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Online and phone based counselling essay

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Cyber Counseling

The emergence and improvement of laptop or home pc technology provides revolutionized and forever transformed the way that normal everyday people live their particular lives. Pretty much no corner of culture and traditions in the United States and also other industrialized countries around the world has been spared. Among the parts of life that have evolved and transformed due to this ethnical and social shift may be the world of counseling and psychology. While the regular tradition have been to do in-office visits for such solutions, there has been a more recent move towards the make use of tele-counseling and cyber therapies. There are many that declare such mediums are impersonal and inferior to classical in-office meetings. However , this is certainly really incorrect as cyber counseling and tele-counseling can actually expand the depth and breadth of what companies can be rendered, to whom they can be rendered plus the efficacy found with all of the above. While it requires a licensed, trained and qualified facilitator, cyber-counseling and tele-conferencing can be as effective, if not more so in some situations, than traditional guidance arrangements and efforts.


Definition of Web Counseling

The definition of web counseling is definitely pretty much the result of the words that comprise the term. Naturally , the traditional way of providing therapies is every time a patient and provider meet at an agreed-upon location, usually an office position used by the counselor or psychologist that may be doing the service. In comparison, cyber guidance occurs when the patient and the supplier are in two several locations, whether it is in the same city or on the other side worldwide, and they make use of online-based strategies to communicate including video talk, instant messengers or email. There is also the use of tele-conferencing and video-conferencing using various equipment. In a nutshell, counseling has developed in that in-person one-on-one sessions are not often required to set up and maintain a counseling romance (Fang ainsi que al., 2013).

Creation of Cyber Counseling

While cyber-counseling and tele-counseling are certainly still not really brand new, there is an absolute development and style to its emergence in the psychology and counseling area. For example , research by Johnson (2014) proposes a framework that should be used by Canadian specialists (Johnson, 2014). One of the major factors for the creation of cyber-counseling options is that you will find the ability to support many more people with less overall resources and headcount to serve all of them. One example of this in practice was found with college counselling centers, or perhaps CCC’s. Quite often, the service provider to scholar ratio in these centers is staggering. Indeed, it is common to get a single counselor for every one particular, 600 college students. The use of cyber-based solutions allows for more visitors to be helped without overloading the limited staff which can be on hand at any given time (Levin, Pistorello, Hayes, Seeley Levin, 2015). When web counseling was in more of a nascent stage, one of the methods that was used to shape and perfect it was the use of pilot courses. One of the downsides to such a fresh paradigm is that the proper criteria and ways to do things will be either totally brand new or perhaps, at the very least, never have been fully figured out right now (Mishna, Tufford, Cook Bogo, 2013).

Make use of Cyber Counseling Today

One of the primary reasons that cyber therapies is becoming increasingly more prominent is because online presence and connection is elevating in general. As a result, it stands to reason that the counseling/psychology field could and might ride that proverbial trend when it is suitable and applicable for a provided situation. Without a doubt, the options are quite varied because there is text-based, stand-alone and computer-mediated connection (CMC). Instances of CMC consist of email, text messaging, blogging and instant messaging. Naturally , psychology and counseling is dictated and regulated by simply certain values and guidelines and thus a lot of online means are not moral or even legal due to problems about privateness and the like. However, the more and more online characteristics of everyday contemporary society has allowed cyber-counseling to be a reasonable and convenient option for people in need of assistance in an more and more digital globe (Okdie, Guadagno, Petrova Shreves, 2013).

Positive aspects


With regards to psychology and counseling on the whole, one issue is confidentiality. The great thing about web counseling and tele-conferencing would be that the precise equipment used may be tailored based on the confidentiality that is required or necessary for the situation. For example , something that is less serious can be administering utilizing a microphone. Alternatively, something that is far more sensitive just like addiction or abuse can be done on the phone. The latter can make it much harder to overhear and spy in for the conversation. Keeping counseling even more discreet and can make it easier to help people open up and promote about their thoughts and problems (Johnson, 2014).


One of the huge upsides to tele-counseling and on the web counseling generally is the convenience, flexibility and continuity that may be allowed for when compared to requiring in-office visits. This is usually a huge as well as for people which can be rushed for time, will be disabled and need a fast response. Making the effort to travel to and from the provider’s position can diminish the productivity and period that can be invested in assisting the individual. As such, an internet or phone-based option is a huge asset in numerous situations. Similarly, follow-up and post-treatment procedures are much much easier to accomplish providing the patient remains to be engaged in all their treatment and post-treatment activities and plans (Johnson, 2014).


A few of the beauties of online counseling work is the fact that the pacing and handling of the periods are much more modernized and easy to track. To get examples, classes can easily be recorded and the speed of any sessions can be done at the pace that is wanted based on the agreement and arrangement from the people included. The improved accessibility intended for the individuals makes this quite easy. Individuals with physical disabilities or different issues that could cause a reluctance or a problem getting help (e. g. agoraphobia, people in rural areas, etc . ) are more prone to embrace this kind of medium which makes organizing sessions and documenting precisely the same very easy (Mishna, Tufford, Prepare food Bogo, 2013).


Internet Predators

Right off the top, one of many challenges that exists in terms of cyber-counseling and so on is that the same medium also makes it better to victimize persons online. Whether it be stalking, online aggression generally and other criminal activity or at least unlucky activities, the internet can be challenging, scary and full of deceptive behavior to put it casually. Young people in particular tend to become the most venom-filled and they also usually be one of the most commonly made their victim (Runions, Shapka, Dooley Modecki, 2013).


However , this flexibility comes with a necessity that psychologists and counselors have a “tele-presence” as they do their job. Mentioned previously by Manley, tele-presence is definitely the “ability of the psychologist to interact the client with communications which have been warm, easy, emotionally participating, supportive, empathic, nonjudgmental and reassuring and also to avoid broken conversations or perhaps communications which can be too simple (Johnson, 2014). All of these skills and needs for folks engaging in online and/or telephone-based interventions are using the standards and best practices that have been established through pilot applications and research done in the past in the earlier times of cyber-counseling (Mishna, Tufford, Prepare food Bogo, 2013).


Naturally , there is a price associated with counselling and this would not go away if the care can be delivered with the phone or line. As the ease of getting the sessions done is much higher, there is products and internet costs associated with providing care plus the proper environment for the provider must be created, if that be a home office or perhaps an office within a commercial building. One can make the argument which the compensation costs should be the same since the proper care is still staying delivered and some say the ease of deliver will need to lead to significantly less cost. Total, the individuals and consultants should be paid out fairly intended for the services that they can deliver. Even more, the counselors need to follow the rules and use the most common-sense yet allowable form of counseling. Since noted somewhere else in this statement, there are privacy concerns included and some of those (e. g. HIPAA) have legal outcome. However , a number of the burden connected with privacy alterations to the affected person since the service provider does not control the environment on the other hand of the net or phone connection (Lemma Fonagy, 2013).


Existing Research

As noted before in this statement, the signs of improvement that have been produced and enabled by the change to a digital and online culture has become counteracted and attacked by those that are employing these mediums for contrary efforts. In short, just as the social and cultural developments of our lives today will be influencing therapies

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