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Every fall season season we all hear problem, did you get your flu virus shot but? It is meant to protect you from that nasty flu virus virus that circulates the communities through the fall and winter months. However did you know that this summer the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Adverse Function Reporting Systems Website (AERS) reported 51 deaths caused by the flu vaccine in america (U. S i9000.

) (CDC, 2012).

According to Countrywide Vaccine Info Center (NVIC), as of September 2012 there are more than 84, 000 reviews of adverse reactions, 1000 shot related fatalities and over 1600 cases of Guillain- Stipe syndrome, a acute form of paralysis, brought on by the shot (NVIC. ORG). A problem is out there in the fact that according to the ( NVIC) less than 1% of most adverse vaccine reactions will be ever reported, this truth is substantiated by problem of “underreporting shot injuries based on the joint operated site by CDC and Food and Drug Administration ( FDA) (VAERS, 2011).

Research claims that receiving the flu vaccine reveals people to numerous dangerous chemical substances that have been recognized to cause multiple side effects, disease conditions, and deaths. The U. T. Government’s public health agency, the CDC, promises “to bottom all public welfare decisions around the highest quality clinical data openly and objectively derived (Doshi, 2013, Promoting vaccines, Afin de 1). Philip Doshi, a postdoctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins College or university School of medicine, argues that in the case of influenza vaccines and their marketing this is simply not the case.

This individual believes that the vaccine could be less beneficial and less secure than continues to be claimed and the threat of influenza shows up overstated. Doshi goes on to additional question the CDC’s recommendation that the autorit? vaccine can only do very good, pointing to serious reactions to autorevolezza vaccines in Australia, Finland and Sweden. (British Medical Record, 2013) Annually scientists visit Asia and have to guess which certain viruses happen to be active and circulating that season and have to select 3 traces of flu virus out of the 300+ known written about strains of influenza (flu) viruses.

These 3 malware are after that attenuated or weakened and added to the combo of a number of other ingredients, which we will review, to make a flu vaccine. The ingredients listed in influenza vaccines can be found in the inserts provided by the vaccine producers and also submitted to the CDC’s vaccine Pinkbook website. Some of the ingredients include Thimerosol, 2 Phenoxyethanol, Aluminum, Beta Propiolactone, Ammonium Sulfate, Formaldehyde, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), Gentamycin Sulfate, Polymixin B and even more. The ingredient Thimerosol is employed as a additive in the shot.

It is forty-nine. 6% mercury by pounds and is an excellent neurotoxin. It is often implicated in numerous heath conditions such as cardiovascular system collapse, autism, seizures, mental retardation, over activity, dyslexia and many other central nervous system (CNS) disorders. ( CDC, Pinkbook). The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says that best: “Mercury in all of its forms is toxic to the baby and kids and efforts should be made to reduce contact with the degree possible to pregnant women and children and also the general population (AAP.

Pediatrics- para almost 8, 2001). 2 Phenoxyethanol is usually an anti bacterial agent being used as a replacement for the preservative Thimerosal. This commercial ingredient is utilized in perfumes, insect repellents, antiseptics, germicides and chemical dyes. According to the Materials safety info sheet( MSDS) 2 Phenoxyethanol is hazardous if ingested, inhaled or absorbed thru the skin. It might cause reproductive system defects. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY data linens show chromosomal changes and genetic changement effects in testing (Dunkin, 2008). Aluminium is put into vaccines in numerous forms.

It works as a great adjuvant to stimulate your resistant system’s response to the malware in the vaccine. Aluminum has become found to become dangerous neurotoxin that has a chance to slip beyond daylight hours blood mind barrier (BBB) causing head damage, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS), convulsions and coma. Human and dog studies have shown that Lightweight aluminum can cause nerve death (Mercola, 2011) Beta Propiolactone can be an ingredient to support with sterilizing the shot. It rates high as a hazardous substance on at least your five federal regulatory lists.

It includes caused lymphomas and hepatomas after being injected in to lab rats but its authentic effects about humans is not known. Due to animal research results the international Organization for Study on Cancers (IARC) has classified beta-Propiolactone as a possible carcinogen. MSDS piece states toxic to lean meats and kidneys (Spectrum Laboratory Products). Ammonium Sulfate is actually a substance included in pesticides. It really is unknown at this point as a carcinogen but novice suspected in gastrointestinal, liver organ, central nervous system (CNS) and respiratory system toxicity.

On its MSDS sheet almost all hazards id on carcinogen, mutatagenic (cellular mutations), teratogenic (fetal development) and developing toxicity happen to be listed since “not available. (ScienceLab, MSDS) Formaldehyde is employed as a additive to strengthen the vaccine. It is applied as a chemical to embalm dead systems and preserve laboratory individuals. It has been grouped as a noted human carcinogen (cancer leading to substance) and has been ranked as one of the the majority of hazardous chemical substances on in least eight federal regulatory lists.

Chemical is suspected of worsening the immune system and causing neurological system harm, genetic damage, metabolic acidosis, circulatory impact, respiratory inability, and serious renal failure (ARF) (Kendon, MSDS. 2004). Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is utilized in vaccines as a stabilizer to prevent the vaccine coming from breaking down. SIDE EFFECTS OF MSG is also present in processed foods. SIDE EFFECTS OF MSG has been linked to mental retardation, autistic disorders, learning disorders, behavioral disorders, reproductive disorders, retinal destruction and lesions on the minds of research laboratory animals (Hoernlein, 2012).

Gentamycin Sulfate can be an antiseptic added to shield the vaccine from bacteria during storage space. Gentamycin sulfate has been associated with deafness, stressed system disorders, and renal damage (Sciencelab. MSDS). Polymixin B, an antibiotic that is added to safeguard the shot from gram negative bacteria during safe-keeping, has side effects that include: targeting the nervous system (neurotoxic) and causing renal failure from acute tubular necrosis (Luther, 2013).

One of the following above ingredients can include negative effects for the human body particularly the very youthful, very aged, pregnant, as well as the immunocompromised human population. But the effects of all of these ingredients in one vaccine, that’s certainly toxic and at times may be lethal. A normal response to a great influenza vaccine is localized redness, soreness, fatigue, slight fever, malaise for 1-3 days carrying out a flu shot. Consider these side effects listed by MClawers, a vaccine injury law firm.



Brachial Neuritis

Acute Displayed Encephalomyelitis

Thromboctyopenic Purpura

Multiple Sclerosis

Slanted Myelitis

Refractive Sympathetic Disorder

Autoimmune Hepatitis

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Connective Cells Disorders

Polyarteritis Nodosa (PAN)






Guillain-Barre syndrome

Sophisticated Regional Discomfort syndrome

Tourettes syndrome


Wegener’s Granulomatosis

Kawasaki Disease

(Mctlawyers, shot injury)

The numbers of injuries resulting from the these vaccines were so undeniable that in March, 1988 Our elected representatives created the Nationwide Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, creating the Countrywide Vaccine Reimbursement Program(VICP). The VICP is actually a no fault option to the traditional atteinte system for resolving shot injury statements and provides compensation to people found to be wounded by particular vaccines (all Influenza vaccines are covered). Every vaccine is taxed and the monies go into a payment fund that may be managed by simply US Courtroom of Federal Claim, detailed with vaccine process of law, vaccine all judges and legal professionals who are experts in vaccine instances only. Funds are honored to patients/families who have suffered with vaccine related injuries or deaths.

In 2011, 200 million dollars were paid out in compensation for vaccine traumas. In 2012, there is 300 billion dollars dollars obtainable in the vaccine injury settlement trust fund. Overwhelming proof of the numbers of people hurt by the toxic ingredients inside the influenza vaccines and the chance of adverse reactions, permanent traumas and fatalities due to the toxic ingredients in the influenza vaccines continue to rise. Research has well documented these injuries and exposed the reason and effect of hazardous chemical substances on the human population. Slightly knowledge may be frightening, at the same time a lack of understanding can be fatal. Be informed.

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