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Leadership scenario dissertation


The goal of the paper is to check out the various types of command styles that affected the motivation of the employee. Jonathan and Serta have two different managerial styles. Jonathan a manager in super market who prefers to change the duties of his subordinates. He’s effective director who is loved by his staff and everyone in supermarket wants to work for him. Dan a manager who also prefers a consecutive program and devotedness with a give attention to repeatability. He could be moderator for 30 minutes lunchtime break.

The primary characters will be two friends Alex and Stephanie. They will work full time and this work helps those to pay for college. Alex functions for Dan, he described as miserable and disappointed. Stephanie functions for Jonathon and always all set to work, she is vigorous and high encouraged. This case “A Question of Motivation will probably be analyzed through the Needs ” Goal Theory (Maslow), Equity Theory of Motivation, Hershey ” Blanchard Life-Cycle Theory and Path-Goal Theory.


“Maslow says that humans possess the five basic needs and theorizes that they can end up being arranged within a hierarchy worth addressing ” the order by which individuals generally strive to meet them.

(Certo&Certo, 2012, p. 371)

Inspiration has a significant meaning in understanding subordinate’s habit; motivation can easily influence this behavior to rich desired goals. Maslow’s Motivational theory is based on the idea that man behavior is controlled through a limited number of developing fundamental requires which function in a set sequence. Require is defined as a problem of deficit. Individuals are perceived as a biological being having psychological capabilities. The internal needs ” the demands that are generally taken as the starting point for motivation theory are alleged psychological individuals. 2 The Maslow hierarchy of requires starts above the bottom of the pyramid. First step can be _psychological needs_, these requires include needs like food, sleep, normal water, sexual drive, breathing, atmosphere. These necessities required for body to survive and normal function.

Next step is definitely _security needs, _ they will containsecurity of family, wellness, body, methods, property, job, a safe work place. Next is _social needs_, it includes the will for cultural contact and interaction, a friendly relationship, family, affection and other various types of support. Above social needs will be _esteem needs_ which include position, recognition, self confidence, respect of others. As they are happy, individual should go upper and stands on final need_- self-actualization needs. _ At this point an individual requirements morality, problem solver, creativity, desire for achievement, personal growth and development. The movement from level to another was known as satisfaction progression by Maslow and it had been assumed that over time persons were encouraged to regularly progresses upwards through these kinds of levels.

In case study, “A Question of Motivation, Robbins and Assess 12th release many of these amounts are proven, for instance, perception of security “Though spend isn’t superb, it’s a regular job that allow them a few flexibility, which usually helps the moment scheduling classes(Robbins & Evaluate, 2007, p. 712). It’s security of having a job and security to be able to purchase college. Among the social needs described in first passage, it states that Alex and Stephanie became friends because related situation built them nearer to each other. Their very own managers Serta and Jonathan are vary in esteem needs, specifically Dan can be making Alex’s self-respect go down while it’s opposite to get Stephanie. In accordance to Robbins and Judge “_A Query of Determination, _ 12th edition, Alex’s manager (Dan) supervises the produce division and wants for subordinates to operate the same location at all times, he often humiliate Alex.

Stephanie’s manager (Jonathan) is very friendly, he promotes his subordinates to increase all their horizon by simply letting creative imagination and working and employed in different positions. Stephanie can be obstacle at work for this reason she is very confident, while Alex is like grotty and useless since his manager doesn’t let him show his abilities is to do his greatest. Alex contains a low self-estimate because of another worker who is doing similar job nevertheless she is a fresh worker and gets more cash than Alex. Stephanie’s supervisor helps her to encounter self-actualization needs; he puts the trust at her and what she actually is doing. When ever there is lack of items, Jonathan enables his workers the ability to achieve tasks by placing your order supplies She’s heartened, this lady has high solving problems skills, also she canapply her imagination on making new quality recipes. This almost all is the consequence of manager’s mindset and administration skills.


Everyone seek for fairness between the actual put into job and what they get from it. Adams calls these advices and outputs. According to Certo&Certo(2012) “Equity theory examines an individual’s identified fairness of your employment situation and locates that identified inequities can cause changes in behavior (p. 369). This theory based on the social evaluation process of analyzing the ratio of advices and outcomes between your self and a comparison other, for instance , individuals evaluate themselves with others, and perceive the actual benefit from job. When individuals aren’t cared for fairly in comparison with their coworkers, they tend behave in a number of techniques, including changing their work habits to better reap the rewards, latest coworkers and management pertaining to the inequality or in extreme instances quit (Certo & Incontestável, 2012).

Inputs typically include: determination, patience, hard work, devotion, effort, dedication, support of colleagues and subordinates, ability, flexibility, personal scarifies, life blood. Outputs are normally financial returns: pay, salary, expenses, bonus payment, travelling, development, incentives, interest, status, respect, praise and thank you, sense of feat and progression, promotion, incitement. If specific feels that inputs are rewarded by simply outputs, in that case he/she is definitely happy to work and more determined to continue inputting at the same level. However , if perhaps individual seems that percentage of inputs to results is less beneficial than the proportion of others, then simply he/she becomes unmotivated to work and decreases inputting.

In this instance “A Question of Motivation, Robbins and Judge, twelfth edition, there is certainly an unfair in Alex and Stephanie duties. Stephanie has a supervisor who inspires and empowers her to make decisions and try to do her finest, while Alex’s boss Lalu seems to be stingy for praise and promo, he retains his subordinates back. That’s why Stephanie enjoys her job but Alex doesn’t. Jonathan gives Stephanie opportunity to receive rewards forever work. This provides you with her satisfaction for her task and motivation to continue working at the samelevel. (Robbins and Judge, 12th edition).

Alex is disappointed with his job. He turns into dispirit with job “I don’t possibly care any longer. What’s the point? If I stock more pears, or some thing meaningless like that, what does it get me-another sticker that says ‘good job? ( Robbins and Judge, 12th edition, s. 713). Discouraged with Serta and his administration styles he gives up changing the situation, but doesn’t give up because he needs the job. Alex doesn’t need to struggle about reality another staff has been working less time and is becoming paid more because the lady tells compliments to his manager.

Alex and Stephanie work in a similar place of employment, precisely the same work schedule, nevertheless the feedback on this job is different. My opinion that this type of inspiration has only 1 side with very good destination. As result, Stephanie is excessive motivated, whilst Alex is merely working for salary without obtaining any skills.


Leadership is a main way in which people change the heads (influence) of others and move minds of others and maneuver organizations forward to reach identified goals. The Life Cycle Theory of Leadership can be described as rationale to get linking designs with various situations to ensure successful leadership (Certo&Certo, 2012, g. 342). This kind of theory is dependent on the employee’s maturity and their ability to function without supervision. Also this theory says that good leaders should change all their leadership variations based on the maturity of the people they’re leading and the details of the job. Leaders employing this theory must be able to place more or less emphasis on the job, and on the relationships with the people they’re leading. According to Certo&Certo, 2012, l. 342, you will find four diverse phases for the Life cycle:

High activity ” Low relationships. In this phase personnel first sign up for an organization, they normally need direction and require specific instructions in regards to what to do. Employees must be familiar with organizations procedures and guidelines. The most appropriate strategy is a task-oriented leadership.

Substantial task ” High interactions. A manager becomes even more familiar withsubordinates and trust in their efficiency. At this stage, followers might be willing to focus on the task, however they still you do not have the skills to complete this successfully.

Low task ” High associations. Leaders focus more on the relationship and less on direction. The leader harmonizes with the team, and shares decision-making responsibilities. Because subordinates abilities and performance turn into obvious and since experience increases, subordinates look for more responsibility. However managers continue to support and motivate subordinates.

Low task ” High interactions. At this phase subordinates can work on their particular. They have large self-confidence and skills. Leaders still supervise in progress but less involved in decision making conditions.

This case examine “A Query of Motivation Robbins and Judge 12th edition is usually described two managers. Stephanie’s manager Jonathan is pictured as “a 10-year expert who everybody generally admires for his friendly demeanor and calm management style and that “he often designates his employees different duties each week therefore workers don’t get bored. Couple of years ago the moment Stephanie began working your woman had excessive task-low relationships phase. Through the years her maturity increased by this four stages. And now Stephanie merits Jonathan confidence to complete difficult tasks with no total direction “The nice thing is the fact I’ll be capable of do this by myself, without someone breathing straight down my neck (Robbins & Judge, 12thed., p. 714).

It is seen that Alex doesn’t just like Dan and he won’t respect him. They have challenging relationship. Once Alex was hired he had a high task-low relationship stage and still with no movement. So , relationship and maturity get stuck. Dan’s attitude toward Alex is shown in lunchtime once Dan informed Alex: “I thought that college students were allowed to be smarter than this. At least I would feel that they can tell period. I guess the university must have glossed more than you applications.  (Robbins & Assess, 12thed., p. 714).

It is usually see that because of manager’s leadership level Stephanie and Alex receive distinct skills, nevertheless, working simultaneously and position.


Path ” goal theory states that the manager may affect the overall performance and motivation by offering advantages for reaching goals “The path-goal theory of leadership suggests that the principal activities of any leader should be make desirable and attainable rewards available to organization users who achieve organizational desired goals and to explain the varieties of behavior that needs to be performed to earn those rewards(Certo&Certo, 2012, p. 345). So , this kind of theory depending on motivating subordinates to accomplish goals. The manager must use a style that best complies with the subordinate’s motivational requirements.

According to Certo&Certo (2012) there are several path-goal types of leader behavior: DIRECTIVE ” The best choice gives specific guidance of performance to subordinates, for instance, what to do, how you can perform process. SUPPORTIVE ” The leader is definitely friendly and shows concern for the subordinates. It really is most appropriate pertaining to situations through which tasks and relationships will be physically or perhaps psychologically challenging. PARTICIPATIVE ” The leader consults subordinates before you make decisions and considers their very own suggestions. Is actually most effective once subordinates are really disciplined and involved in operate. ACHIEVEMENT ” The leader sets challenging desired goals and expects subordinates to have higher level performance.

In this instance study “A Question of Motivation Robbins and Assess 12th Male impotence. It’s clearly seen that Jonathan uses the path-goal theory. He allows his subordinates to alter duties time to time. This style helps subordinates to learn every functional area in produce department, increases their productivity. He arranged a goal to Stephanie to market 10 bottles of truffle oil and if she accomplishes it, Jonathan will prize her with a $75 reward.

Jonathan is usually respected and well-liked, everyone wants to help him, this individual created a setting and program that workers find both interesting and challenging “Most employees want to work for Jonathan, as he often designates his staff different tasks each week therefore workers do not get bored.  (Robbins & Judge, twelfth Ed., p. 712). It could be seen that Alex’s manager Dan doesn’t use the path-goal theory. He doesn’t involvement in participating and supporting his subordinates. This individual doesn’t established some desired goals to achieve subordinates. So , Dandoesn’t change his behavior in a situation.


To full my command scenario I’d like to tell that the most effective and best managers are people who able to unite both mindset and command theories to achieve goals of individual or perhaps organization and facilitate the employee performance. The situation study “A Question of Motivation demonstrates the most appropriate characters to these four theories of motivation and leadership are Stephanie and Jonathan. Stephanie uses Requirements ” Objective Theory (Maslow) and Value Theory of Motivation, your woman prospers in her work and very thrilled to be beneath Jonathan control. As for Jonathan, he uses Hershey ” Blanchard Life-Cycle Theory and Path-Goal Theory. We can see that because of Dan’s low level of leadership, Alex suffers and couldn’t whatever it takes. So Kemudian should a new lot simply by observing Jonathan in order to boost and increase his leadership style and behavior.


1) Evidente, S. C., & Incontestável, S. Big t. (2012). _Modern Management: Concepts and Skills. _ Uppr Saddle Lake, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.

2) Maslow, A. H., 1943, A theory of Human Determination, p. 372-396.

3) Carrell, Michael 3rd there’s r. and Dittrich, John E., 1978, Fairness Theory: The Recent Literature, Methodological Things to consider, and New Directions, s. 202-208.


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