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Money Back Guarantee

Our Money Back Guarantee ensures our customers the right to reimbursement in situations that are not outlined in this section. In case the customer’s situation is not included in any of the cases below described, he or she should contact our Customer Support, that will be ready to help and discuss with you your request and assess your eligibility for a possible refund.

Order Cancellation

When a client takes the decision of canceling an order that he or she had submitted, the refund varies according to the stage in which the essay requested is at. Here are the rules that regulated such cases:

  • In the case the customer cancels the order before any writer is assigned to the work, the client can ask for a total (100%) refund of the amount paid when placing the order;
  • If the customer cancels the order request with a writer already assigned to work on the paper, the amount of refund cannot exceed 70% of the initial payment. The 30% remaining will be used as fair compensation to the work of the writer.
  • If the customer cancels an order at more than 50% of the time to the set deadline and with a writer working on the paper, the client can still request and obtain a compensation equal to 50% of the initial payment.

Please keep in mind that in case of the cancellation of an order, the customer loses any right to use the paper or any initial drafts that had been delivered before the cancellation. In such cases, all copyrights return to the company.

Late Delivery

In the case in which an essay is not delivered on time (not within the fixed deadline), a client can ask for compensation given by the higher time for delivery. Such compensation is calculated on the time passed from the deadline set originally the delay and that can be different for each case. For orders that are labeled as long-term, meaning that they required more than 14 days, the compensation is usually 7% of the initial payment.

Refunds cannot be processed in the following situations:

  • The delay was caused by the customer himself. For example due to late payment or a delay in the delivery of the instructions or additional information or in case of failure to answer promptly to some clarifications or questions posed by us;
  • The delay is caused by the inability of the customer’s internet provider, browser of any system malfunctions that do not allow the customer to get the ordered product on time;
  • The customer voluntarily requested or provided an extension of the deadline.

Bad Quality Claims

In case the quality of a delivered product does not satisfy a client, it is possible to request a refund. Each case will be assessed by our Quality Inspection Team which will analyze the essay. Customers submitting such claims will be asked to provide detail feedback and the reasons for mismatch with the order instruction submitted at the order placement. The eligibility for a refund and the amount to be refunded depends on the research and assessment conducted by the team.

Please note that where a claim for bad quality is sent and a revision request for the order had been submitted, any possible compensations cannot exceed 70% of the initial payment, as the revision request implies the partial approval of the essay by the customer.

When the claim of bad quality and the request for compensation is originated by a bad grade, such a request will not be assessed as valid. The paper delivered by the Company is in fact for reference only and it isn’t meant to be readily submitted.

If a request for refund due to bad quality is linked to the fact that the paper provided is considered unoriginal, a report from “Turnitin” is required. No other report is accepted to assess and investigate the eligibility for a refund.

If the request for compensation is originated by poor Editing, Formatting, or Proof Reading, such situation will not be eligible for compensation. A request for a refund for bad quality is contextual. Editing, formatting or proofreading are not considered to affect the original context.

Compensation requests submitted with a 3 or 6 hours deadline will be declined. Such a limited time to deliver the requested order cannot guarantee high quality. By placing a rush order, you agree to the stated terms and no argument will be accepted.

Preferences and Mistakes on Order Details

Order preferences that have been purchased are not refundable as they cannot be separated by the service provided. The only exception would be the absence of a “draft”, a “one-page summary” or “Plagiarism report”.

The client is allowed to select a specific expert for the order by stating the writer ID on the “Preferred ID Writer” field. The customer should keep in mind that such a preference will not guarantee the requested writer to be available to take the order. If the requested professional is not available, the company will provide your paper with the most suitable specialist in the subject area of the order. Compensations for the price paid for using the feature “Favorite Writer” can only on the customer’s account for a future order.

A discount that has not been applied cannot be compensated. The client must track the order and ensure the accuracy of the details, including the “discount” field. The customer can contact our Support Team to check for any possible discount applicable.


For a request for compensation to be successful, the Support Team should be contacted by the client within 2 months from the completion of the order. Five days will be required to assess the request, after which the customer will be contacted with a resolution. Our representative might request additional information to correctly assess the case.

Refund Processing

When the customer has received a confirmation for the refund, we will transfer the refund in 5 working days starting from the day of confirmation. We are not responsible for any possible fees resulting from Bank transfer or other possible delays related to issues with the bank service.

The refunds will be transferred only if the amount to be refunded is higher than 10 USD. For transactions of smaller amounts, the refund will be applied to the customer’s account to be used for a future order.

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