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Civil privileges timeline composition


Jan. 15, 1929 Dr . King comes into the world Born on Jan. 12-15, 1929, in

Atlanta, Ga., he was the

second of three children of the Revolution. Michael (later Martin) and


Williams King.

September. 1, 1954 Dr . Full becomes porquerizo In 1954, King acknowledged his

initially pastoratethe

Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Ala. He wonderful wife

Coretta Scott California king, whom he had met and married (June 1953) while at

Boston College or university.

Dec. one particular, 1955 Rosa Parks flies in the face of city segregation Often called

the mother in the civil

legal rights movement, Insieme Louise McCauley Parks, w. Tuskegee, Ala., Feb.


1913, started the 381-day Montgomery shuttle bus boycott that led to a 1956

Substantial Court purchase outlawing discriminatory practices in Montgomery

buses. In 12 , 1955, coming back again home by her assistant tailor job


Montgomery, Parks rejected a bus drivers so that it will surrender her seat

to a

white man. She was jailed and fined $14.

Dec. your five, 1955 Montgomery bus boycott- Although brought on by the

criminal arrest of Rosa

Parks, the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955-56 was actually a


response to many years of violence, harassment and discrimination


Alabamas Dark-colored population. Simply by 1955, legislativo decisions

had been

still the principal means of have difficulties for municipal rights, although


marche and relégation sometimes highlighted the lawsuits. The exclusion

which survived for more than 12 months, was nearly 100 percent effective.

Dec. 21, 1956 Coach segregation declared illegal The boycotts

prevailed in

desegregating public features in the South and also in obtaining

civil rights

legal guidelines from Our elected representatives.

Civil Legal rights Timeline

Sept. 24, 1957 May two, 1963

September. 24, 1957 School the usage In September 1957 the state of hawaii

received countrywide

attention when Gov. Orval E. Faubus (in business office 1955-67) attempted to


the mixing of Small Rock Central High School. Chief executive Dwight


Eisenhower quickly intervened, partly by mailing federal troops to


Rock, and several black students were enrolled at Central High School.

Aug. 19, 1958 Student sit-ins In spite of the actions of the doj in Tiny

Rock or Montgomery, or

Supreme Courtroom decisions, segregation still pervaded American culture


1960. While protests and boycotts achieved modest successes in

desegregating areas of education and transportation, additional

facilities such

as eating places, theaters, libraries, amusement parks and churches


barred or perhaps limited access to African People in the usa, or maintained separate

invariably inferior, facilities for dark patrons. Nowhere was the

contradiction of receiving money with one hand while withholding


with the various other so glaring as the lunch counter tops of five-and-ten cent


and department shops.

This situation coincided with a growing dissatisfaction among the


dark population. Although some of them appreciated political, education


economic rights undreamed of by way of a elders, the remaining barriers

looked like as high as at any time. Often assault, threats and political


such as expression integration preserved the status quo. This exhibit

features a

restored penny store lunch time counter, booming with college student protesters


includes audio tracks visual sectors of the situations.

May 3, 1961 Independence Riders The Congress of Racial Equal rights

organizes the

Freedom Cyclists.

Sept. 40, 1962 University Riot Throughout the 1960s, Mississippi was

a middle of the Detrimental

Rights motion. Despite the 1954 Supreme Court decision making

segregated schools illegitimate, the state would not quickly institute


the use. In 1962 a dark student, David Meredith, attempted to


the University of Mississippi law school. His admission was blocked


during the succeeding violence, national troops were sent to reestablish

order to

a 15 hour riot. Violent incidents against blacks came about as the


to get integration continuing.

May 2, 1963 Children Marches Children Marches happen at City Hall.

Civil Rights Fb timeline

Aug. 28, 1963 Might 7, 1965

Aug. twenty eight, 1963 King delivers his I have a dream speech California king

organized the massive

March about Washington (Aug. 28, 1963) where, in the brilliant I possess


Fantasy speech, this individual subpoenaed the conscience from the nation before


view seat of morality.

By. 23, 1964 24th Amendment ratified The 24th Change to the U.


Metabolic rate, proposed simply by Congress on Aug. twenty seven, 1962, and ratified


23, 1964, bans the application of poll fees in federal elections (a device


by a few states to circumvent the 15th Changes guarantee of equal

voting rights). Designed to alleviate the burdens of black and poor


it states that in any president or congressional election, not any

citizen could be

denied, by the state or perhaps federal government, the right to vote since


inability to shell out either a election tax or any other tax.

Jul. 2, 1964 Civil Rights Work Congress passed new legal guidelines in

an attempt to

conquer local and state blockage to the work out of citizenship

rights simply by

blacks. These kinds of efforts culminated in the City Rights Work of 1964


restricted discrimination in employment and established the Equal

Work Opportunity Percentage. This key piece of

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