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The butterfly and the banana skin Skin

Skin, Clown

The banana skin place slap beat in the middle of the road. Tommy a jail warden, riding his bike on his long ago from the outlets. Where he had bought 3 tins of organic peas and a frozen turkey, the inmates had been having it for a little treat, he didn’t place it with time.

The clown skin was too slippy he hit the ground softly along with the peas unfortunately the turkey struck a rock, and became popular down the road at great speed. Round one corner and round the next, it ultimately ground to a halt after causing �6, 500 pounds worth of damage to cars back along its fast guide route.

Jennifer came to her door a peek of awe crossed her face, how do a frozen turkey cause a lot damage your woman thought to her self. She glanced eight yards backup the road for her 1964 ford mustang convertible, which now necessary a new back tyre. Unfortunately the only place she new about around where one of those rare items could be obtained was a place called big bobby’s mustang palace, which will would rapidly be close. She hopped in her second car, a pale mint green Chevy coupe, reversed out of the drive and off the girl went. Tommy by this time had reached the bottom of the road and was now retrieving his chicken from several ones front side garden.

Jennifer was at this point travelling for a velocity unacceptable to get the type of street she was driving upon. Poor Karen a 20 or so something year old cocktail man from Moca-Choca-Rinos around the corner failed to see the car that hit her. A witness frank Jones who saw the incident coming from his house across the street stated, “The car was American, and light green in colour but I didn’t obtain a close look”.

Karen’s manager Steve when he is known was now down a waitress, and it absolutely was happy hour in 10 minutes. At the end of the nighttime his total loss was estimated at �689. Each day there was a knock on the door, it had been the bank. This individual needed �4556 but he only experienced �4256 he had 2 days and nights to come up with the money before having been declared insolvent. He had no second option he recognized what needed to be done.

Another morning the fireman had been scraping through the burnt hardwood trying to find the source of the fire. Steve was there on the phone to the insurance carrier he was claiming �20, 1000 the case was up in court docket in 4 hours time. This flew simply by and just before he realized it having been sitting in the courtroom before judge Malone. He had explained his circumstance and the judge was about to offer him the bucks when the entry doors to the court docket opened. A firemen went in with a can of petrol in the hand and big smile prove face. The brand new evidence shows that Mr Steven Donaldson was doing fraud and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. He seated in his cell the little hatch in the door opened the foodstuff was moved through. Having been suddenly cheered up by the taste in the mouth yum yum poultry.

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