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Specific ems communications problems at hajj

Communication Limitations, First Aid, Social Competency, Saudi Arabia

Excerpt coming from Capstone Job:

Hajj is the major gathering on the globe, attracting countless Muslims each year. As the Muslim community worldwide increases to more than one billion, the number of pilgrims to Makkah (Mecca) as well grows. This year, there were a lot more than 3. your five million women and men in attendance but these numbers are expected to rise to as many as 10 million by the season 2020 (D’Alessandro, Edd Ing Mubarek, 2013). The mass gathering gives a number of concerns for EMS professionals, by acute traumas related to audience swells for the spread of infectious illnesses to heart arrests. Effective communication is crucial for the success of all EMS efforts in the annual Hajj pilgrimage.

As the number of pilgrims increase every year, and as the area infrastructure changes in response to the people increases, EMS professionals deal with ongoing problems related to interaction. These issues can be loosely grouped into five groups including dialect and ethnic barriers, inter-agency communication restrictions, intra-agency conversation constraints, technology challenges, and in addition challenges relevant to public relations, public education, as well as the media. These individual issues presents particular opportunities pertaining to the EMS community, to get primary stakeholders in Arab saudi, and for almost all participating agencies around the world. However some of the communication-related problems seem to be overwhelming in light of the amount of individuals in the Hajj or because of the involvement of multiple organizations and gov departments, such difficulties can be defeat effectively through concerted, collaborative effort and cooperation. This kind of report will certainly explain the particular communications difficulties faced simply by EMS experts and EMS leaders and then provide a set of cohesive evidence-based solutions.

Background and Literature Assessment

Language and Cultural Difficulties

The majority of pilgrims to Makkah are not from Saudi Arabia, nevertheless from nearly 180 other countries (Memish, 2013). The diversity in the Muslim community is the core features. The annual pilgrimage can be “the many internationally, ethnically, demographically and clinically different assembly today, ” and certain in the history of humanity (Memish, 2013). To compliment the requirements of this different body of pilgrims, EMS and their ancillary organizations need to pay close focus on how to ideal communicate across linguistic and cultural restrictions. Language boundaries are only some of the many potential obstacles to effective EMS delivery of care and services. Awareness of medical, views on overall health, and perceptions toward guidelines, regulations, and authority will all change from culture to culture and person to person. Consequently , EMS organizers and frontrunners need to develop effective techniques of minimizing misunderstandings and making the most of the quality of all services provided, in a culturally skilled framework.

A number of the language obstacles have already been resolved by “custom-designed picture ebooks… used to support pilgrims connect condition, position, and seriousness of an condition or personal injury, ” (D’Alessandro, Edd Approach Mubarak, 2013, p. 56). Signs and all other related materials can help pilgrims prevent traumas and mishaps before they occur. Social barriers to communication may be even more hitting than vocabulary barriers. Challenges such as neglecting treatment, certainly not trusting the doctors, finding the use of classic healers, needing the insight of loved ones will all inhibit the actions of EMS staff wishing to value the ethnical norms and values in the people that they treat although still providing immediate and effective medical treatments and concours. Similarly, body gestures and especially human body contact among male and feminine may be difficult for some sincere pilgrims with cultural rules related to cross-gender touching (Dees, 2007).

Inter-Agency Communication

Unexpected emergency responders in Saudi Arabia usually do not operate under one umbrella. Rather, EMS personnel might fall under the auspices of several different organizations including the Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of the Room (which is uniquely accountable for most general Hajj operations), the Ministry of Hajj Affairs, the Civil Security Department, the National Police Department, the Saudi Reddish Crescent Power, the Ministry of Well being, and the Countrywide Guard (D’Alessandro, Edd Ing Mubarak, 2013). International companies may also present some EMS personnel. With the many different company players, interaction problems are sure to arise. In addition, the Hajj does not only take place in Makkah, but also in Ganga, Musdelapha, and Arafat. Each region features municipal leaders and protocols. Some of these regions are subdivided for managing purposes. Makkah in particular is definitely subdivided in the Grand Mosque sector as well as the surrounding circle (D’Alessandro, Edd Al Mubarak, 2013).

EMS also need to interact with local police and open fire departments, which in turn need to connect effectively with one another. To efficiently coordinate EMS services during Hajj, the government of Saudi Arabia has marketed the development of both equally permanent and temporary healthcare facilities which includes their support staff and materials (Eltahair, 2000). Continue to, there are interaction barriers related to chains of command and protocols with regards to mass traumas resulting in the need for triage. Recognition of specific ailments and also other assessment concerns may need to become accomplished by certain medical staff, whereas addressing infrastructure-related problems might fall season to another office. Effective conversation and coordination entails part clarity and a dedicated staff of planners.

Intra-Agency Conversation

Within every single agency, stream of interaction will identify effectiveness from the response. For instance , the medical director and EMS responders need to preserve an open two-way flow of communication to ensure that services being delivered promptly. Intra-agency connection may also be related to human resources management. Because Alanazi (2012) points out, variability in staff training needs to be documented in a way that allows medical directors to allocate skilled staff to appropriate response venues. Gear training and backgrounds of responders might also complicate things because of different methods learned for triage and acute treatment affluence like first-aid. The diversity of medical concerns confronted at Hajj will also present challenges with each agency involved in EMS. Some teams should address infectious diseases, others may need to addresses acute accidents, while others could possibly be working with issues related to warmth stroke (Gowa, et al., 2015). The wide range of issues that can confront EMS personnel simultaneously needs conscientious conversation and position clarity.

Conversation between responders and medical center staff as well presents particular challenges. Hospitals might become temporarily beyond capacity, requiring the use of secondary support systems and ambulatory medical treatment centers. Clubs of paramedic, physicians, and EMTs will be working together, some from countries outside of Arab saudi. Other problems include the interaction logistics relevant to medical materials such as inventory management and delivery strategies.


Communications technologies may enhance the responsiveness of EMS personnel with the hajj. Some possible obstacles to the setup of technology include the use of too many diverse devices or perhaps operating systems. Inter-agency and intra-agency communications dexterity should include a commitment to refining the technologies utilized so that all responders are on the same systems using related hardware and software. Geo-location can help EMS personnel act in response more rapidly and minimize needless deaths. Also, geo-location solutions can help ambulance drivers be familiar with fastest ways to the hurt or damaged parties. Distinct systems of transport such as Mobile Control Center vehicles, specialized stretchers, and specific motorcycles to get access to stronger areas offer different providers depending on the scenario. If workers are insufficiently trained in how you can navigate the pathways and roads during hajj, concerns might come up. D’Alessandro, Edd Al Mubarak (2013) likewise draw attention to the use of infrared and satellite tv technologies to aid responders.

Currently, there is a special 3-digit phone number active only during Hajj season and which any person can gain access to (D’Alessandro, Edd Al Mubarak, 2013). The support staff at hostipal wards need to know using these marketing communications technologies and to effectively and accurately permit responders understand their current hospital capability, such as readily available beds, doctors, and medical equipment. Furthermore, technology ought to be used for strategies and supply delivery systems prior to and during the hajj pilgrimage.

Public Relations

One of the biggest communications difficulties during hajj is communication with the open public before and through hajj. Pre-arrival communications could be instrumental pertaining to preventative actions. A more determined effort at educating the public about potential dangers and how to minimize risk and car accident will help in the future. With so numerous countries and agencies linked to planning hajj, it may be difficult to develop a cohesive public relations technique. Skilled marketing communications and pr consultants will help to minimize these types of problems. The media could also be used as a highly effective information diffusion tool, and will participate by publishing courses to hajj safety. Social media can offer pilgrims updates and current information about risks. Relationships with foreign organizations can assist improve pr during hajj.

Conceptual Model

The conceptual model intended for improving EMS communications during hajj is going to respond to each one of the five problems outlined from this report which include language and cultural expertise, inter-agency sales and marketing communications, intra-agency marketing and sales communications, technologies, and public relations. Increasing EMS will involve an related and interdependent network of communications, by which technology can be used to facilitate interactions between all stakeholders. Multiple organizations involved in EMS delivery is going to respond to process related to their particular areas of specialization to minimize concerns related to bureaucratic

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