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Light weight supplies in automotive industry


The developing concern regarding the essential oil prices plus the environmental protection against emissions have made the vehicle makers approach towards alternate lightweight materials like ‘s and Magnesium as a replacement for regular steel and ensemble irons. Due to the strict laws and regulations imposed on the regulation of Laser emissions, we have a need for the development of new concepts or strategies to reduce the complete weight of the vehicle and thereby reducing the air pollution. Through the studies conducted in Europe, it can be observed the amount of Co2 per kilometer may be significantly reduced by minimizing the weight of the car. Hence reduction of the fat of the automobile plays an important role in reducing the fuel consumption and the exhausts. The fat loss can be accomplished mainly in two ways, initially is by changing the supplies used in your vehicle, second is by the strength optimization in the Body in White (BIW). When choosing a new light materials several factors like expense, material homes, impact on the item design and the production procedure etc ., have to be taken into consideration. Above all the several performance parameters like the dynamics of vehicle, detailed strength, crashworthiness etc ., needs to be satisfactory. The evaluation of such variables can be done by making use of a tests a physical prototype of the last design of the car. If the functionality is less expected in that case there is a have to improve the structure or replace the material used and repeat the process of testing with an updated physical prototype. This continues till we get an auto dvd unit with ideal performance and considerable fat loss. It is clearly a time eating as well as pricey process and hence the statistical methods like Finite Component Methods (FEM) are used to make virtual prototypes and test in the pc without the need of an actual prototype. Using FEM in combination with the optimization techniques just like Multi-Disciplinary Optimization, the structures can be improved for the weight and functional objectives like stationary and active performances, throughout the initial phases of design itself (Gaetano). In this way you a chance to design a new product with optimized materials usage could be reduced together with the simultaneous thought of the multiple disciplines like dynamics of driving, strength statics and crashworthiness and so forth


Aluminum continues to be widely used pertaining to manufacturing diverse sub-systems of the car like, chassis, Physique in White colored (BIW), powertrain etc .


The powertrain largely consists of engine blocks, intake manifolds, cylinder mind, transmission housings etc . Lightweight aluminum is commonly utilized in all these pieces of the powertrains since number of years but its use in the engine motor to reduce the engine pounds is lately started. Seeing that engine will be running for high temperatures it is required that the material possess real estate like very good thermal conductivity, fatigue strength, vibrational level of resistance etc ., at elevated temperatures. Also intended for the effective combustion of the fuel with air, the engine elements should have a great resistance against leaks. Since Al has the capacity to meet all of the above mentioned requirements, it is being efficiently used in the manufacturing of the powertrains components.


Earlier, the body of the car was manufactured out of steel which leads to higher unsprung mass of the vehicle. The vehicle’s vibrational behavior immediately depends on its unsprung mass, lower the unsprung mass better will be ride comfortableness the safety as a result of better tire-road contact. As a result auto makers have began to use Approach for the chassis components for the weight reduction. The normal chassis elements like rims, suspension, braking system, fuel system etc ., will be produced away of casted Al. Inside the casting process the rate where solidification of the microstructure arises is very important and wishes to be efficiently controlled to be able to produce defect free libéralité. Moreover the porosity as well as the formation of oxide films can be taken away by keeping away from the disturbance during the material pouring. This can be achieved by making use of computer helped heat and fluid runs and proper designing from the location and geometries of the foundry components like sprue pin, risers and ingates. In this way the Al libéralité with very good exhaustion and impact resistances can be obtained. In chassis Al 5000 series metals are generally used because of their good building capability, weldability, and very good after creating strength, plus the supreme corrosion resistance even without the need of any coatings. However , if the components are situated close to heat sources like engine or exhaust systems, to resist the thermal a lot the Mg content inside the alloy needs to be less than 3%, which in any other case would bring about intergranular corrosion (IGC). The figure below shows the components in body made out of Ing 5000 series. Apart from these types of, wheels are manufactured from casted Al, specially in luxury cars both to lessen the pounds and to have a superior appearance from the customized design. In case of the heavy machines like vans and development equipment, the place that the magnitude of loads will be high, the wheels happen to be produced from solid Al in order to meet the requirements of higher mechanical power. On the whole the application of Al in chassis parts not only decreases the energy consumption but also most significantly enhances the driving a car comfort and safety of the vehicle.

Front end:

An efficient style of a front end helps in enhancing the driving a car dynamics and also the ability of the vehicle to take up the crash loads. BMW has been in a position to successfully make use of Al in manufacturing the framework of front and achieving a weight reduction of 30% when compared to steel structure. From the physique below it can be observed the fact that front end modules are manufactured from diverse techniques like extrusion, spreading, and sheet stamping, with each having their own contribution to meet the needs of strength, stiffness and resistance to corrosion. The formability of the structure can further be better by elevating the Magnesium content in the Al combination.

Body In White (BIW):

BIW which was earlier manufactured out of metallic is the heaviest part of the automobile and contributes to about 1 / 3rd of the whole weight in the car. Consequently the vehicle makers discovered a great fat loss potential with the whole car through building of BIW with Al alloys. BIW mainly consists the sole structure and the suspending parts like Door, Hood, Fender etc . attached to the structure through bolts. The 5000 and 6000 series Al alloys in the form of slender sheets are used for the manufacturing of the BIW, and the choice of the material is done based on whether or not the component is usually subjected to energy loads or perhaps not and also whether it is a part of the inner or perhaps outer composition. Heat treatable Al 6000 alloys with low Mg content bring the BIW outer solar panels and the dangling parts to make use of heat during the color baking process for fortifying of the material. In addition , a great surface surface finish and corrosion resistance can be imparted which is very essential for the outer energy as they are directly exposed to outside world. Although for the BIW composition and inner panels, durability and formability are primary parameters and since they are not really exposed to temperature or cold weather loads, using Al metals with high Mg content is more effective. Therefore Approach 5000 series alloys with Mg articles greater than five per cent by mass have been produced and successfully employed in BIW structures.

BIW of the car could be designed and fabricated mainly in two ways: first is actually a structure which is primarily produced from stamping procedure for different solar panels of the physique, which are welded together by using spot welding. The other method is a BIW composition where several components are produced from different making processes like metal sending your line, extrusion as well as conventional stamping. For making use of the separate stamping procedure, the Approach sheets utilized should be possible enough to form into required complicated shapes by reasonable expense. The section below gives the different versions in the Industry making use of different methodologies to manufacture a BIW.

Application of Ing in BIW of many car designs:

Audi which is one of the main automotive company in the world, offers employed the area Frame Idea for building the BIW of A8, which weighs about about 277 kg. It includes the parts mainly manufactured using extrusion process and also few elements are made out of the throwing and piece metal stamping processes. Different parts are joined up with together by using techniques just like Riveting, Steel Inert Gas welding, Laserlight welding, and adhesives. Through the application of Ing alloys, Audi was able to effectively reduce the pounds of BIW by 40% and found the area Frame Strategy really successful. Eventually they can be producing extremely high volumes of cars every year using the same concept and with actually lighter BIWs.

However , the Yaguar in their XJ Model 2002, are still employing the conventional “Stamped Sheet Monocoque” for building the BIW. It can be noticed that in contrary to the Space Frame Principle used by Audi, the number of parts produced from Piece metal rubber stamping are very high than regarding the parts manufactured from spreading and extrusion. Also the principal procedures utilized for joining are adhesives and rivets that leads to higher weight of the BIW as compared to BIW of Space Frame Principle.

Comparison of Throwing and Extrusion:


Aluminum extrusion is a broadly employed manufacturing process in the automotive domain, especially to create parts with complex designs. The weight-loss of the parts can be achieved simultaneously appointment the required benefits and hence extrusion process can often be employed in series production. Currently the Al extrusions are used in Space Framework Concept model of BIW and also in complicated components like bumpers (fig), crash fascinating, gripping, riveting elements, air bags etc . As a result of high strength requirements for extrusions, heat curable Al 6000 and Approach 7000 series alloys are utilized. The strength and formability from the Al 6000 series alloys can be improved through stiffing over the time frame. Research is continue to going on to develop new alloys which have improved extrudability, mechanised strength, and tolerance levels to be able to operate in most challenging conditions with out failure.


A major section of the auto parts are manufactured using spreading process, such as engine parts like obstruct, cylinder head, and also other sub devices like postponement, interruption, chassis, brake systems etc . As a result of best throwing ability, power, and strength, cast straightener was widely used, however in in an attempt to reduce the pounds Al castings are lately employed. Comprehensive research cause the development of powerful Al metals possess drastically improved mechanised properties to meet the real world requirements. Also the development of computer assisted casting process and advanced casting strategies enables the use of Al spreading to produce intricate parts in an automobile. Recently developed AlSiMgMn alloys are used to manufacture complicated structures just like a pillar numerous rib parts, which attaches the B-pillar instrument -panel and front- end composition. For high-pressure die-castings (HPDC), it is necessary that the development of combination and materials models happen in seite an seite, in order to observe the casted part behaves under the fill. Also we could compare the force where fracture takes place and the bust propagation price for the simulation as well as the real try things out.

Magnesium within a car

Magnesium has all the potentialities to reduce the weight from the car since it is one third occasions lighter than Al and three quarters instances lighter than steel or cast iron. In addition the constituents made out of Magnesium can be quickly blended to required shapes and sizes with large surface complete due to very good manufacturability and machinability. Moreover Mg alloys when in natural form possess high corrosion resistance and once casted with no pores brings about high impact durability. On the other hand, it has lower greatest tensile strength, decrease fatigue and creep strengths, which can be paid out using a special or software specific pattern which has additional features like ribs, beans, and helps. Also Magnesium exhibits poor performance in high temperatures and hence cannot be employed to face up to thermal lots. Solidification time is a very important aspect of casting process and Mg includes a low renforcement time in comparison to steel or perhaps Al and hence the efficiency is larger.

Even though the cost of Mg as a natural material is practically twice than that of the Al, yet due to its low density, some of the cost of the component is virtually same as that of the component having the the same volume crafted from Al. The moment good manufacturability of Mg is ingested in to account, the final expense of the part produced from Mg can be even below that manufactured out of conventional metallic or Al. However because of poor physical properties and poor overall performance at great heat its software in the automobile domain is restricted. The figure below describes the current and future application of Mg being a raw material for auto components.

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