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The eclectic paradigm is a theory in economics and is also known as the OLI-Model or OLI-Framework. [1][2] It is a even more development of the theory of internalization and published by Ruben H. Dunning in 1980.

[3] The idea of internalization itself is founded on the deal cost theory. [3] This kind of theory says that ventures are made within an institution if the transaction costs on the free of charge market happen to be higher than the internal costs. This procedure is called internalization. [3] For Dunning, not merely the structure of firm is important. 3] This individual added a few more elements to the theory:[3] Ownership advantages[1] (trademark, production technique, pioneeringup-and-coming skills, returns to scale)[2] Ownership specific advantages label the competitive advantages of the enterprises trying to engage in Foreign direct expenditure (FDI). More suitable the competitive advantages of the investing companies, the more they can be likely to embark on their foreign production. [4] Location positive aspects [5](existence of raw materials, low wages, unique taxes or tariffs)[2] Locational attractions consider the alternative countries or locations, for undertaking the value adding activities of MNEs.

The greater the figé, natural or created solutions, which businesses need to work with jointly with their particular competitive advantages, favor a presence within a foreign position, the more organizations will tend to augment or perhaps exploit their O certain advantages by engaging in FDI. [4] Internalization advantages (advantages by very own production instead of producing through a partnership arrangement such as certification or a joint venture)[2] Organizations may set up the creation and fermage of their main competencies.

The more the net advantages of internalizing cross-border intermediate product markets, a lot more likely a firm can prefer to participate in foreign development itself rather than license the justification to do so. [4] Source: Dunning (1981)[6]Categories of positive aspects Ownership advantagesInternalization advantagesLocation advantages Form of marketplace entry Guard licensing and training[1] YesNoNo Foreign trade YesYesNo FDI YesYesYes [edit]Theory The idea in back of the Eclectic Paradigm is always to merge a number of isolated theories of foreign economics in a single approach. 1] Three basic varieties of international activities of corporations can be distinguished: Export, FDI and Licensing. [1] The so-called OLI-factors are three categories of positive aspects, namely the ownership positive aspects, locational advantages and internalization advantages. [1] A precondition for international activities of the company would be the availability of net ownership advantages. These positive aspects can both equally be materials and unimportant. The term net ownership positive aspects is used to express the advantages which a company has in overseas and unfamiliar markets. 1] In accordance to Dunning two various kinds of FDI could be distinguished. Whilst resource in search of investments are made in order to establish access to basic material like raw materials or other type factors, marketplace seeking assets are made to enter in an existing marketplace or set up a new industry. [1] A closer distinction is made by Dunning with the terms efficiency searching for investments, ideal seeking assets and support investments. [1] Trade and FDI habits for industrial sectors and countries. [7]Location advantages StrongWeak Control advantagesStrongExportsOutward FDI WeakInward FDIImports

The varied paradigm as well contrasts a country’s resource endowment and geographical position (providing locational advantages) with firms solutions (ownership advantages). [7] Inside the model, countries can be proven to face one of the four outcomes shown in the figure over. [7] Inside the top, right hand package in the number above businesses possess competitive advantages, nevertheless the home domicile has larger factor and transport costs than foreign locations. [7] The businesses therefore make a FDI abroad in order to capture the rents off their advantages. [7] But if the nation has locational advantages, solid local firms are more likely to highlight exporting. 7] The options when the country has just weak businesses, as in many developing countries, leads to the other outcomes. [7] These circumstances are similar to all those suggested by Porter’s diamond model of nationwide competitiveness. [7] [edit]Application in practice In dependence of the types of advantage there might be chosen the shape of the worldwide activity. If the company features ownership advantages like having know-how about the target market abroad, for example staff with language skills, information regarding import permissions, appropriate products, contacts and so on, it can start a licensing.

The licensing is less cost-intensive than the other forms of internalization. In the event that there are internalization advantages, the corporation can spend more capital abroad. This could be achieved by export in sort of an export subsidiary. The FDI is the most capital extensive activity that a company can choose. According to Dunning, it really is considered that locational advantages are necessary to get FDI. This can be realized by simply factories that are either bought or completely constructed overseas. FDI is the most capital rigorous form of internalization activity.

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