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Multi-Step Synthesis of Benzilic Acid from Benzoin Abstract: The key purpose of this kind of experiment was going to convert the second alcohol to a ketone, utilizing a mild and selective oxidizing agent. In addition , this transformed alpha diketone was then simply subjected to rearrangement to a carboxylate salt, ... Read more

How temp is able to influence chemical reaction s

Reaction Exploration Question: How can temperature affect the rate of chemical reaction between Calcium Carbonate and Hydrochloric Acid? Hypothesis: If temperature improves then the price of reaction between the reactants will increase because the molecules can gain more kinetic strength and produce it better to overcome the activation strength. Self-employed ... Read more

Alcohol placebos

Alcohol, Placebo Effect Alcohol placebos can affect people’s social behaviors, but are not able to account for nonsocial ones. During this experiment, themes are analyzed through the misconception that they are alcohol consumption, when it is without a doubt just plain tonic water. Assefi and Garry analyze the result of ... Read more

Asch 1956 conformity this was a study of

Asch (1956) ” Conformity This was research of notion. Image yourself as a participator. Assume that you are sitting at a table with six other students. The task is very simple: you are proven three lines on a credit card and you need to select the line that matches a ... Read more

Aldol synthesis of dibenzalacetone dissertation

The goal of this experiment was to synthesize dibenzalacetone by formol synthesis. The name ‘Aldol synthesis’ was taken from the text ‘aldehyde and alcohol’. The reason is , the product of this reaction consists of both a great aldehyde and alcohol. The carbon-carbon bond-forming reaction is known as aldol addition. ... Read more
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