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Matsushita and japan s changing traditions essay

1 . What were triggers of cultural difference in Japan during the 1990s? How is social change starting to affect traditional values in Japan? Ethnical change in The japanese during the 1990s has a handful of factors. One of them was the richer society. The society getting richer compared to the previous instances made the brand new generation feel that they had greater opportunities rather than being tied to a company for life and becoming a “salary-man. The western tradition was the big impact in this respect.

The laying off from older staff also made them believe loyalty into a company may not be reciprocated. Social change can be starting to affect the traditional values in The japanese. Values like strong group identification, testing obligations and loyalty to their company happen to be being absorbed by individualism and lack of loyalty. People don’t desire to be tied to a firm for life any longer.

2 . How might Japan’s changing culture influence the way Japan businesses run in the future? Exactly what the potential implications of this kind of changes pertaining to the Japanese economic climate? Japan’s changing culture is going to influence how Japanese businesses operate in the foreseeable future.

Companies might change their benefits and pay structure by traditional retirement living plan structure. They might allow employees to choose from different type of employment agreements where they can choose greater salary to forego firm housing, life-time employment guarantee, seniority benefits and retirement bonuses. The potential implications of such changes in the Japanese overall economy might be the rise of your dynamic staff with ambitious individuals who will be rational and logical in their thinking. This workforce can be the agent with the economic regarding Japan in the foreseeable future.

3. How did classic Japanese culture benefit Matsushita during the 1950s-1980s? Did classic values be a little more of a responsibility during the 1990s and early 2000s? How so? The traditional Japanese lifestyle helped Matsushita achieve their goals throughout the 1950s ” 1980s because in response to all the benefits Matsushita gave to its staff, the employees performed hard intended for the greater great of the firm. The employees received guaranteed life-time employment and so the employees hardly ever left the corporation. Matsushita took care of them coming from “cradle towards the grave simply by bestowing “blessings on staff. The traditional beliefs did turn into liability through the 1990s and early 2000s because the company faced financial crisis and its growth slowed down, but it really couldn’t place itsemployees off because of the life-time employment guarantee.

4. What is Matsushita trying to achieve with human resource changes it has announced? What are the impediments to successfully implementing these improvements? What are the implications intended for Matsushita in the event (a) the changes are made quickly or (b) it takes years or even many years to fully implement the changes? With all the human resource changes it has released, Matsushita is intending to achieve a younger workforce that is prompted with identity, initiative choosing and risk seeking. That wants its young managers to become realistic and rational, ambitious and aggressive, and at the same time to create a business that can execute their focused plans. One of the impediments to successfully putting into action these changes is the life time employment dedication, which kept Matsushita back from removing unnecessary administration staffs. Also, the existing managers are doing poorly for their old technique of doing points. Again, mainly because it cannot put workers off, it has to cut back on its employing and this can be triggered by slow development rate. Ramifications for Matsushita:

(a) In the event that changes are produced quickly, the corporation would have a dynamic labor force that would raise the growth rate. But that might lack the loyalty of its personnel, which is still an extremely strong power to keep the corporation going. (b) If Matsushita takes a lot of time, it might land back and become unable to better its staff. If aged employees tend not to way for new employees, the corporation will have a slower progress rate with an aging workforce. 5. What does the Matsushita case teach you about the relationship between social culture and business success? The Matsushita case teaches us that societal culture and business success are very closely related. This is because the culture inside the organization is a very important driver of the success of the claims and this tradition is molded and dependant on the existing lifestyle of the contemporary society.


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