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Why you should go to serbia


Serbia is located in the continent of Europe. Should you be travelling from London, an immediate flight to Belgrade will take you 2 hours and 20 mins. And if you are caused by Washington POWER, the nonstop flight could take around 9 several hours and 55 minutes.

Covering 87, 460 Km2 of land, Serbia is definitely the 118th largest country in terms of land location. And by inhabitants, Serbia is in 97 in the world with 8, 759, 317 people. Their capital alone, Belgrade, has over 1 ) 2 , 000, 000 residents.


Serbia’s weather is considered as a warm-humid continental or perhaps humid semitropical. The climate in the northern part is classified because continental, mainly because it has cool winters, and hot, moist summers. For the southern portion of the country, winter seasons are pretty cold with temperatures around 0 C or thirty-two F. And during summer, which can be relatively more dry, the heat goes 31 C or 86 F.

When should you go:

The best times of the entire year to visit Siberia is through the months of June to August. These are generally the times of festivals, get togethers, nature, and beach stumbling. Mountains happen to be beautiful in summer, of course, if you are into nature tripping, these weeks are the ideal the perfect time to go.

The famous Get out of Festival, plus the Dragačevo Brass Festival in Guča happen to be famous fests that happen during summer season. Both are visited by vacationers and local people alike, with over half a million people coming from all over the world. Something which anyone should not miss.

Famous and emblematic elements:

Slivovitza ” Slivovitza is actually a national make of brandy in Siberia. Brandy, or rakija, is usually made by families around Siberia. Handmade and real, this quite strong spirit that contains more than 40% of alcoholic beverages, is famous because of its strength that’s why a lot of visitors will be curious to try out a shot of Siberian’s national drink.

Paprika ” The word paprika originated from the phrase “papar” the industry Serbian dark pepper. And we all know that paprika is utilized all over the world. Paprika in Serbia is the fresh vegetable pepper, while consist of parts of the earth, it is the crimson powdered chili pepper liven.

Pirot Kilim ” Siberia is likewise popular because of their Pirot Kilim, or weaved rugs. The Siberian custom of square area rug weaving dates back ever since the Middle Ages. And the city of Pirot is one of the many popular places where you can get a woven rug.

Exit Festival ” Quit Festival is a fantastic music festivity in Siberia. Over five hundred thousand of travelers visit Siberia to attend this festival yearly. This is a celebration of music and its various makes like hip-hop, rock, alternative and many more. Actually, the Exit, founded in 2000, is actually a student started movement which will aimed to guard democracy and freedom in Serbia plus the Balkans.

Slava ” Slava, or perhaps “celebration”, is known as a tradition in Serbian Orthodox Christian. It is an annual special event where the whole family add up in the house in the patriarch to glorify their patron saint. In The fall of 2014, Slava was added in UNESCO Intangible Ethnical Heritage Lists.

There are countless other enchanting things in Serbia, yet we need to continue.

The best


Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and the most populated location in the country. Belgrade is considered to be a beautiful destination abundant with arts, background, and culture. There are lot of great sites within the town that are best if you are longing for memorable encounters and social networking worthy photos!

Church of Saint Sava. The Cathedral of the St Sava is among the destinations looked by many tourists going to Serbia. It can be one of the greatest churches in the world. Located in Vracar plateau, the church was built being a dedication for the founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Heureux Sava.

National Set up. If you are looking to know more about the history of Serbia, the National Assemblage is the ultimate solution for you to. This is the place where the history of Serbia was created. It is the main location where important decisions for Serbia, Belgrade, and the people are built. If you want to be part of Serbia’s modern background, pay this beautiful building a visit.

Belgrade’s Museum of Contemporary Art. The Museum of recent Art has just reopened previous October 20, 2017 after going through an important reconstruction. It houses functions in modern day art offering the arts of Yugoslavia and Serbia. If you wish to awed by one of the city’s modern day architecture, then the museum is obviously worth browsing.

Republic Square. The Republic Sq or the Sq of the Republic is the central town as well as the main assemblage point intended for visitors and locals equally. It is also the house of the Knez Mihailo monument, the Armed service House, Nationwide Museum, National Theater, and also other cultural companies. The area also provides fast food and pizza stands, so beneath the thick starve while you tour around the Republic Rectangular.

The Belgrade Castle. If you decide to go to the Belgrade Fortress, make sure to spend a couple of hours for you to fully benefit from the enormous site. It is the home of the Victor of Kalemegdan monument, referred to as city’s most historic landmark, and the Kalemegdan Towers, a popular area among travelers.

Belgrade Clubs. If you want to have an amazing nighttime and the best nightlife in your life, then the Belgrade Clubs is a destination you should not like to miss. According to most vacationers, the night clubs are Belgrade’s biggest fascination. The Dragstor Play (electro-house music), Hua Hua (National Live music), and Don’t Miss Hot Chaos Club are just a few of the get together clubs you can visit.

Skadarlija Street. The Skadarlija Road is known to always be the Bohemaian quarter of Belgrade. At the rear of the Belgrade Fortress, the Skadarlija Street is the second most visited interest by visitors.

Novi Sad

Lurking behind Belgrade, Novi Sad is definitely the second most populated metropolis in Serbia. It is the capital of the autonomous region of Vojvodina in Northern Serbia. Novi Unfortunate is well-liked for its exceptional and wealthy culture.

Dunavksa Avenue. The Dunavska Street in Novi Sad is famous for it is romantic façade, rustic street lights, and colorful accessories. Located in the middle of the city, the street is definitely nestled among Zmaj Jovina Street and Belgrade Quay or the Danube. If you want to incorporate that intimate vibe within your trip, then simply this fairytale-like street may be the perfect location to bring your special someone to.

Petrovaradin Fortress. The Petrovaradin Fortress is where the renowned Exit Event is held each year. They said that it is better to do a walking tour as you visit this place, so that you can fully appreciate the beauty and history of the Petrovaradin Castle.

Fruska Gora National Park. Reported as a nationwide park in 1960 and referred to as the Jewel of Serbia, Fruska Gora gives nature, scenery, and gorgeous countryside. This scenic hill is located in North Srem of course a destination you would not need to miss visiting.

The beauty of Serbia can’t be deducted just by both of these cities. They can be just a glimpse of the elegance of the country.


In Serbia, the top and cheapest choice to move from one destination to a new is the coach. Daily buses from Belgrade and Novi Sad can be obtained to move within and among towns and villages. Solution reservations can be done depending on the bus station. For a few routes, you are able to acquire tickets through getbybus. com. Other areas to buy seat tickets is through ticket office buildings or for the bus alone.

Additionally, you will need to have the “Bus Plus” card. You can purchase the card pertaining to 250RSD by any kiosks located surrounding the city, and tell the teller simply how much you would like to load it with. There are also conventional paper cards, expense around 40RSD.

As you board the bus, you will need to tap the against the audience to validate your ride repayment. They stick to “pay-as-you-go” system.

Trams and trolleybuses are also obtainable as mode of transfer. Unbelievably, using taxis in Serbia is less expensive compared to most Western metropolitan areas. But stay away from taking a taxi from the taxi cab stands specially in major holiday sites. There is a chance that they can charge more than usual. Hailing a transferring taxi is known as a better alternate.

Travel in Serbia does not have the most current systems but it has significantly improved through the years. That being said, you may be assured that it can, and always, get the job done.


Serbian food is actually a fusion of oriental, central European, and local Balkan cuisines. Given all the influences, you can anticipate awesome and tasty choice of meals.

Some curious things:

Serbians are large fast-food predators. They go for grilled items for lunch, and pastry for other dishes.

Large, calorie-rich food items are always in Serbian menu. Meat, pastry, and fresh vegetables are mainstays in Serbian cuisines.

Ćevapi, or perhaps Cevapcici, is one of the most typical Serbian food. There might be a lot of versions in the dish, although actually, cevapi is barbequed dish of minced meats. They normally serve that in a flatbread, or often known as lepinja or somun, with chopped onions on the side and Kajmak. Kajmak is another classic dish in Serbia.

Even during breakfast, Siberians serve a chock-full of meat and potatoes.

There are various other food items Serbia is well-known for: Kajmak, KaraÄ‘orÄ‘eva Å¡nicla, Sarma or cabbage comes, Serbian Musaka, Ajvar, amongst others. These foods are possibly meat or vegetables ” which are the two most common materials in Serbian cuisines.


The currency in Siberia can be Siberian Dinar. One American dollar is the same as 102. 06 Serbian Dinar. Most visitors say that Serbia one of the most inexpensive destinations than any other Western countries.

How much will a trip to Serbia price?

On a low-budget plan, adding the transportation, less expensive holiday accommodation, and common amount of food splurging, you can go through the best of Serbia with $400-450.

If you need to save a bit money on the trip, check out some tips:

Best option for vehicles in Serbia is by coach. You wouldn’t be spending much more than $12 to get a ride. The values from other cities and villages play around this range.

Hostels and dorms are cheap choices for spots to stay in Serbia. But you can consider couch surfing and opting for Airbnb just to save more in accommodation expense.

Almost all of the trips, such as the best sites are free. So that you just need to strategy your trip very well, so you can use this00 perk.

Travel just like a local. For best advices in order to save, don’t hesitate to ask a nearby as to wherever they go.

Some standard tips:

Even though Serbia can be visited with a lot of vacationers, transactions inside the country typically rely on cash. Credit cards happen to be accepted in big restaurants and some other merchants, it is advisable to always provide enough cash.

Serbians speak and understand British very well, specially in bigger cities. So do not afraid approach the locals.

Serbia telecommunication corporations offer various mobile and internet options. If you are not able to activate the roaming solutions, you can choose among Telenor, TS, and VIP pertaining to communication services. And Orion for the internet.

Do not try this in Serbia:

Do not speak about the warfare. It is improper to make this a topic to get discussion. You could just imagine the unbearable amount of trauma the battle left the Siberians. When a local helped bring it up, merely listen, but do not brief review.

In a similar way as bringing up wars, stay away from mentioning the word “Kosovo”. You don’t want to get in an intense debate with a neighborhood regarding this.

Don’t forget to say “cheers” and generate a toast. It is a Siberian etiquette to state “cheers” ahead of draining down a shot.

Do not forget to take your sneakers off at the time you enter someone else’s home. In Siberia, it is rude to a residence with soiled shoes. You are able to leave them by the door.

Do not say anything unfavorable about Novak Djokovic. In some cities in Siberia, Novak is considered a hero. You might end up in a fight should you.

Unusual things in Siberia:

Siberians believe that seated on the nook of a table will bring you bad luck and you might end up being by itself forever.

If you are in a hot business and locals refuse to wide open the windows, it is most likely because they think it might request the dreadful promaja, also called draft, to. Promajas are believed to trigger illnesses or perhaps death.

Siberians believe leaving the purse or bag on the floor might cause one to lose your entire money and end up poor.

To be part of The ussr, the simply no smoking bar also can be applied in Siberia.

Using these being said, it is just fitting to include Siberia on your bucket list. It is definitely worth browsing, given the rich culture and record, the scrumptious food, as well as the great people.

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