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Ethics desk q1 short definitions of term daily

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Excerpt via Term Daily news:

Consequence-based ethics

c. I believe persons should be able to consume sand since it is the right action to take. Duty-based values

d. In my opinion people should be able to eat fine sand because it is great for one’s well being. Virtue integrity

e. I really believe people should be able to eat yellow sand if that they decide they need to, regardless of whether it can be someone else’s fine sand. Entitlement-based values

f. I think people must be able to eat sand if they wish to because they are free to make the decision themselves. Rights-based values

g. I think I will take in sand since it is the standard food for my personal community. Relativistic ethics

Q4. Duty-based integrity: It is my duty to adhere to through with instructions my own boss gives, even if I do not agree with the concept. It truly is my meaningful obligation to respect power figures.

Consequence-based ethics: Even though some employees use the internet here responsibly, the majority of them are searching the Internet for personal use. it can more effective to dam all nonwork related websites from the corporate Intranet, to make sure that the company boosts workplace efficiency. That’s the most important goal!

Rights-based ethics: Every single employee provides a right to operate an environment that is free of harassment; that is why range training is certainly an important part of our corporation’s orientation along with being up to date with federal anti-discrimination laws and regulations.

Relativistic ethics: We’re looking to hire ladies and community employees. Howdy, the times are changing, and right now, many people are saying that having a diverse place of work is the right thing to do, even though all of us used to discriminate against users of these teams in the past.

Being human ethics: It can human nature to actually want to be unfaithful the system whenever possible and drive more money for less work, therefore we power all of our staff to punch their time-card every single time they leave the office, even to get lunch fractures.

Entitlement-based integrity: We believe almost all workers have entitlement to appropriate health care that meets their needs, for this reason even the part-time workers have access to thorough care ideas. No one should go without medical therapy if they are sick and tired.

Virtue-based ethics: Every worker has a good sense with the corporation’s ideals and quest to guide their decision-making and receives a great orientation inside our overall beliefs as a company, not simply their duties. This kind of sense of purpose will need to guide all of their actions.

Reference point

Trevino, M. K., Nelson, K. A. (2007). Controlling business ethics: Straight talk about how precisely to do it correct (4th Ed. ). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

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