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Napoleon bonaparte dbq essay

The values of the The french language Revolution had been “Equality, Liberty, and Fraternity, ” however the methods that were used to satisfy these goals were complicated. During the Rule of Terror, about 40, 000 people were guillotined because of Maximilien Robespierre. He thought that all “Liberty cannot be properly secured unless crooks lose their particular heads”. Napoleon Bonaparte, new hero, seized control of the federal government in England in 1799, he was seeking to bring serenity to the The french language people by ending the Revolution. With this to be performed, he had being in full control just like a monarch or possibly a dictator.

However , the French persons still wished to have some from the privileges that they had during the Revolution. Napoleon Bonaparte stabilized and united The french language society, yet supported the ideals of French Revolution.

Peace came to France with Napoleon’s good rule. Following making him self a consul for life, he re-established french monarchy, identifying himself Emperor Napoleon My spouse and i in 1804. He central French authorities by appointing new representatives, made tax collections more efficient, and create a National Lender.

He believed that he was picked by God to be in power and made others consider it through the Napoleon Catechism. It revealed the French people who Napoleon was blessed to find the throne. “…he whom The almighty had increased up beneath difficult instances to re-establish the public praise of the holy religion of the fathers and to be the protector of it” (Document 7).

Napoleon brought municipal rights returning to France through codes and treaties that talk about innovative ideals. The Napoleonic Code is an example. It recognized the equal rights of all individuals before the law, protected real estate rights, safeguarded employers by outlawing transact unions and strikes, and supported faith. Napoleon as well signed the Concordat of 1801 together with the Pope to reverse the dechristianization tries made throughout the “Republic of Virtue. ” Napoleon had not been a religious man, he realized that most people necessary to practice their faith. This made the Catholic Church an ally and in addition they retained the ability to nominate bishops, inturn, the Pope agreed to recognize the successes of the Revolution and to certainly not question the ownership in the land that had been distributed back then.

Napoleon desired to be the emperor of all of The european union. This could be foreseen in Jacques Louis David’s art work of Napoleon’s Crossing the Alps (Document 4), where he was pictured with electrical power, strength and an straightener fist. Having been a short person, but had an extremely huge ego. This individual controlled a solid army and conquered most of Europe. His empire was performed up of the Italian and German says, Spain, Western Russia (for a short quantity of time), and Switzerland. With all his power, he still would not mistreat the citizens with the newly conquered territories. This individual abolished se?orial rights as well as the internal operate barriers vacation with his Real Decree at Madrid in 1808. Napoleon’s concern for the inhabitants of Westphalia was portrayed in his notice to Jerome Napoleon in 1807: “I want your subjects to relish a higher amount of liberty, equality, and prosperity hitherto not known to the A language like german people” (Document 7).

Napoleon’s monarch guidelines stabilized and unified People from france society, as well as supported some of the ideals in the French Innovation but , Napoleon considered him self friendless and Count Skin mole perceived the thought behind Napoleon’s actions as “nothing nevertheless his very own gratification, of magnifying him self and his electric power without limit and without rest” (Document 2). The middle category, who had battled a weakling revolution to get rid of absolute rulers, tolerate Napoleon’s ways. With Napoleon in control their values and privileges were secure, they would recognized more his policies and given up some of their basic civil rights.

Napoleon Bonaparte, 1769-1821, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Napoleon_I_of_France(October 2008)

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