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Evaluation of your research about telehealth

Research from Composition:

Telehealth Technology

Persistent obstructive pulmonary (COP) is one of the serious disorders in the United States that places an excellent burden about patients and healthcare devices based on their associated excessive rate of hospitalization, outpatients visit and readmissions. (Sarah et ing. 2016). Over the years, the COP has become a significant public health concern globally with more than 65 mil cases. (Sarah et ing. 2016). This season, the United States registered a direct cost of $32. one particular billion based on the prevalence of the POLICEMAN disease. In the united kingdom, 1 . 6% of the populace is suffering from the POLICE OFFICER contributing to the duty of above 800 mil per annum together with the direct medical costs of approximately 625 , 000, 000 annually. (Sarah et al. 2016). In spite of its affiliated direct costs burden, the prevalence in the COP may increase because of a rise in aging population. (Sarah et al. 2016).

The telehealth has been considered as a highly effective healthcare treatment to manage the COP disease. The telehealth is a convenient and eye-catching solution capable of getting together with the healthcare needs of men and women. Brewster, ainsi que al. (2013) define residence telehealth since an exchange of health information from individuals to health care professionals through electronic devices. (Brewster, et approach. 2013). Commonly, home telehealth can deliver significant benefits for people suffering from POLICE OFFICER disease that involves assisting in reducing fatality rates, department visits, and healthcare costs. (Sarah ou al. 2016). Despite the connected benefits of the telehealth, Debbie et al. (2013) did not provide the data to support their assertion that home telehealth reduces the healthcare costs, departmental visit, and fatality rates.

Gorst, Armitage, Brownsell, Hawley, (2014) argue that twenty percent of individuals using the telehealth later forego it and 32% of patients will not use it. Furthermore, patients’ participation in the home telehealth’s published studies still missing. Patients likewise face specialized problems addressing a buffer to using the telehealth technology. Additionally , shortage of patients who may have used the telehealth has become a barrier to conducting the telehealth analysis. Moreover, many patients struggling with COP disease are unable to manipulate the telehealth equipment providing as a barrier in using COP people for a research purpose. (Greenhalgh, Wherton, Sugarhood, et al. (2013).

This kind of study gives a critique with the research carried out by Sarah et al. (2016) titled “It’s sort of a lifeline”: Serious obstructive pulmonary disease patients’ experiences of home telehealth. ” (Sarah et al. 2016 l 60).

Technique and Design

An id of a way of data collection is very essential in an scientific research. Typically, the qualitative and quantitative method will be the major approaches used to gather and info. Although, Sarah et al. (2016) make use of a qualitative way to collect info, however , the authors do not compare both qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection before choosing the right data collection strategy. A comparative analysis of both equally research strategies is essential to aid in discovering their disadvantages and benefits.

Compared to Brewster et al. (2013) who use the merged method for the info collection and data evaluation, Sarah et al. (2016) may encounter several flaws by using the qualitative research. An information collection through qualitative strategy is time-consuming rather than cost-effective in comparison with quantitative analysis. While Dorothy et ‘s. (2016) declare using the qualitative research to collect and evaluate data, an overview of the author’s research design reveals the fact that researchers use some elements of the quantitative technique in their exploration design. For instance , the market data with the participants will be presented in numbers showing the age of the participants. One more shortcoming of the authors’ exploration design would be that the number of individuals used to acquire data will be

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