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Essay upon Pike simply by Ted Barnes The poem

The poem “Pike” details the seafood of the same identity and the poet’s feelings info, fishing and the brutality of some little ones he had while pets, which later grew out of control, “indeed they spare nobody”. The poem appears to be about mother nature, “ponds” and “lily pads”, but this is not a truly pastoral poem since it is not only about the beauty and chasteness of character, the tone is darker, “deep since England” as well as terrifying, “the hair freezing on my go get the what may possibly move”. The structure with the poem seems regular, every single verse provides four lines.

However , the line length, though initially it looks standard, is in fact irregular, ranging from five syllables to thirteen syllables. This difference adds to the uneasy tone from the poem, creating an aural sensation of something hiding within the much longer lines, mirroring the way in which the “pike” lurks under the waters surface, “logged on previous years dark leaves, watching upwards. The first two stanzas finish with a period, which creates the sensation of control control.

This shows that the poet has control of the dangerous fish, “killers from the egg”, at this stage, if the “pike” this individual describes will be “three ins long, perfect”. However , by fifth stanza, when the poet retells his anecdote about the “pike” “we retained behind glass”, at first there are “three”, after that “suddenly there have been two” and “finally one”, (as they have eaten the others), and this ruthless, cannibal fish, contrary to any classic pet, movements directly into another stanza, “with a sag belly and the grin it was born with”.

In this next stanza, the sixth, the poet warns the reader which the “pike” “spare nobody”. The fishs violence is echoed by the poems form at this point , the vicious “pike” has completely outclassed the tank for your fish and now dominates the composition, refusing to follow along with the previous, nice form and escapes in one stanza to another.

Later inside the poem the stanzas continue to run effortlessly into each other with rejet, “dead in the willow-herb- one jammed past its gills down the others gullet”, suggesting that the poet is dropping control of the carnivorous seafood and its “submarine delicacy and horror”. This really is a rather extended poem, with eleven stanzas, and the poet person uses the extended description that runs throughout the whole poem, to stress the size of the “pike” “six pounds every, over two feet long” and their “old” age, thus evoking his sense penalized in awe of the fishs “submarine treat and horror”.

This composition focuses on the “pike”, explaining them in close detail, “green tigering the gold”, and only in the fifth person does the poet person introduce the first person, “we”, (and in the eighth stanza, “I”). Nevertheless , from the start, the poets range of language makes clear his feelings regarding the seafood, he shows awe by using positive language such as “perfect”, and “gold” and “emerald”, which have connotations of important wealth.

This individual describes “pike” as “stunned by their personal grandeur”, suggesting that he thinks the fish are self-aware and arrogant, his use of the verb “stunned” here is almost personification, like the poet thinks the fish can have the same self-awareness as a individual. On the other hand, confident language including “dance” and “grandeur” is definitely juxtaposed against an underlying mood of night and bad, which makes its way into the composition in its third line when the fish will be presented since “killers in the egg” and “malevolent”.

As a result in the first three stanzas, the poets attitude is definitely contrasting, viewing both “delicacy and horror” in the “pike”. However , in the fourth stanza the poet admits that “the jaws hooked grip and fangs” are “not to be altered at this date” and this marks a turning point in the poem, with the feelings changing to wholly unfavorable, and finally, fearful, with the simile “as a vice locks” and when we talk about “iron” “instrument” and, explicitly, “death”.

By the ninth stanza the poet says directly that he is afraid, “I dared certainly not cast”. He describes likewise “the hair frozen on my head” as well as the sensation of something “that rose slowly toward me, watching”, he presents this as a “dream”, but the encounter conveyed towards the reader is more of a headache. The poets feeling of dread is featured by his description of “the dark pond” in conjunction with the duplication of “darkness”.

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