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Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions, Terms for short or T&C, will help serve as a users guide for the website and will give you a hint on what to expect. Please go through them carefully.

Order Registration and Placement

During this process, you’ll be required to first create an account. To do this, you’ll need to provide some basic information in the spaces provided. Primarily, this would include your name, email, phone number, etc. Also, you may be required to update this information in the future if the need arises. We strongly recommend that all changes to your account details be carried out by you. If for some reason this is not possible, you can contact customer support to make the necessary changes for you.

Payment and Discount

When you place an order on our website, it means you are buying a product from us. We would start working on your project after the payment for your project has been authorized and received.

The amount you’ll pay for a given project would depend on the pricing at the time of completion. For more information on pricing, kindly visit our pricing page. Usually, you’ll pay for an order in advance; you may also be required to make an additional payment when we have determined the scope of the project. The project will not be completed until you have made full payment.

Order Process

Order Validation. Once the client has made full payment, we reserve the right to assess the project to determine if the client’s requirement was met and to maintain a high quality of service delivery. If the client’s requirement was not adequately met, we reserve the right to make necessary adjustments to the order to ensure it meets the required specification.

Order Volume. Orders are measured in pages, where a page is comprised of 275 words. When a project is complete, it must contain the minimum word count or the minimum number of pages specified by the customer when the order was made. The client reserves the right to request a review if the order volume specified by the customer doesn’t match the project delivered

Changes in Order Details. Once a writer starts working on a client’s order, the client is not allowed to make any further adjustments to the order. If any change must be made after a writer has begun a project, the client must pay compensation before the changes can be effected.

Order Delivery

We are responsible for delivering the finished product as at when due to the client.

However, it is the client’s responsibility to provide a convenient delivery channel for the product. If the completed order is not delivered due to the client’s failure in providing an accurate delivery channel, we would by no means be held accountable for the failed delivery. Clients are advised to contact the customer support in time if they do not receive an order that was sent to them.

Our clients reserve the right to download the completed order once it has been sent to them.

Kindly check our Money Back Guarantee page for information with respect to refunds.

Order Revision

Kindly have a look at our Revision Policy Page for more details.

When a revision request goes against the specifications indicated when the order was made, we reserve the right to reject such revision requests. If such revisions must be made, the client would be required to pay an extra fee for the service.

In addition, we have the right to reject multiple revision requests if we perceive that the client intends to exploit our services or the writer for any reason.

Refund Policy

We are responsible for ensuring the finished product meets the client’s specifications and that it gets delivered to the client’s specified delivery channel in time. If for any reason we’re unable to meet up with the specifications or delivery, the client would be in a position to receive partial or full reimbursement from us. Kindly review our Money Back Guarantee for more details.

Personal Data Security

To know more about what we do with your personal information, including your financial data, please look at Our Privacy Policy.

We treat all orders from your account as though it is strictly coming from you. If for any reason you cannot remember making a particular order, we advise you to change your password immediately or you can report to customer support for further assistance.

How to Use Our Website

Termination of Use

  1. Our services are for your personal needs and are not to be commercialized
  2. We prohibit any form of illegal access or use of our website. Distribution of illegal, obscene, dangerous, disturbing materials, etc. or any material against the law is not allowed on our website.

Any form of action that is illegal or encourages illegal, or leads to illegal activities is not allowed

Any action or activity that will negatively affect another client’s activity or access to the website is also prohibited.


We reserve the rights to make necessary changes to our service or product information, suspend certain services, the entire website or part of the website temporarily or permanently, restrict users from accessing some parts or all parts of the website even without notice, without being liable to you or any other individual or group of people. We will remain committed to providing relevant information with respect to any change to the website, especially if this change directly affects your area of interest

We reserve the right to alter or adjust all or part of these Terms when the need arises. However, we will inform you of any change to the Terms and Conditions using the email address specified on your account at the time of change. If you choose to continue using our website after this notification has been made, it automatically means you have agreed to the Terms as revised.

Also, we may require an express agreement to the revised terms from you as the case may be. It is your sole responsibility to regularly go through the Terms and Conditions to stay updated with any revisions that have been carried out. Thank you.

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