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Stanley his character essay


In the enjoy, A Streetcar Named Desire, author Tennessee Williams does a wonderful work developing the character of Stanley Kowalski. To my opinion, his personality

seemed potential that of a true person. On the other hand, Stella, Stanleys wife, is mainly displayed being the loving type, and because that may be basically the just character feature she exhibits, it is difficult to truly understand her as a person. The character of Stanley Kowalski is developed much such as a real person, having many personality traits. One characteristic of Stanley can be his disrespect and rudeness towards Blanche, Stellas sis. It is very apparent that Stanley does not care to get Blanche. Scene eight mentions Blanches birthday party, and remarkably, she will get a gift by Stanley. This gift, nevertheless , is not only one that most people would love. Blanche is extremely surprised to have a gift coming from Stanley, and as she clears it states, Why, why-Why, its a- (Williams 111). This is the 1st indication that there is something the situation. Because Blanche cant complete her word, Stanley lets

everyone know that its a Ticket! Back in Laurel! On the Greyhound! Thursday! (Williams 111). Blanche certainly couldnt surface finish her sentence because the lady was insulted that her birthday present intended that the lady was not everyone should be open by Stanley. Even Stella knew just how rude and cruel Stanley had served towards Blanche. Stella let us Stanley find out, You neednt have been thus cruel (Williams 111). In scene eight, Stanley says to Blanche, Take a look at yourself in that damaged

Mardi Gras outfit, hired for 50 cents coming from some rag-picker! And with the crazy crown in! What queen do you think you are? (Williams 127). This quote implies that Blanches physical appearance has also been insulted and put straight down by Stanley. Although Stanley may not just like Blanche, and could be inappropriate toward her, he

still has a very caring and nurturing side. A really apparent personality trait of Stanley is his appreciate for his wife, Stella artois lager. In landscape two, Stella and Stanley notice each of the very nice items that Blanche has in her

trunk area. For Blanche being a poor girl, Stanley knows that she shouldnt possess so many great things. Stanley expresses his concern to Stella as he says, As if you have been swindled, baby (Williams 35). This demonstrates that Stanley only wants to get Stella what she should get, and if Blanche is not really sharing what money is usually

also Stellas, then it problems him. Normand Berlin, writer of Complementarity in A Streetcar Named Desire also agrees that Stanley is much in love to get Stella. He states that Stanley, him self a garish sun, promises Stella, the star (100). As much as Stanley loves and cares for Stella artois lager, he has a tendency to act the other method, not so adoring. The aggressiveness of Stanley is probably his most noticeable character trait expressed through the enjoy. One may not think that a straightforward game of poker with the boys may turn so violent if a couple ladies walk in the room. Stanleys holdem poker game must be very important to him in order for him to lose complete control and get physical with Stella artois lager. At the start of his attaque, the various other men playing poker try to calm him down, Sit back, Stanley. Easy fellow (Williams 57). However , Stanley does not listen, and in turn causes Stella to endanger Stanley since her individual defense, by simply saying, You lay your hands on me and Ill- (Williams 57). Stanleys anger is now out of control. While nobody can see what’s going on with Stanley and Stella artois lager, the stage direction mentions There is the audio of a strike. Stella cries out (Williams 57). Stanley is not only aggressive with Stella artois lager, but Blanche as well. In scene 10, Stanley and Blanche enter into a quarrel. Blanche fails a jar and poises Stanley simply by saying, So I

could distort the damaged end in the face! (Williams 130). Stanleys power is much more than that of Blanche, and therefore was able to grab her wrist and

cause her to drop the bottle. While all of this is taking place, Stanley says, Oh! So that you want a lot of rough-house! All right, lets have some rough-house! (Williams 130). This evidence details directly toward the fact that Stanley is definitely a aggressive person. Through out the play, Tennessee Williams will do a great job keeping the reader asking yourself the character of Stanley Kowalski. As a whole personality, Stanley may not be described with one personality trait. In A Theater Divided: The Postwar American Level, Martin Gottfried also stocks and shares that Stanley has many personality traits. Gottfried states, He could be brutal and stupid, operating almost entirely on pet reflex, although his energy is the energy of lifestyle and his love for Stella artois lager is complete and true (252). He’s, in my mind, the most developed character to represent a true person.


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