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The effects of multimedia violence on children


About April twenty 1999 two boys by the names of Dylan Klebold and

Joshua Harris walked into their Secondary school in the very little town of Colombine The state of colorado

and exposed fire issues fellow classmates. Some state it was the fogeys others declare

just genuine teen teenage years, I say it had been the press.

In the 1950s Tv set was first brought to America, simply

ten percent with the families owned a one television set in their residence, by 1960 that

amount increased into a mere 90% of the people owning a TV SET, but now a whopping

99% of homes in our region own a TV. 54% of chidren have one main in their personal

Television is now so much of a part of will be existense that it

is almost impossible to assume life devoid of it. We all like TV.

We cant help

yourself. But the query is what is TV doing to us?, and how much is a lot of?

Children start to react to tv at a very early age, research

show that by the age of three, 95% of children will certainly imitate an individual on TV as they

would a real live person, and children between the age range of 6 and eight believe that

almost all of what they observe on television applies life.

Kids learn more about existence through the press than any kind of

other subject. It is said the average kid, from the age groups of 3 to twelve will certainly

watch at least 28 several hours of TELEVISION a week, which means children take more time in

front of the so-called Boob Pipe then they perform in the classroom. Can make them

incredibly vulnerable to the results that tv causes.

The standard child is going to witness over 200, 1000 thousand works of

physical violence on television including 16, 000 acts of murder in his lifetime.

Violence inside the

media potential clients many children to become extremely aggressive, simply by watching aggresson

how to become aggressive, and they also believe if they act out within a certain

method of aggression they may get compensated for it, since they just saw their particular

favorite toon knock a few guy out for a bag of candies. Watching the violence that

does embark on in the media, not only causes children to behave out to others but

also causes them to be beleive that other childeren acting out aggressively is definitely alright. But

can you anticipate when the number of violent works increases via 3-5 acts during

perfect time several hours to 20-25 different serves of physical violence on Sat morning.

The greater violence you start to take in in a young age group the more

you would like to see as you may get older. Violence is like a drug, it starts out within a harmfull

manner, but boosts as time goes on. Children might start out watching a very

small amount of violence on TV such as they see a cartoon charecter hit their particular friend

within the head, that they can will most likely copy and as times goes on they may

become more bold in their serves.

Take Walt Disneys movie The Program pertaining to

example. In one part of this film it it features three young men lying down in the

core highway subterfuge cars, although after this video was released, naturally

three young men attempted to imitate the scene, all three were murdered. Another motion picture that

has been closely imitated is Interview with a Goule. The story which goes along

with this movie is that a young man required his time out to find this movie, after the

film ended he killed her and sucked her bloodstream. A animation such as Beavis and

Butthead also has afflicted the way children react to what they see on TV. A five

year old son had just finished watching the event in which they may be playing with

fire, the next thing you know his residence has been burned up down fantastic sister has


These are just a very few samples of what the media has triggered children to

Too much TV SET fo kids also triggers many other concerns.

Studies claim that children who also watch even more then others have high risk of the

use of tobacco, alchohol and a younger start sexual activity. It could.

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