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Tell about yourself from a new perspective

Students must write a personal statement annually when they enter college. In this case, a writer really needs to tell about her/himself in the most original way. A personal statement is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your unique skills and aspirations in life. One should understand that this document is absolutely not the place where a student should talk about hobbies or prove specialization.

In this, one needs to try to pleasantly surprise the admissions committee and tell something unusual and truly fascinating about her/himself. For example, an author could talk about how religion helps him/her to feel more diligent in getting an education. Or maybe some kind of event that predetermined your future life accomplishments and made you what you are now.

There exist three types of applications to enter a college:

  • The common application;
  • The Universal College Application (UCA);
  • Individual Institution Application.

Tell us about yourself by brainstorming

To reveal new sides and make genuinely original work, one can choose a topic based on the Common Application list. At the same time, try to opt for the problem that will help to reveal a writer as a person. When brainstorming, think about what is really important to you in life or what events could affect your behavior in the future. Thus, undergraduates can show the admissions committee who they really are and why they’re worthy of getting a place in a particular educational institution.

Do not chase the most apparent and accessible topics. For example, if you’re the captain of a football team, then telling about how you won the annual championship is not at all what you need to compose in a personal statement. Instead, focus on truly unique events and topics, and it seems unlikely that other candidates could also talk about them.

Focus on the right choice of words and writing style

The essay should look as readable as possible. To do this, one needs to make sure that the paper is not overloaded with long sentences or terms familiar only to a writer.

Usually, a complex sentence structure and continuously changing tone can mislead the readership. Do not forget that the admissions committee will also evaluate your writing skills. And therefore, do not rush, and you need to allocate the necessary amount of time to create an excellent personal statement. The usage of complex phrases or only unnecessary words will not add any value to your paper.

Practice more, and you’ll succeed

From the first time, you’re unlikely to create a perfect personal statement. It is doubtful that there will be a person who the first time and without preparation will do this type of task correctly. Nevertheless, the more an author practices and strives to note down a paper that looks clear and readable, the better he/she will get.

When an undergraduate needs to write a personal statement, it’s better to do this task in several stages. To get started, create a few options and try to analyze what you got. If the result does not suit you, continue to practice.

Thus, even if the writer accumulates a considerable number of drafts later, he/she can get a truly unique and high-quality article. In this case, the paper is not just readable and logically meaningful, but also one that conveys the meaning of your essay.

Focus all your attention on writing this type of assignment

The sooner a person realizes how serious such a task is and begin to complete it, the better. In this case, the choice of topic and the beginning of writing are some of the most challenging stages.

Therefore, do not waste time in vain and try to determine in advance the topic and structure of your essay. We assure you that the last year at school can become very hectic and stressful for you. Accordingly, it will become difficult for an author to focus on the implementation of such an important task. However, if the first several steps have already been written, or even if you have notes on this issue, it’ll appear much easier for you.

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