaking God’s work. TheTeacher said he would shield me.

Silas felt the biting heat spreading throughout his as well as shoulders and may picture his own blood vessels, spilling out over his flesh. A piercing discomfort cut through his upper thighs now, and he felt the onset of that familiar undertow of disorientation , the body’s defense mechanism resistant to the pain.

As the biting on heat took through all of his muscle tissue now, Silas clenched his eyes tight, determined that the final picture of his existence would not be of his very own killer. Instead he imagined a young Bishop Aringarosa, standing prior to the small church in Spain, the house of worship that this individual and Silas had built with their own hands. The beginning of my entire life.

Silas experienced as if his body had been on fire.

“Take a drink, ” the tuxedoed man whispered, his accentuate French. “It will help with the circulation. inch

Silas’s sight flew wide open in shock. A blurry image was leaning above him, supplying a glass of water. A pile of disposed duct strapping lay on the floor beside the bloodless knife.

“Drink this, inches he repeated. “The discomfort you feel is the blood hastening into your muscle tissues. “

Silas felt the fiery throb transforming now to a prickling sting. The vodka tasted terrible, although he consumed it, feeling grateful. Fortune had worked Silas a proper share of bad luck tonight, but The almighty had fixed it all with one amazing twist.

Goodness has not forsaken me.

Silas knew what Bishop Aringarosa would call it up.

Divine input.

“I had wanted to free of charge you before, ” the servant apologized, ” but it really was not possible. With the authorities arriving at Enclos Villette, and after that at Biggin Hill airport, this was the first likely moment. You understand, don’t you, Silas? “

Silas recoiled, startled. “You understand my name? ” The servant smiled. Silas seated up at this point, rubbing his stiff muscle groups, his emotions a torrent of incredulity, appreciation, and confusion. “Are you, the Teacher? inch

Remy shook his head, laughing with the proposition. “I wish I had fashioned that sort of power. No, I am not the Teacher. Like you, I provide him. Nevertheless the Teacher talks highly of you. My name is Remy. “

Silas was amazed. “I don’t understand. Should you work for the Teacher, for what reason did Langdon bring the keystone to your home? inch

“Not my personal home. Your home of the world’s foremost Grail historian, Sir Leigh Teabing. ” “But you live right now there. The odds, ” Remy smiled, seeming to have no difficulty with the obvious coincidence of Langdon’s selected refuge. “It was every utterly foreseeable. Robert Langdon was in own the keystone, and he needed support. What more reasonable place to manage than towards the home of Leigh Teabing? That I affect live there exists why the Teacher approached me in the first place. inch He paused. “How do you consider the Tutor knows a lot about the Grail? inch

Now this dawned, and Silas was stunned. The Teacher got recruited a servant who access to every one of Sir Leigh Teabing’s research. It was amazing.

“There is a lot I have to let you know, ” Remy said, giving Silas the loaded Heckler Koch pistol. Then this individual reached throughout the open canton and recovered a small, palm-sized revolver in the glove package. “But 1st, you and I have a job to complete. “

Chief Fache descended from his transport plane at Biggin Hill and listened in disbelief for the Kent primary inspector’s accounts of what had took place in Teabing’s hangar.

“I searched the plane myself, inch the inspector insisted, inches and there was clearly no one inside. ” His tone switched haughty. “And I should include that if Friend Leigh Teabing presses expenses against myself, I will , “

“Did you interrogate the preliminary? “

“Of course not. He is French, and our jurisdiction requires , “Take me for the plane. inches Arriving at the hangar, Fache needed just sixty mere seconds to locate an anomalous smear of blood on the sidewalk near where limousine was parked. Fache walked up to the plane and rapped fully on the fuselage.

You go through ‘The Da Vinci Code Chapter 84-86’ in category ‘Essay examples’

“This is a captain with the French Judicial Police. Wide open the door! ” The afraid pilot exposed the emerge and decreased the stairs. Fache ascended. Three minutes later on, with the help of his sidearm, he had a full admission, including a description of the destined albino monk. In addition , this individual learned that the pilot saw Langdon and Sophie leave something behind in Teabing’s safe, a wooden field of some type. Although the pilot denied understanding what was in the, he publicly stated it had been primary of Langdon’s full focus during the airline flight to London.

“Open the safe, inches Fache required.

The preliminary looked terrified. “I how to start the blend! “

“That’s too bad. I used to be going to provide to let you keep your pilot’s permit. “

The pilot wrung his hands. “I know some males in routine service here. Could be they may drill that? ” “You have 30 minutes. ” The pilot jumped for his radio.

Fache strode directly to the backside of the plane and added himself a tough drink. It absolutely was early, although he had not slept, and this hardly counted as drinking before noon. Sitting in a plush bucket seat, he shut down his sight, trying to fix what was going on. The Kent police’s faux pas could cost me dearly. Everybody was now on the lookout for a black Jaguar limo. Fache’s phone rang, and he wished for a moment’s peace. “Allo? ” “I’m en route to London, uk. ” It was Bishop Aringarosa. “I’ll be arriving in an hour. ” Fache seated up. “I thought you were gonna Paris. inch “I are deeply concerned. I have changed my plans. ” “You should not include. ” “Do you have Silas? “

“No. His captors eluded the local police ahead of I ended up. “

Aringarosa’s anger grad sharply. “You assured me personally you would end that airplane! “

Fache lowered his voice. “Bishop, considering your position, I recommend you not test my personal patience today. I will get Silas plus the others immediately. Where will you be landing? “

“One instant. ” Aringarosa covered the receiver then came back. “The pilot is attempting to acquire clearance for Heathrow. I’m his only passenger, yet our redirect was unscheduled. “

“Tell him to come to Biggin Mountain Executive International airport in Kent. I’ll receive him expulsion. If I’m not right here when you property, I’ll possess a car expecting you. inch

“Thank you. “

“As I stated when we initially spoke, Bishop, you would excel to remember that you’re not the sole man on the verge of losing anything. “


You seek the orb that ought land on his tomb.

Each of the carved knights inside the Temple Chapel lay on his back with his head sleeping on a rectangular stone cushion. Sophie believed a relax. The poem’s reference to an” orb” conjured images of the night in her grandfather’s basement.

Hieros Gamos. The orbs.

Sophie wondered in the event the ritual had been performed from this very haven. The spherical room looked custom-built to get such a pagan rite. A natural stone pew encircled a bare expanse of floor in the middle. A cinema in the rounded, as Robert had known as it. She imagined this kind of chamber through the night, filled with masked people, chanting by torchlight, all witnessing a” holy communion” in the heart of the room.

Making the image by her brain, she advanced with Langdon and Teabing toward the first number of knights. In spite of Teabing’s insistence that their investigation must be conducted thoroughly, Sophie sensed eager and pushed before them, making a cursory walk-through of the five knights in battle on the left.

Inspecting these initial tombs, Sophie noted the similarities and differences between them. Every knight was in the back, nevertheless three of the knights had their legs extended directly out when two got their hip and legs crossed. The oddity appeared to have no significance to the absent orb. Analyzing their garments, Sophie observed that a pair of the knights in battle wore tunics over their particular armor, even though the other three wore ankle-length robes. Once again, utterly unhelpful. Sophie switched her awareness of the only additional obvious big difference , their particular hand positions. Two knights in battle clutched swords, two prayed, and one particular had his arms by his side. After a long moment looking at the hands, Sophie shrugged, having seen no hint anywhere of a plainly absent orb.

Feeling the weight of the cryptex in her jumper pocket, the girl glanced again at Langdon and Teabing. The men had been moving little by little, still only at the third knight, evidently having not any luck possibly. In simply no mood to wait, she turned away from these people toward the other group of knights in battle.

As the girl crossed the open space, she quietly recited the poem the girl had examine so many times given that it was focused on memory.

Working in london lies a knight a Pope interred. His labor’s fruit a Holy wrath incurred. You seek the orb that ought land on his tomb. It echoes of Positive flesh and seeded tummy.

When Sophie arrived at the 2nd group of knights, she identified that this second group was similar to the 1st. All lay down with different body positions, wearing battle suits and swords. That was, all except the 10th and last tomb. Hurrying over to it, she looked down.

Zero pillow. Simply no armor. Not any tunic. Zero sword.

“Robert? Leigh? ” she referred to as, her voice echoing about the chamber. “There’s something lacking over right here. “

Both men researched and instantly began to get across the room toward her.

“An orb? inches Teabing named excitedly. His crutches clicked on out an instant staccato as he hurried across the table. “Are we missing an orb? inches “Not specifically, ” Sophie said, frowning at the 10th tomb. “We seem to be absent an entire dark night. ” Coming beside her both guys gazed straight down in dilemma at the tenth tomb. Rather than a knight laying in the open air, this burial place was a sealed stone casket. The casket was trapezoidal, tapered at the feet, extending toward the very best, with a peaked lid.

“Why isn’t this kind of knight displayed? ” Langdon asked.

“Fascinating, ” Teabing said, patting his chin. “I got forgotten concerning this oddity. Easy methods to years as I was in this article. “

“This coffin, ” Sophie said, ” looks like it was carved at the same time through the same sculptor as the other 9 tombs. How could this dark night in a casket rather than in the open? “

Teabing shook his head. “One of this church’s mysteries. For the best of my own knowledge, no person has ever found any explanation because of it. “

“Hello? ” the altar young man said, being released on the with a disturbed look in the face. “Forgive me in the event that this seems rude, however you told me you wanted to spread ashes, but you are most often sightseeing. “

Teabing scowled at the son and considered Langdon. “Mr. Wren, seemingly your family’s philanthropy would not buy you the time this used to, and so perhaps we have to take out the ashes and get on with that. ” Teabing turned to Sophie. “Mrs. Wren? “

Sophie played along, pulling the vellum-wrapped cryptex from her pocket.

“Now then, ” Teabing clicked at the son, ” should you would give us some level of privacy? “

The altar boy did not move. He was loking for Langdon tightly now. “You look familiar. ” Teabing huffed. “Perhaps that is because Mr. Wren comes here yearly! ” Or maybe, Sophie today feared, as they saw Langdon on television on the Vatican a year ago.

“I have never attained Mr. Wren, ” the altar boy declared.

“You’re mistaken, inches Langdon said politely. “I believe both you and I met in completing last year. Dad Knowles did not formally expose us, although I identified your face even as came in. Today, I realize this really is an invasion, but if you may afford me a few more minutes, I possess traveled a great distance to scatter ashes amongst these kinds of tombs. inches Langdon spoke his lines with Teabing-esque believability. The altar son’s expression switched even more skeptical. “These are not tombs. ” “I’m apologies? ” Langdon said.

“Of course they are tombs, ” Teabing reported. “What will you be talking about? “

The church boy shook his mind. “Tombs have bodies. These are effigies. Rock tributes to real men. There are zero bodies underneath these characters. “

“This is a crypt! ” Teabing said.

“Only in out of date history literature. This was considered to be a crypt but was uncovered as nothing at all of the type during the 1950 renovation. inches He switched back to Langdon. “And I imagine Mr. Wren would know that. Great deal of thought was his family that uncovered that fact. inch An apprehensive silence fell.

It was busted by the sound of a door slamming out in the annex.

“That must be Father The star, ” Teabing said. “Perhaps you should see? “

The altar boy looked uncertain but hunted back toward the annex, leaving Langdon, Sophie, and Teabing to eye one other gloomily.

“Leigh, ” Langdon whispered. “No bodies? What is he talking about? “

Teabing looked distraught. “I can’t say for sure. I always thought, certainly, this must be the place. I won’t be able to imagine he knows what he is talking about. It makes no impression! ” “Can I see the poem again? ” Langdon said. Sophie pulled the cryptex coming from her bank and carefully handed it to him.

Langdon unwrapped the vellum, holding the cryptex in the hand when he analyzed the poem. “Yes, the poem absolutely references a tomb. Rather than an effigy. “

“Could the poem be wrong? inches Teabing asked. “Could Jacques Sauniere make the same mistake I just would? “

Langdon considered this and shook his mind. “Leigh, you said that yourself. This kind of church was built by simply Templars, the military adjustable rate mortgage of the Priory. Something informs me the Grand Master from the Priory would have a pretty wise decision if there were knights hidden here. “

Teabing viewed flabbergasted. “But this place is perfect. inch He wheeled back toward the knights. “We should be missing some thing! “

Going into the annex, the altar boy was surprised to look for it abandoned. “Father The star? ” I know Iheard the doorway, he thought, moving forward till he can see the entryway.

A thin guy in a tuxedo stood near to the doorway, scratching his head and looking dropped. The altar boy gave an irritated huff, recognizing he had neglected to relock the door if he let the other folks in. Today some pathetic sod acquired wandered in off the streets, looking for directions to some marriage from the looks of it. “I’m sorry, inch he referred to as out, passing a large entender, ” we’re closed. inches

A stir of cloth beautiful behind him, and prior to altar boy could change, his brain snapped in reverse, a powerful palm clamping hard over his mouth coming from behind, muffling his shout. The give the kid’s mouth was snow-white, and he smelled alcohol.

The prim man in the tuxedo calmly produced a very tiny revolver, which he directed directly on the boy’s forehead.

The ceremony boy experienced his visage grow sizzling and recognized he had moist himself.

“Listen carefully, inches the well-dressed man whispered. “You is going to exit this church noiselessly, and you will operate. You will not stop. Is that obvious? “

The boy nodded as best this individual could with all the hand over his mouth.

“If you contact the police, ” The tuxedoed gentleman pressed the gun to his epidermis. “I will see you. inch

The next thing the boy understood, he was sprints across the exterior courtyard with no plans of stopping till his lower limbs gave out.

CHAPTER eighty six

Like a ghosting, Silas drifted silently in back of his focus on. Sophie Neveu sensed him too late. Before she could turn, Silas pressed the gun barrel into her spine and wrapped an effective arm around her upper body, pulling her back against his hulking body. Your woman yelled in surprise. Teabing and Langdon both turned now, their very own expressions amazed and anxious.

“What,? inch Teabing choked out. “What did one does to Remy! “

“Your only matter, ” Silas said steadly, ” is the fact I keep here together with the keystone. ” This restoration mission, since Remy had described this, was to become clean and basic: Enter the chapel, take the keystone, and take off, no eliminating, no have difficulty.

Holding Sophie firm, Silas dropped his hand from her upper body, down to her waist, slipping it inside her deep sweater wallets, searching. This individual could smell the soft fragrance of her frizzy hair through his own alcohol-laced breath. “Where is it? inches he whispered. The keystone was in her sweater pocket or purse earlier. So where is it right now?

“It’s over here, inches Langdon’s profound voice resonated from across the table.

Silas turned to see Langdon holding the black cryptex before him, waving it back and on like a ridiculo tempting a dumb pet.

“Set it down, inches Silas required.

“Let Sophie and Leigh leave the church, ” Langdon responded. “You and i also can decide this. “

Silas forced Sophie away from him and aimed the gun at Langdon, moving toward him. “Not one step closer, ” Langdon said. “Not till they keep the building. inch “You are in simply no position for making demands. “

“I don’t agree. ” Langdon raised the cryptex high over his head. “I will not be reluctant to beat this on to the floor and break the vial inside. inches

Although Silas sneered outwardly at the risk, he sensed a display of dread. This was unforeseen. He targeted the gun at Langdon’s head and kept his voice because steady while his hand. “You would never break the keystone. You wish to find the Grail just as much as I do. “

“You’re incorrect. You need it much more. You have proven if you’re willing to destroy for it. inch

Forty toes away, peering out from the annex pews nearby the archway, Remy Legaludec sensed a growing alarm. The maneuver had not gone because planned, and in many cases from here, this individual could observe Silas was uncertain how to deal with the situation. In the Teacher’s requests, Remy had forbidden Silas to fire his gun.

“Let them get, ” Langdon again required, holding the cryptex excessive over his head and staring in Silas’s weapon.

The monk’s red eye filled with anger and frustration, and Remy tightened with fear that Silas might actually shoot Langdon while having been holding the cryptex. The cryptex cannot fall!

The cryptex was to be Remy’s ticket to liberty and riches. A little more than a year before, he was merely a fifty-five-year-old manservant living inside the walls of Chateau Villette, catering towards the whims of the insufferable impact Sir Leigh Teabing. Then he was acknowledged with an extraordinary proposition. Remy’s association with Sir Leigh Teabing , the outstanding Grail vem som st?r on earth , was going to take Remy anything he had ever dreamed of is obviously. Since then, just about every moment he previously spent inside Chateau Villette had been leading him for this very instant.

I am so close, Remy told himself, looking into the haven of the Serenidad Church as well as the keystone in Robert Langdon’s hand. In the event that Langdon dropped it, all would be lost.

Am I willing to show my personal face? It had been something the Teacher got strictly banned. Remy was your only one who also knew the Teacher’s identity.

“Are you certain you want Silas to carry out this task? ” Remy had asked the Tutor less than half one hour ago, upon getting requests to steal the keystone. “I myself are capable. inch

The Instructor was determined. “Silas dished up us very well with the several Priory members. He will restore the keystone. You must stay anonymous. If perhaps others see you, they will have to be eliminated, and there has been enough killing already. Do not reveal your face. inches

My encounter will change, Remy thought. With what you’ve assured to pay out me, Let me become an entirely new person. Surgery could change his fingerprints, the Teacher got told him. Soon he would be free , an additional unrecognizable, amazing face bathing in the sun on the beach. “Understood, ” Remy said. “I will assist Silas from the shadows. “

“For your own knowledge, Remy, ” the Teacher had told him, ” the tomb showcased is not really in the Serenidad Church. And so do no fear. They are looking in the wrong place. inches Remy was stunned. “And you know in which the tomb can be? ” “Of course. Later, I will tell you. For as soon as, you must act quickly. If the others figure out the actual location of the tomb and leave the church before you take the cryptex, we could lose the Grail forever. “

Remy failed to give a really about the Grail, except that the Educator refused to pay him until it was found. Remy felt giddy every time this individual thought of the money he rapidly would have. 1 / 3rd oftwenty , 000, 000 euro. Lots to go away forever. Remy had imagined the beach villages on the C&ocirc, te d’Azur, where he prepared to live away his times basking in the sun and allowing others provide him for a change.

Now, nevertheless , here in the Temple Cathedral, with Langdon threatening in order to the keystone, Remy’s long term was at risk. Unable to endure the thought of arriving this close only to lose it all, Remy made the decision to adopt bold actions. The weapon in his side was a concealable, small-caliber, J-frame Medusa, however it would be a great deal deadly in close selection.

Stepping through the shadows, Remy marched into the circular chamber and focused the weapon directly by Teabing’s head. “Old gentleman, I’ve been waiting around a long time to accomplish this. “

Friend Leigh Teabing’s heart pretty much stalled to see Remy looking a gun by him. Precisely what is he doing! Teabing known the tiny Medusa menear as his own, normally the one he stored locked in the limousine glove box intended for safety.

“Remy? ” Teabing sputtered in shock. “What is going in? ” Langdon and Sophie looked similarly dumbstruck.

Remy circled lurking behind Teabing and rammed the pistol clip or barrel into his back, high and on the left, directly behind his heart.

Teabing felt his muscles grab with dread. “Remy, I don’t , “

“I’ll make this simple, ” Remy snapped, eyeing Langdon over Teabing’s shoulder. “Set down the keystone, or I pull the trigger. inches

Langdon seemed momentarily paralyzed. “The keystone is worthless to you, inches he stammered. “You are unable to possibly open it. “

“Arrogant fools, ” Remy sneered. “Have happened noticed that I have been listening tonite as you talked about these poetry? Everything We heard, I possess shared with others. Others who also know more you. You are not possibly looking in the right place. The tomb you seek is another site entirely! inch

Teabing sensed panicked. Precisely what is he declaring!

“Why do you need the Grail? ” Langdon demanded. “To destroy that? Before the End of Times? ” Remy called to the monk. “Silas, take the keystone from Mr. Langdon. inch As the monk advanced, Langdon walked back, elevating the keystone high, seeking fully able to hurl that at the flooring.

“I would prefer to break it, ” Langdon said, “than see it in the wrong hands. “

Teabing now sensed a wave of scary. He can see his life’s function evaporating prior to his eyes. All his dreams going to be broken.

“Robert, no! ” Teabing exclaimed. “Don’t! That’s the Grail you’re holding! Remy would never shoot me. We’ve regarded each other pertaining to ten , “

Remy aimed at the ceiling and fired the Medusa. The blast was enormous intended for such a small weapon, the gunshot responsive like thunder inside the stone chamber. Everyone froze. ” I i am not playing games, ” Remy said. “The next is in his back. Hand the keystone to Silas. “

Langdon reluctantly held the actual cryptex. Silas stepped forward and took this, his crimson eyes sparkling with the self-satisfaction of vindicte. Slipping the keystone inside the pocket of his robe cocktail, Silas backed off, even now holding Langdon and Sophie at gunpoint.

Teabing sensed Remy’s arm clamp hard around his neck since the stalwart began backing up out of the building, dragging Teabing with him, the weapon still constrained in his back.

“Let him go, ” Langdon demanded.

“We’re acquiring Mr. Teabing for a drive, ” Remy said, even now backing up. “If you contact the police, he will probably die. If you do anything to get in the way, he will expire. Is that very clear? “

“Take me, inch Langdon demanded, his words cracking with emotion. “Let Leigh proceed. “

Remy laughed. “I don’t think so. He and i also have such a nice history. Besides, this individual still might prove valuable. “

Silas was copying now, keeping Langdon and Sophie at gunpoint because Remy taken Leigh toward the get out of, his crutches dragging at the rear of him.

Sophie’s voice was unwavering. “Who are you working for? “

Problem brought a smirk for the departing Remy’s face. “You would be amazed, Mademoiselle Neveu. “

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