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Let’s learn how to do a resume writing

Before we get down to composing a resume, let’s define this crucial document. Well, we can call it a summary of your skills, work history as well as education. A resume differs from a curriculum vitae in this regard. A curriculum vitae stands for a complete overview of the candidate’s career that highlights every aspect of his work, education, and experiences without any length limits.

As for a resume, we can define it as a concise summary of those skills and experiences. As a rule, it highlights just a decade of your work history. Unlike a curriculum vitae, this paper requires being edited for every specific position you are applying for. Its length shouldn’t exceed two pages.

Experts find a resume the most requested paper in any job search. Hiring managers usually pay more attention to these papers than cover letters.

One page will suffice

If the length of your application exceeds a page, the likelihood that recruiters will reject it is high. On the contrary, a one-page application shows that an applicant can be clear, brief, and to the point – very valuable personal qualities for any employer. Don’t forget that as a rule, hiring managers don’t spend more than 7 seconds to view resumes, so be concise.

The design doesn’t matter

You shouldn’t put much value on the design of your resume especially if you aren’t applying for the position of a graphic designer. Hiring managers don’t care about fonts utilized by you in this paper. Instead, focus on the content of this paper. Perhaps, bullet points are the only ‘decoration’ element you are allowed to use here.

Never conceal obvious things

If you haven’t been employed yet or you’re still within five years out of undergrad, stay away from concealing the GPA (grade point average). It’s because hiding this fact will inevitably directly the application to the ‘no’ pile. Hiring managers aren’t so stupid as you might have thought and such a move of yours can only make a bad impression of the candidacy.

Don’t try to make it special

Don’t think of a standard resume as bad. Avoid making it special. That’s the wrong approach because an interview will make the final decision on your candidacy. A golden resume format doesn’t exist, so by making it standard, the applicant will lower the chances of doing wrong.

Recruiters appreciate simple and standard resumes for their easiness to comprehend. It’s not about customization and uniqueness. You just shouldn’t overload your resume with unnecessary elements to make it appealing.

Try to customize it

The point above doesn’t mean that the applicant doesn’t have the right to make a document stand out from others. Your customization effort is welcome. Stay away from generic patters for your application. It’s crucial to underline special attributes, skills as well as experiences, which would serve a potential asset to the company you intend to join.

Try an alternative approach to resume writing

In a situation where no one has responded to the application yet, do something different to change the situation for the better. Use the following tips:

  • What about putting a picture of yours on the top right-hand corner? Do it if you haven’t been responded yet and especially if your appearance is really good. By the way, Linkedln profiles with photos are viewed more often than those without pictures.
  • To stand out from others, it makes sense to change the background color to another. Offer a forecast about how the company will win in case of accepting your candidacy. It will increase the chances to get an interview with a potential employer.

Now you know how to make your resume stand out from the crowd. But if you still have any doubts, use professional writing service help. Trust experienced writers to highlight your skills in the best possible way and guarantee you an interview invitation.

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