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A critical report on che guevara s the bike

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“The Motorcycle Diaries” is a account of an 8-10 thousand mile trip that begins coming from Argentina to Peru. The trip entails two people, Ernesto Guevara wonderful friend, Alberto Granado, to whom they travel together utilizing a motorcycle because they pass through several countries with different landscapes. The young men are on a duty to explore the different parts of the world that they had never stopped at before. The quest of the adventurers inside the movie should be to see the things they had only read coming from books regarding the continent on which they live, more so the physical landscapes of numerous regions.

The Change in Physical Landscapes

The physical landscapes transform as Ernesto and Alberto travel by Argentina to Chile, and to Peru. Both travel through five different countries starting with Argentina. They go through the mountains, for instance , the Andes where they had to endure very low temperatures. Initially, they will travelled through a landscape where the sun shined, and the property was quite warm just before they reached Chile, a land filled with snow.

Ernesto and Alberto as well travelled throughout the Pampas, very large and agricultural pieces of terrain. While in Peru, both the went through the Lowlands and the Tropical rainforest. While in Columbia, that they came across area of the Andes Pile. The surfaces in Columbia was likewise mountainous just as Chile. There were no big difference for Alberto and Ernesto in Venezuela, which was the very last country they travelled through. The country as well had a wide range of mountains, with the climate staying the exotic type.

The enhancements made on physical landscapes during the journey involving Alberto and Ernesto is noticeable when their very own motorcycle turns over a number of times during the trip. In different occasions, the motorcycle skids out coming from under the two and even terrain into a say goodbye to. The mountainous terrain plus the lowlands might have been the cause of the turning from the motorcycle.

Social Differences Came across by Ernesto and Alberto

While travelling, Alberto and Ernesto encounter ethnical differences because they travel through the location. Firstly, the 2 come to the realization that the official language spoken by people in the area they go through is usually Spanish. However, Indians in Chile speak Spanish. Besides, Alberto and Ernesto face a traditions where strangers are warmly welcomed without fear. As an example, In Republic of chile, the Mesties and the Indians are both incredibly social, plus they are willing to make available foodstuff, outfits, and a sleeping spot to the other people. It is inside the culture of the people of Chile put on Chamants, a form of clothing that look like ponchos with lots of hues.

In Peru, that they encounter someone who even now practice the ancient cultures. The people in an old town called Machu Pichu, for instance believe in the preservation of cultures. Alberto and Ernesto realize that metropolis is still very old fashioned, and far behind several things. In Columbia, the two realize that it is in the culture with the nation to train Roman-Catholic trust. In Venezuela, there are various kinds of religions including the Indian religion and Christianity.

The Reaction for Alberto and Ernesto

Inside the movie, Ernesto and Alberto seem to result from an economically stable community that does not worth the lives of others who also are poor. As they travel and leisure, they are amazed by the poverty levels for most of the countries. They also acquire amazed by the social characteristics of the habitants of the countries they travel through. They spot the alarming big difference between the wealthy and the poor, a situation that will not seem to be existing in their home country.

Alberto and Ernesto encounters a kind of life that produces them alter their minds regarding the world. It is during their voyage that they realize that there are those people who are very poor and have interaction in different religions. The different panoramas they go through also cause them to become change their views on the physical character of the world. The 2 adventurers notice that the people that have almost nothing possess virtue of sharing no matter what little that they possess. Alberto and Ernesto learn to worry about others and through that, they modify their social and financial aspects. The change in mind is evident when Ernesto, under the name Che Guevara, would later continue to become a standard-setter communist groundbreaking. He enjoyed a vital role in Cuba in 1959 during the communism revolution.

Physical Imagination of Latin America

The film reinstated my physical imagination of Latin America given that a few of the regions stopped at by Alberto and Ernesto have the normal resources I actually ever imagined. Both the adventurers went to Chuquicamata Water piping mine i did not have got a clear thought of its Site. It is apparently Chile’s source of wealth. My own imagination in the varied terrain in Latin America was proved to be true by Alberto and Ernesto, who travelled through tremendous mountain terrains and lowlands in the area.

To conclude, the film is a terrific drama that hopefully is a lesson to viewers. The experience Alberto and Ernesto move through changes their lives, plus more lives may be changed by the film, as it happened to Ernesto, a great iconic communist revolutionary.

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