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Andrew Carnegie, The Self-centered Philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, created on November 25, 1835, was a Scottish philanthropist who had been one of the most wealthy men in the united states in the 1900’s. I completely agree with Carnegie’s opinion of how the abundant should donate their money toward the good of mankind before they perish, but argue with his activities toward his workers. He started working in a cotton work making $1.

20 a week only to update to $2. 20 doing work as a messenger boy. This individual eventually taught himself telegraphy and worked well as Thomas A. Scott’s assistant to get $35 monthly.

He moved on to trading, with the support from his “mentor Jeff, in the Woodruff Sleeping Car Company and lots of small flat iron mills and factories. Having been so powerful that having been able to get an industry of iron goods. This investment brought him to buy some land and create a metal manufacturing stock on it. With the millions selection, he went to Scotland often to see his family. Carnegie thought it was a smart idea to put a lot of the money that he made into the community. He gave his money apart through public programs, which has been a little mind-boggling for him it seems.

This individual cut the wages of his staff to provide more cash for him to put back into his courses. There was a strike that broke away which triggered his second in control to hire immigrants. This transformed Carnegie’s reputation. It also influenced him to retire promote all of his holdings to J. L. Morgan for a sum of 480 , 000, 000 dollars. During the period of the rest of his life span, he ended up being giving away 350 million us dollars. He urged other fortune holders to perform the same as him. John D. Rockefeller was one of the few that followed his Idea. Carnegie had wonderful intentions.

Carnegie believed that “a man who dies rich dead disgraced. ” He explains this as the wealthy who expire wealthy, do nothing with their wealth to raised mankind. His thinking was influenced by simply Herbert Gradzino, who was a social Darwinist. Carnegie agreed with Spencer’s “survival in the fittest idea. He sensed that right now there existed superior people who will be classified as “fittest (this included himself). Carnegie generally donated money to his interests in the community. His love for learning was something which fed his “charitable brain.  This individual funded the building of 2, 509 libraries just before he concluded this program in 1917.

His interest in music is what offered him the concept to give pipe internal organs to chapels despite his lack of hope in a religion. The business of the Carnegie Foundation was something founded by Carnegie, to continue to provide after his passing, following finding out that he would not be able to spend his fortune in the lifetime. A few examples of people that agree with Carnegie would be Invoice Gates and Warren Buffet. Bill Gates and Warren buffet produced “The Offering Pledge which has been an agreement among 57 billionaires to contribute half of their fortunes during their lifetimes.

Their particular thoughts had been intertwined with Carnegie’s thoughts of helping the community and improving the caliber of life to get human beings. Among the someone that disagrees with Carnegie would be Teddy Roosevelt. Snuggly Roosevelt-“if Carnegie had applied his good fortune and his the perfect time to doing proper rights to the steelworkers who provided him his fortune, he’d have completed a thousand instances what this individual accomplished.  Roosevelt is definitely referring to Carnegie giving to the good of mankind, and hurting his own staff by shorting them with less pay.

If perhaps someone just like Carnegie wanted to help the community and generate life better for human beings, he ought with his very own company. I agree and don’t agree with Carnegie. I agree the rich ought to devote some of their riches toward the benefits of human beings before they will die/as that they live their very own life, although agree with Roosevelt’s argument toward Carnegie’s callous strategies of slicing his own workers pay just to place more money toward his “giving. The reason the wealthy should certainly put some of their wealth into the community is basically because that is where they produced their money.

Devoid of other people to get, sell, or perhaps trade, where would the wealthy obtain their wealth? This kind of also stops the relative or the spouse, children or other loved ones of the gift of money to be rotten. Carnegie had a great point for this process. For some strange reason, Carnegie cut the wages of his steel workers and putting money toward community programs that could benefit the human race. He actually stated that he may put more use of that money than the workers ever could, which is ridiculously egotistical and irritating. By not giving his workers a fair wage, he was hurting the economy. Our economic climate is based off from consumers spending their money.

Inside my honest view, I think Carnegie is a selfish attention seeking mastermind. He appears very delicate to what others think of him. Don’t get me personally wrong, this individual sounds like a pleasant, caring, and independent man. His motives though, are outweighed by the means and basis pertaining to his income: unfair and underpaid labor. The money that he made coming from his steel factory was ironically against his “giving attitude that he was looking to generate. I do believe that after he realized that he’d never have to worry about his financial situation ever again, this individual focused on learning to be a public figure and cared regarding the public judgment of him self.

An example to prove this could be how he reacted for the steel hits. While having been visiting Ireland, his subsequent in control (Henry Clay-based Frick) replaced all of the strikers with immigrants. This action is said to have induced the fatality of 10 men. Carnegie took the blame and dropped positive reputation. He after retired by selling all of his assets (Probably to further the steel manufacturing plant from becoming associated to his name) and continuing to give his money away to recover via his lost reputation. (This is what I do believe anyway). Carnegie had the ideal idea to donate his money into a better trigger, but applied the wrong ways to get there.

I actually agreed together with his method, however, not his means. Works Offered: 1 . ” Andrew Carnegie. ” 2012. Biography. com 24 March 2012, 12: 51http://www. resource. com/people/andrew-carnegie-9238756 2 . Mills, Harry. “Andrew Carnegie: Master package maker and robber souverain. “The Undressed Negotiator. The Mills Group, 24 2009. Web. twenty four Oct 2012., http://blog. millsonline. com/2009/08/24/andrew-carnegie-master-deal-maker-and-robber-baron/,. a few.. “Spreading gospels of prosperity. “The Economist. SANTA BARBARA | through the print model | Usa, 19 2012. Web. twenty four Oct 2012., http://www. economist. com/node/21555605,.

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