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Malaysia tioman island s project analysis essay


Tioman Area is a small island, 39 km lengthy and doze km vast, located off of the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, densely forested island is still end up being sparsely lived on, but is usually surrounded by many white coral formations, making their scuba divers from around the region. The beaches of Tioman Isle were describing in the 1958 movie, southern pacific as Bali Hai. In the 1970s, Time magazine selected Tioman among the world’s most beautiful islands.

In 2004 Kampung Tekek, just a little village in Timon was earmarked for development within a RM 40 million marina project.

The project covers 127, 000sq yards. It will add a yacht riva and responsable jetty that will extend 175 meters in the sea.

The following analysis is based on the task that includes SWOT report, view on for what reason the job is declined by the neighborhood residents and WWF-Malaysia and a few recommendations

1 . Conduct SWOT Analysis on to Pulau Tioman.

From the analysis and information reading regarding Pulau Tioman Island, the below is known as a SWOT examination that deducted.


Fantastic natural resources and surroundings

Less contaminated


Travel Weakness

Fewer Promote

Terrain limitation

Resources Limitation


World traveler

The environmental safeguard consciousness boosts of people.

Normal resources and environment destination become lower in the world. Threat

Shifting of economic

Unfortunate occurances


Amazing Natural resources and Surroundings

As many mag and details said, Tioman Island features rare and precious natural resources elsewhere in Malaysia even around the globe and it is among the top 10 best island in the world. At the mountains area, Pulau Tioman is actually a haven pertaining to birds, bates, lizard and mouse deer. At the under water region, the huge size (over 15m high) mixture of patches of coral gardens and huge stone boulders are usually see inside the Pulau Tioman Island. Near the precious corals and marine fans, the rare kings of position fish also can commonly discover in Pulau Tioman Island.

Less infected environment

The Pulau Tioman has mountain range and beaches, and all of individuals natural methods and surroundings are undestroyed and less polluted. Whatever guests on area or by sea side, they will be captivated me by the question ofnature. At present, in the remarkably speed economic developing period, fresh air, violet sky and pure water it is rarely to find. These kinds of pure and natural environment makes Tioman Island become among the best tourism spots.


Pertaining to the restless and daring, Pulau Tioman Island features provided amount types of activities to get the holiday, such as skiing, wind surfing, boating or possibly a ride in a glass lower part boat surrounding the island. Alongside those normal water activities, the Island also has Ping pong, tennis and golf sports activities on terrain. Tourists could be enjoy the very good natural environment and have a look from the natural methods in Isle during the sport activities playing, they can find see the interesting underwater life by Glass bottom boat and diving. Those take benefit intended for the local people and it does not possess seriously bad impact for the environment.


Convenient transport system features provided to help the site visitors easy to access and departure Tioman Island. Coming from Mersing or Tanjung Gemuk, Tioman Tropical isle is just a 3 to 4 hour vessel ride away. If visitor prefer a shorter comfortable ride, air-conditioned quickly ferries which in turn depart daily can make the trip in approximately 2 hours.

Visitors who don unlike to enjoy ocean travel can make the visit to Tioman by simply air via either Kuala Lumpur or perhaps Kuantan by way of Pelangi Atmosphere. Flights by Kuala Lumpur depart daily, while the Kuantan flight departs daily (except Wednesday), the two trips have approximately one hour.

All of those transportation systems have made the Tioman Island recieve more and more visitors and become even more famous all over the world.


Significantly less promote

The promotion and advertising by simply state and country government doing pertaining to the Tioman Island remains need to improve. Maybe Tioman Island is well understands by some of the specific countries’ people. But since a world class tourism departure, the state and country govt should showcase the island to worldwide in order to get more interesting attractions and provide more benefit.

Land Limitation

As we know, Tioman Island is merely 39 km long and 12 kilometres wide. This can be a very small isle. With its popular and fantastic natural resources, more and more travelers will interest and visit to here. Excess of people may stay and visit through this small place. This will influence and eliminate the cultural culture and environment of Tioman Tropical isle. As a Government, should develop Tioman Isle by appropriate plan in order to fully make use of and motivate the area limitation.

Solutions Limitation

The main tourist fascination in Tioman Island is usually its surrounding and resources. But if authorities does not shield properly, all those will break down and demolished soon afterwards. Without the safety and jar from govt, Tioman Tropical isle will just make short-term advantage to the region and will damage its strengths, at the same instances, it is a reduction in the world as well.


Universe travel

Travel and leisure has become a fundamental element of the approach away form economies based on heavy anatomist and manufacturing to a rapidly expanding service sector. The growth in intercontinental and household tourism since the 1950s have been nothing less than dramatic, with international tourism arrivals climbing from twenty-five million in 1950 into a record 592 million in 1996 ( World TourismOrganization, 1997). Tioman Island has its great resources and environment being a main attraction of visitor, the increase of world travel around will bring a lot opportunities to the island.

The environmental safeguard consciousness increases of people

At present, people’s education level have already been improved, and they are more focus and aware of environmental safeguard. That will help Tioman Island to hold its durability and get more supporting from their store.

Natural resources and environment destination turn into lesser in the world

Tourism market become more and more famous in the world, at the same moments, it also affects the quality of departure’s environment and degrade the natural resource. According to this, provides natural resources and environment as its attraction to tourist types of travel and leisure departure become lesser and lesser. Tioman Island is among the few Islands that has very good natural resource, it will be a chance provided for this island.


Shifting of economic

Even as knows that the economic is definitely plays extremely important roles in tourism market. Tourism industry mainly depend upon which economic, this referring to peoples’ income, country’s income as well as the input to get tourism develop and so on. Sometimes the economic situation in the world is definitely difficult to forecast and research. Example: if the Asian economic crisis happened in 1997, not necessarily only affect the Asian country’s economic, yet tourist industry got heavy hit likewise around Cookware area.


The unfortunate occurances belong to tourism industry will be disease, climate, the ton, the terrorism, the earthquake and so on. All of those will affect and influencethe tourism industry with large hitting. For example , the USA being unfaithful. 11 terrorisms bombing in year 2001 was not only hit it economic, however the tourism sector in UNITED STATES also was hit and affected quite definitely. Beside this kind of, the disease just like SARS, birds’ flu as well affects the develop of tourism market.

2 . Based upon the two content above, inside your opinion so why the task is turned down by the local residents and WWF ” Malaysia?

The Marina project in Timon is covering 12. 7ha, would have yacht-docking facilities intended for 36 vessels, a spend oil reception facility, an administration building, ship a lot and a public valuables jetty jutting 175m into the sea.

“This is a practice of all the beautiful island on the globe. Even in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, they have a marina there to manage yachting actions and it has not ruined the marine creatures there. 

“Everywhere more in the world, you will find typhoons and hurricanes which can make it dangerous for yachts. We are catastrophe free, helping to make the country the destination for worldwide yachts stated Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy.

Even though the project will benefit the local economic and associated with destination becomes more foreign, but it nonetheless reject by local resident s and WWF-Malaysia. The factors which may affect the authorities to decline the job are research as next:

Environmental Effect:

Tourism and the environment, if natural or man-made, happen to be inextricably connected. Indeed, with no attractive environment, tourism will not flourish and remain environmentally friendly in the long term. Marina job is based on Tioman Island that will bring a whole lot of adverse impacts to the island. The negative impacts on environment are demonstrate as listed below:

Damage to the marine life: The marina task covers 127, 000sq yards. It will incorporate a yacht marina and also a freight jetty that will extend 175 meters in to the sea. Nevertheless according to the exploration, the corals are just two meters through the surface of the water and later about five meters constitute the beach line which means in the event the project will certainly run it will eventually damage the corals which can be 300 years old.

Water pollution: The marina task include a shipment jetty which will would have yacht-docking facilities to get 36 private yachts, so inside the further more and more yacht and cargo will probably be park inside the cargo jetty but at the same time it will also associated with water infected by the motors. In Tioman Island, the multitude of beautiful angelfish contains the Blue-ring Angelfish and the larger Six-banded Angelfish; both are quite common right here but exceptional elsewhere in Malaysia. Image resolution, if the normal water has contaminated hardly, it will make these fish challenging to survive.

Socio-cultural Impact:

The marina project have employing huge number of capitals and the manpower required for this kind of subject would be the professional personnel. Among Tioman Island this kind of small island, it may have few and even do not have this required types of expertise. Many residents will loss their job, for example: the fish person may do not place for him doing some fishing and some other sellers may scarcely to sell their very own local product due to the lower tourist. Next to this, the noise will probably be create in case the marina project have carried out, natural environmental defiantly will be polluted and destroyed, the local people’s lifestyle and their profits will be impacted by marina job ” the project simply for few range of rich people in the world, match up against so many bad impacts, is this worth?

Since people sees that the objective and aim of the WWF society should be to protect these endangered kinds and those untamed places which can be so essential to man planet’s health insurance and survival. After conclude the research and examination from the effects in Tioman Island of Marina job, WWF-Malaysia fears and realize that if the riva project goes ahead, it will not only defyTioman’s status as being a nationally safeguarded marine recreation area, but could also be taken as a sign that marine playground protection in Malaysia is usually not to be taken seriously.

“It would be an absolute travesty to destroy the particular corals the government has pledged to protect,  stated WWF-Malaysia’s Executive Director Dato’ Dr Mikaail Kavanagh. “It would get rid of the natural treasures that are of huge value to Tioman’s tourism industry and would be bad for conservation and the neighborhood economy. 

So many adverse impacts to Tioman Island’s Environment and Social cultures bring simply by Marina job, after and comparison with all the benefit that marina project may produced, the Government features stopped this project and due to the assets and environment distortions and degraded, WWF has deny this flotta project purely too.

several. If you are the building handling the marina project, what part of surveys must be done first before some of the construction? Rationalize your answer.

The review stage in the planning process involves collecting data, the two quantitative and qualitative, on all relevant aspects of the tourism things to consider. This review activity must be carefully organized to be efficiently conducted and definitely will include field surveys of tourism sights, activities and services, and transportation and also other infrastructure; discussion posts with the relevant government representatives, private sector representatives, and community spokesmen, review of existing documents, maps and info, and any other means to obtain the details required. Often , an airborne overview study of the region or place is an excellent means of becoming geographically oriented and observing environmental relationships that is not always clear on the ground.

Intended for the flotta project, the surveys from local people and Malaysia travel development office should be done first before any activities. Construction can be show since following:

As a construction company controlling the Marina project, all those three areas must carried out stage by simply stage prior to actual development.

1 . Study for Environment

The Surrounding referring to natural resource just like climate, topography, coastal and marine areas, wildlife and vegetation etc. Let’s look at those natural environment in Tioman Island:

Climate. Climatic habits include rainfall, temperatures, humidity, extent of sunshine, fog, wind rates and directions, and the seasons variations of those factors. Climatic seasonality may be particularly features of consideration of power and consistency of weather hazards such as high gusts of wind and rainfall resulting of loss of existence and home damage should be recorded. Pulau Tioman is known as a diver’s paradise, it is very required to know which usually period is the foremost time for the diver to dive into the sea during a year.

Topography. Topography identifies the surface highlights of the property, particularly the terrain configuration and slope, such as flat, hilly and tremendous mountain areas, and the hydrograph of lacks, streams and esturine habitat.

Wildlife and Vegetation: Wildlife is suggested by type, extent, and general location. For most creatures, their environment range should be considered, not only their present location. In cases like this, Pulau Tioman is a destination for chickens, bats, lizard and Mouse button Deer. It is therefore very essential to know that is going to they provide any serious negative affects after the project was done. For example: after the cargo jetty was build, there will include a lot of cargo park in and out inside the jetty. But actually will the noises form the cargo’s hooter will serious disrupt the parrots that residing in that isle?

Coastal and Marina Areas: Coastal and marine qualities to be selected include types of coastline while using location and characteristics of beaches, saltwater, offshore islands identified and also underwater sea life of coralformations, fishes, and so forth

Concern Tioman Area is one of the best island around whole globe, the primarily and most important factor should be the natural environment and environment attraction in Tioman Isle. Base on those, the impact from Yacht club project pertaining to Environment of Tioman Island is very important. Prior to actual constrictions, State government need to think about: Will there be any corruption, distortions and degrade of the job and is this worth out-do the benefit that may made.

installment payments on your Survey for Social lifestyle and Economical

Secondly, is definitely the marina job acceptable by local people? Will marina job bring virtually any profit to the locals? Riva project ought to be bring positive impact more than the negatives affects towards the social lifestyle and at the same times, accomplish marina task should allows and helps bring about the financial develop with the Tioman Isle.


All in all, the studies of environment, social tradition and monetary area ought to and must be done before the genuine construction intended for Marina job. After the review, country and state government should think and analysis it, get summary or plan of action base around the survey, dumbbells and review the adverse and confident impacts, loss and profit, come out with the honest and correct decision with strong support reason.


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