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Company communication dissertation


The organization which in turn this statement will be based in is called Mirihi Island Vacation resort. Mirihi Tropical isle Resort is known as a five star resort located in a secluded tropical isle in To the south Ari atoll of Maldives. It consists of 36 areas from six are seaside villas as well as the remaining 40 are normal water villas. This resort can be under Top Company (Mohamed, 2014). There are total of 145 staffs mixed from all amounts. 60% of the staffs are from Maldives and the remaining portion of the staffs are from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, Switzerland, Netherlands, China, Thailand and etc.

Their very own slogan is “Mirihi since “unique as you. Like as said in the motto, Mirihi is definitely a unique vacation resort. No using of shoes or sandals, no motorized water sports, no night animation and no TV’s in the room makes buyers feel like becoming in Maldives and one of a kind (Mohamed, 2014). Vision

Mirihi’s vision is usually to be always along with all the Maldivian resorts operating and common wise to make challenging for other resorts.

To be most quiet and tranquil resort in the country as well hardly ever pushes in sales. Esteem all different lifestyle by providing similar levels of services. Staffs will be well trained pertaining to an brilliance services and try utmost to motivate the staffs by whatever possible approach (Mohamed, 2014). Mission

Through this highly developing tourism market; their purpose is to maintain your guests fulfillment up to the normal while offering services in a quick and efficient way. Focus on improving service regular by seeing difference involving the resorts and from guest’s feedbacks. Take care of the cleanliness in the rooms, elevating the food quality rapidly, continuous updating the information and training for the écuries, flexibility, producing customer seems special and as well “everything is definitely possible attitude will be the ideal advantages to realise the goals. Under no circumstances stop trying till achieve the goal (Mohamed, 2014).

This kind of report will be evaluating and analyzing the corporate communication of Mirihi Isle Resort.


Definition of business communication

Corporate conversation is taking care of an company internal and external sales and marketing communications with the aim of establishing and maintaining good reputations with its various audience to the common benefits of both and to their improved competitive advantage (Kalahub, 2009), (Richard, 2000). Business communication contains advertising, advertising and marketing, marketing communications, which function under a managed point of view (Kalahub, 2009).

Functions of corporate interaction

There are many functions of corporate interaction. Among some of them are talked about below. Mass media Relations

Among all the functions this may be the function for which business communication managers are well well-known. It is because they are engaged in the media relationship works, where they have to compose and distribute news emits with addressing media enquiries. Corporate conversation manager need to oversee every planning for reports conferences. Also the director has to organize everything needed for the spokesperson to appear for the local television set and the car radio programs. Moreover the supervisor also have to screen all the reports broadcasters and also other outlets to find out what the media is referring to the company and also have to advise strategies to address misinformation (Frederick, 2014). Pr

Under advertising fall, building relationships with customers and responding to studies from the general public. Here, the organization communication director is responsible for featuring all the information had to the general public through newsletters, pamphlets and other published materials. He also has to deal with the company’s website by monitoring the opinions given by the public and responding to inaccurate content or asks for for information to be able to build a good relationship between your public and the organization (Frederick, 2014). Turmoil Communication

In the event something unpredicted happened in a company which will be a risk to publicsafety or business reputation. For such a vital event almost all staff must be well trained and prepared for it mainly because it will help company communication to organize for it within a short period of your energy. Corporate communicators mainly harmonizes with their own staff to develop problems communication just before any devastation strikes in case of developing catastrophe message they have to work with diverse of people or company, it may be a personal officials, lawyers or an unexpected emergency response person. Therefore it’s the responsibility of corporate communicators to advise senior leaders in a organization to manage the crisis (Frederick, 2014). Staff Communications

If a company should deliver a meaning to external audience, the organization communication manager may has to act as employee communications manager. Being that situation they have to style printed guides and publish emails to announce company news, information and facts and training opportunities. Corporate communicator also may have to make a focus group to learn what issues the front-line employees are mostly facing. Also they give advices to the senior market leaders on how to boost relationships with the staffs and gain support for the initiatives. Generally speaking, the corporate communicator manages a company’s Intranet and inside blogs (Frederick, 2014). Buyer Relations

The key purpose of investor relations should be to reassure investors that by purchasing the company they may have taken a wise move, although if that they don’t are interested more shares they should still hold onto their particular shares. The value of this connection is on the financial success of the business and the decisions it makes that lead to expansion. Therefore the staff involve in investor contact has put together regular economical and supervision reports and briefs pertaining to the economic media (Scotter, 2014). Internal Communication

Inside the internal conversation the corporate communicator has to concentrate on aligning staff with the organizational values and purpose. Therefore , the corporate communication manager must arrange staff conferences with senior managers, sharing reports on the organization intranet and organizing honor schemes to boost organizational principles. Internal interaction oftenmediates with media relations, sharing confident coverage in house to raise well-being (Scotter, 2014). Corporate Marketing

Corporate advertising and marketing is any kind of advertisement that focuses more on public relation than sales promotion. The purpose of the advertisement is to develop a company’s graphic, reputation and presence among the general public or within the sector. Corporate advertising is regarded as certainly one of a variety of communication tool which is used to promote the desired corporate brand’s corporate identity instead of promoting company’s specific goods and services (Zulhamri, 2012). Public Affairs

In an firm at the neighborhood, state and federal level, all the industries are susceptible to laws and regulations. Therefore , public affairs staffs’ job is to forwards organization’s advantages of amendments to existing laws. In some cases they need to campaign for new laws too. For this reason public affairs staff’s job frequently work with multimedia relations to run integrated advertisments (Scotter, 2014).

Definitions of Identity, Photo and Standing


A business identity is exactly what the company is, the way the business is being recognized and the characteristics that identifies the company (Corp, 2014). For example the company’s identity is a a part of its identification. Image

An image of an organization is the perceptions that different people hold of an organization. Such awareness differs based on how very well people know the organization. A lot of perceptions are derived from householder’s individual encounters and impacts of the firm and also by marketing and interaction activities (Bailey, 2008). Such as when somebody says Rolex watch the first thing that involves the mind is a quality and the price from the product. It is because the Rolex watch can be commercialized so that people is convinced that it is costly hence a good product. Reputation

It is the assortment of perceptions with regards to a company that is hold by the stakeholders with whom that relates, both equally internal and external (Munich, 2008). One example is Apple Company is definitely a high most respected company, hence they provide good quality products and they’ve been continuously aiming to keep on their very own standard. Research

Analyzing employing Rep Trail Model

In each and every organization it is vital to analyze their particular image, personality and reputation in order to be good. To analyze these kinds of three points the best instrument or unit is the Repetition Track Unit. It is the planet’s first standardized tool for tracking reputation of globally around stakeholder teams. It tracks 23 important performance signals grouped about 7 reputation dimensions that is certainly effective in enabling stakeholders to aid the company that is proven by researchers. The next diagram displays an example of Rep Track Model. The several reputation sizes will be used to investigate the trustworthiness of the selected company, Mirihi Island Resort. Product/Services

Mirihi is known as a service focused company. Evaluated by many customers that has been to Mirihi, there is a high quality services which meets customer requirements and their requirements. Compare to additional top many leading places, Mirihi provides high rates for their packages, compare to all their service. Mainly because in Mirihi there are simply no televisions available in the room and the rooms are generally not so big. It’s not because that they can’t afford this or they will don’t want to give that service. It is because they want buyers to get the chance to be peaceful without being involved to the reports and other mass media entertainments. Alternatively they provide top speed Wi-Fi to allow them to be in touch with their family and friends. Nevertheless their customers are extremely much comfortable and pleased with their service. Innovation

Mirihi is the 1st resort in the Maldives who also provided the service of encountering whale sharks because of their customers. And they keep trying to come up with fresh innovations for making their companies more and more unique. They are extremely flexible for his or her customers, can come up with their particular ideas ofdifferent activities or services. Also they constantly try to alter their means of giving solutions. Workplace

In the event any one experiences the testimonials about Mirihi Island Holiday resort it will see from each of the comments of the wonderful écuries and their excellent service. This shows that just how happily the staffs work in order to build the reputation of the company. Mirihi management be sure their employees are well trained and extremely motivated. As a result they frequently execute training sessions for those staffs which includes top supervision staffs. They don’t discriminate between their staffs, they distribute early on bonus and salary amounts equally and fairly. Mirihi gives total support intended for the écuries who wants to invent things and the ones who wants to analyze as well. Mirihi staffs provides the opportunity to in house change their particular positions. Governance

In Mirihi they have general session atlanta divorce attorneys month to talk about their successes, financial situations, about the allowances beginning from the last four years so that it is easy to compare regarding all the future programs or events. They can be very clear as they constantly tell precisely the situation while using government about the taxes with their staffs. And so they prepare twelve-monthly report and submit it to the government and also they shell out taxes punctually. They make certain their employees are aware and follow the rules and regulations public by the government. Nationality

Mirihi is an extremely environmentally good friend company. That they never cut down the trees and shrubs and relating to their insurance plan cutting down the trees happen to be prohibited until it is very required. They have very strict guidelines for everyone not to stand on the corals, not to accumulate anything in the sea, to never put anything in to the marine and not to feed the fishes. As well as the guests will be Leadership

In Mirihi they may have charismatic Managers. From the administration they always make sure that they keep around the standards or perhaps improve their level to can get on the top many. Whenever they deal with any problems or dangers they get over it producing suitable approaches. They make certain their employees are comfortablewith their presented resources. Overall performance

They have been while the top vacation resort on the famous travelling internet site for almost 12 months. At the moment also they are in the leading six. Using this clearly is visible that they performed well with high success. Monthly and annually earning huge profit compare to their particular expectations and so they are able to present early reward to their employees with an amount of around MVR10, 000 for every single staff. Their particular market share has been growth, continue to being among the smallest resorts in the Maldives.


Even though Mirihi is a profit gaining and reputed company, there are few things that they have to improve. ¢They need to have business communication division to analyze all their re ¢They should carry out performance assessments or examine their écuries performance more frequently and give feedback on their overall performance so that they know what are items that need to be increased. ¢Mirihi should certainly provide a allnight room in order to make their service better since they don’t have a overnight restaurant or a bar. ¢There are not enough sun beds around the beach pertaining to the guests to take pleasure from the sun bathroom. So they need to provide more sun beds within the beach. ¢Finally the customer Wi-Fi as well as the staffs Wi fi is very slower and the guests Wi-Fi is not available most of the areas just like specially inside the spa. Therefore they should provide Wi-Fi for the most areas so that their particular service could be more improves. And the Wi-Fi should fast.


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