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Industrialization in hard times by charles dickens

The commercial revolution was an era of mechanization. Throughout this era, in 1854, Charles Dickens (1812-1870) wrote Crisis to brief review upon the change within just society and its particular effect on it is people. Dickens points out the flaws and limitations with this new culture in his fervid and keen plea on behalf of the working poor (Charles Dickens Hard Times, 2000). The book shows gives to visitors the experts perspective of life during the nineteenth hundred years and makes remarks on the central theme of fact versus expensive.

Due to this topic, the new ends numerous characters realising that a person needs more than just fact in their life. The book examines the utilitarian system through various characters including Tom, who may have been lifted in the practical education system. Dickens reveals his individual views on this technique through Sissy Jupe, the uneducated daughter of a festival master, and the positive effect she has for the Gradgrind family members.

Thomas Gradgrind has a good rationalist beliefs and thinks that reality, and reality alone is a one thing needful but through the satirical way Thomas Gradgrind is explained, Dickens makes his individual comments with regards to his inconsistant views on this philosophy.

Dickens presents Mr Gradgrind as Jones Gradgrind, sir. A man of realities. A man of fact and calculationswith a secret and a couple of scales, and multiplication desk always in his pocket, friend, ready to consider and assess and package of human nature (p48). This portrays Gradgrind as a guy who spots a statistical value everywhere and does not trust in anything other than black and white fact. Gradgrind is referred to with a satirical tone which signifies that Dickens is usually mocking Gradgrind and the system which he believes in.

Dickens ridicules Gradgrind through his use of sarcasm against him. This is proven when Dickens says You may hope to get some other nonsensical belief in the head of George Gradgrind, or Augustus Gradgrind, or John Gradgrind (all suppositious, non-existent persons), but in to the head of Thomas Gradgrind no friend (p48) The no sir is an intrusion from the authors voice which, within a condescending develop, ridicules Jones Gradgrinds good belief inside the utilitarian program. Through Mister Gradgrind, Dickens ridicules the program and it is apparent that Dickens disagrees with it.

Jeff is a product of the practical system and Dickens uses him to convey his own viewpoints of the system. Tom was brought up by simply his dad under a program that allowed room for free but simple fact (p47). Having been not subjected to any feelings and as a result he did not develop any good morals. Having been taught to value fact alone while remaining ignorant of compassion. His callous nature is evident when he positions Steven Blackpool to become falsely offender of slowly destroying the bank. Jeff instructs Steven to just hold about the financial institution an hour or so (p191) and quickly afterwards Ben goes in advance with the thievery. As a result of Toms instructions, the citizens blame Steven for robbing the financial institution as he was seen clinging about the lender just before the robbery. This kind of incident shows Toms deceitful nature due to the fact he is mercilessly able to allow his many other worker take those blame for his crime.

In addition, it signifies that even thought Tom was brought up in a system that was believed to be infallible; this practical system did not teach him other essential things such as how you can be a great person. One more example that reveals Toms cunningness is when Mary decides to visit Louisa after having disregarded her for a long period of time. The only reason Tom does this is because he is which Mr Bounderby has proposed to Louisa and this individual wants to make certain that she welcomes his proposal as this will increase his earnings by Mr Bounderbys bank. Tom says to Louisa Features father explained anything particular to you, today or last night, Loo? in that case her close friend glanced at her deal with with higher interest than normal, and, adjoining her stomach with his arm, drew her coaxingly to him (p130).

The way Ben treats Louisa indicates that he only shows affinity for his sister when he provides something to achieve from that. His activities are sneaky when he coaxingly brings her towards him. This implies that, even though Mary has been supplied with what was believed to be the finest education, ad provides learnt just about every Ology, he’s still extremely selfish and uses visitors to his personal will and benefit. Mary has turned into a very damaged man and, being a merchandise of the practical system, Dickens uses Mary to announce that this program does not work.

Dickens portrays the idea that the practical system offers drained all the goodness of human nature through the symbolic explanation of Sissy and Bitzer within Hard Times. For example , once Sissy and Bitzer are introduced to you, it is obvious through the meaning used that Dickens favors Sissy, with the lower course.

The girl was so darker eyed and dark haired, that the girl seemed to be given a deeper plus more lustrous color from the sunshine when it shone upon her, the youngster was and so light eyed and light haired that the self-same rays appeared to draw out of him what little coloring he ever possessed (p50).

This passage is significant because it uncovers Dickens view of the functional system. It is no coincident that Bitzer, the young man who was informed under the system of fact have been described as colourless while Sissy, the poor and uneducated woman, has been identified as lustrous. The color symbolises the fancy even though the paleness represents the fact and through the previously mentioned passage Dickens states that Bitzer is being filled with a whole lot fact that it can be draining all of the fancy away of him. Sissy, alternatively, has not been knowledgeable and filled with fact therefore she has been characterised as dark and full of coloring.

Another model that sums up Dickens make use of colour to represent goodness is when Sissy is disclosing to Louisa that your woman never once envied her. She says I had formed nothing to mention, and had not been at all injure (p148). This demonstrates Sissys unpretentious characteristics and the publisher believes this is a respectable quality to possess which in turn he illustrates by expressing Her coloring rose since she said it modestly and hurriedly(p148). This shows that Dickens has used colour to symbolize kindness whilst a lack of shade, such as that describing Bitzer, to highlight the negative results of the system.

Through Sissys influence around the Gradgrind relatives Dickens shows the idea that there may be another thing needful than just truth. Another review, David Craig, also confirms that Dickens conveys is opinions his views on the utilitarian system through inspection of the Gradgrind family. Hard Times is more and more taken over by an examination of the family members, showing how damaging and limiting a great upbringing which allows no place pertaining to imagination and fancy can be. The effect Sissy has on the Gradgrinds is shown through the way the characters modify throughout the new. For example , at the outset of the new Louisa is unable to express her emotions since even if the girl does make an effort she is advised not to. After in the story when Louisa becomes unwell Sissy usually spends considerable amounts of the time with her. This gives Louisa an opportunity to find out about take pleasure in and empathy. This is noticeable when Louisa cries out Forgive myself, pity me personally, help me! Include compassion in the great want, and let me lay this kind of head of mine after a supportive heart.

This kind of speech simply by Louisa is incredibly different to anything at all said by her before in the novel. It is an outburst of feelings and there is evidence of expression which will Dickens features indicated through the use of exclamation markings. Another event that sums up Sissys kindness, and the outcome this has, may be the speech given by Mrs Gradgrind preceding her death. The lady tells Louisa You learned a great deal, LouisaOlogies of all kinds, from morning to nightbut you will discover something not an Ology at all that your daddy has overlooked, or overlooked, Louisa I dont know what it is.

I use often sitting with Sissy near me personally, and thought about it (p225). Sissys presence is remarkable because it implies that Sissy inspires Mrs Gradgrinds emotional being, something that the Gradgrinds were never exposed to just before. It demonstrates Sissy include a certain touch of humanity that not your most fact-filled person can provide or perhaps teach. Through this Dickens states that even though Sissy has not been educated, she has much to offer towards the world; this wounderful woman has more than what Mr Gradgrind could ever include taught his children.

Charles Dickens resided during the industrial revolution, an era ruled by utilitarianism. His knowledge of the program as well as his personal opinion is definitely revealed in Hard Times through the characterisation with the Gradgrind friends and family, Sissy Jupe and Bitzer. Mr Gradgrind believes that fact is one and only thing you need whilst Sissy believes there exists more to life than truth. Throughout the book these two philosophies are in comparison and as a finish result viewers are positioned to believe, through tactics of characterisation and symbolism used by Dickens, that fancy is just as crucial as fact. Dickens states a person without fancy are not able to possess the amazing benefits and modesty present within Sissy and that even the most intelligent individual that knows all of their Ologies can not be a ethical person in the event they do not nurture their emotion and creativeness.


Oldham, R. (2000). Charles Dickens Hard Times. Recovered 27 Aug 2005, by http://www.pillowrock.com/ronnie/hardtimes.htm


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