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How to start an essay: a simple algorithm

Before you begin an essay, it’s crucial to make an outline of what you will illustrate to the readers. It will help you to stay organized. Keep reading our review to find out in detail how to start an essay.

  • Choose a topic and several probable titles;
  • Work out a thesis (a key point you are going to illustrate);
  • Make a solid structure, including an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Well, you have a suitable topic at hand. So, it’s high time to start your essay. Don’t rush to create an introduction from the very beginning.

It’s because working on the body first seems more rational. It’s because with a finished body at hand you’ll have a good grasp of the content as well as supporting facts. Thus, you’ll create a catchy introduction strengthening your arguments and absorbing the interest of the audience to your writing.

An introduction section: how to start

If you really want to learn how to start an essay, let’s get down to an introduction – the very first section. It actually does more than merely introduce a writing work. It’s expected to attract the attention of the audience and prepares the framework for an argument.

A solid introduction is bound to make the first impression the importance of which can’t be understated. It’s apparent that an introduction stuffed with errors and disorganized information can hardly make anybody want to keep reading the paper.

By the way, the major goal of the introduction isn’t narrowed to absorbing the audience. It should also present the author’s point of view on the subject. Before coming up with a thesis statement, you require offering a catchy hook to lure the audience into further reading. You can utilize various quotes or statistics to grab their attention.

Well, you’ve just managed to attract the reader’s attention. It’s high time to shift to your thesis statement. It needs to be brief and clear. Ideally, it should be just one sentence explaining your opinion on the subject.

With the ready-made thesis at hand, you require drafting an outline of examples, which will be utilized to back the thesis in the rest of the writing work. The outline will help the audience to better realize what your paper tells about.

Additionally, the final sentence of the introduction needs to be utilized to direct the audience to the first paragraph of the paper’s body. Your introduction shouldn’t exceed four sentences.

Starting a body section

The given part should be regarded as the very ‘meat’ of this ‘dish’. It’s expected to clarify and back your thesis statement.

As a rule, the body section includes three paragraphs. Here, the first paragraph should underpin the strongest argument. The first sentence needs to be the topic of the paragraph most closely relating to the points illustrated in the introduction.

It’s crucial to provide the audience with context. Your audience should be aware of who these people are and what they have already done. It’s up to you to provide this information in a brief and clear manner. Provide up to five relevant facts having to do with the subject and clearly explaining their importance.

Gradually shift from more important to less crucial things in the body paragraphs. Utilize transitional phrases such as ‘in contrast’ or ‘furthermore’ to indicate where one section or paragraph is over and where another starts. It will navigate the audience through the flow of your thoughts.

Starting a conclusion

That’s a closing statement as well as your final opportunity to have your opinion proved. As a rule, it’s just a repetition of the introduction due to the fact it comes with the same information. This section shouldn’t exceed four sentences.

Begin the conclusion with a transition phrase, in particular, ‘summarizing’ or ‘in conclusion’ to relate it to the hook utilized to attract the audience to the opening paragraph. Then, you require tying everting up by simply having your thesis statement restated. Complete this part with a so-called call to action. Leave them something to ponder over.

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