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The Human Lives Depending on Systems As we approach the ...

As we approach the new millenium, it may be obvious more than ever before, we need technology. But every new technology places fresh demands upon us creating new forms of frustration and stress. We are able to not put up with it, but we can not live without it.

If we are not able to conform ourself, will we all remain the ignorant subjects of the laptop age? Will we become its servant? This is the concentrate of the this newspaper. We have learned from our readings that the Luddites learned about the technology that was being abused in their period. They done the natural cotton gin devices and were skilled experts.

They comprehended that it was certainly not the power of a useful machine they were fighting however the power of individuals who mismanaged that. The same can be said for the management of computer technology. There isn’t doubt that computer technology has become central to the operation of global multinationals, economic markets, protection surveillance, as well as as everyday routine. There is small we can do with a laptop interface device that will protect our id. Governments operating as a global police force protecting us via ourselves can certainly monitor the electronic trail of directions and ventures.

Perhaps the Luddites could find farther forward6171 than any individual suspected. Based on the downfall of technology plus the role it would play on peoples’ lives, as they became based mostly on technology intended for survival. A few take for example the large technological dilemma of the fast approaching twenty-first century, the difficulties surrounding Y2K. It has been dreaded that someones lives will probably be totally devastated, as the technology they have grown to depend on will certainly suddenly are unsuccessful them about January one particular, 2000.

It is thought by many people that all of the technology that we get come to depend upon for survival is going to cease to function successfully. The cars which all of us depend on for travel, the coffee we depend on to get started on our working day, the electronically controlled furnaces we rely upon for high temperature, and the lifts we depend on to bring us to function will all of a sudden fail us all together. However, traffic lighting will become chaotic as the computers that control them will be fooled into trusting it is January 1, early 1900s.

Even the superb mastermind computer programmers of your time cannot think of anything more than a band-aid solution to the transportation trouble. It appears that the Transportation Office of the Associated with Calgary will solve their traffic light dilemma by tricking the computer system that controls the traffic lamps into believing it is January 1, 1972. Obviously this band-aid answer will not solve all challenges, as this will likely still be problems for the next era of transportation programmers.

It seems as the New Millenium quickly approaches we have to return to an age that will not depend on technology for survival. People are concerned that as no technology is dependable enough to outlive the Y2K dilemma that we will have to come back to the ways of your ancestors for survival during this time of scientific uncertainty. Nirvana forbid whenever we could not get yourself a fresh loaf of breads from our technologically advanced breadmakers. I . t is a valuable extension of the power of notion and thinking, but when all of us rely on that exclusively very low debilitating impact.

When we had been first confronted by this new technology it consumed all of our human resources in order to find out and adjust to the value of this new-technology. Many of us overextend ourselves and turn obsessive allowing computers to take all of our interest, therefore , burning off our point of view of truth and goal. If this kind of remains the permanent frame of mind resulting in the overextension of the own assets, which this kind of technology was meant to serve, then we certainly have become the servants of this technology.

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