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Yuban coffee dissertation

I. Introduction/Executive Summary and Product Information Yuban caffeine is a brand of coffee you can find in your neighborhood grocery store that you just probably did not know been around. It was founded by Ruben Arbuckle, a famous coffee roaster, who may have invented the initial Yuban caffeine in 1986. Yuban coffee just uses the very best Arabica beans. In addition , Yuban is certificated by the Jungle Alliance, which declares that at least 30% of Yuban coffee is organic and natural.

Chemical manures and insect poison are not utilized on the organically grown beans and the jungle alliance as well works to sustain farming, forestry and tourism inside the regions of the forest the fact that coffee beans are grown.

Lately, Yuban espresso has been slowly grown, in the event grown whatsoever, and has not been reaching it is full potential. The main problem of Yuban is the deficiency of brand consciousness and a great unsuccessful online strategy. When the online strategy changes to resolve these complications, it will associated with Yuban company more competitive and effective in the espresso market.

Each of our marketing prepare will be talked about in detail inside the pages to come, although our basic objective is to build brand awareness simply by defining and marketing towards a more particular target market. Likewise, with the rendering in of your recommendations, Yuban coffee can reach this kind of objective.

In the end our advertising plan will consist of the next: 1 . Boost Yuban’s manufacturer image simply by: a. raising brand awareness from business-to customers / Business-to-Business market segments by going through the online and social media industries b. creation and implementation of the snack machine/coffee brewing machine c. using the latest acquisitions to push the Yuban name d. redesigning product packaging to echo environmentally conscious manufacturer II.

Focus on Customer Analysis People in the United Point out love espresso, just like how people in China love tea. Exploration suggests that 50 percent of the population of Us drinks espresso and those espresso drinkers in the United Express drinking more than 3 cups of coffee each day! Aside from the United States there are several other people on the globe who like coffee (E-imports, 2012). Can make coffee end up being the second beneficial trading item after olive oil.

For those who take pleasure in coffee, the majority of them have a well liked brand, a specific style. So for Yuban, they have a big industry and great opportunity to develop. Yuban espresso is certified by the Jungle Alliance Documentation, which means Yuban coffee is usually healthier and environment friendly. “Made from completely premium Arabica beans, YUBAN mountain-grown coffees offer uncompromising, robust taste and seductive aroma (Kraft. com). Also, because of this purpose, Yuban espresso is more expensive than some other instant coffee, especially it is caffeine-free gourmet organic coffee.

Therefore , the point customer of Yuban espresso should be those who find themselves environmentally and health conscious, focused enough to pay more money on coffee. In figure 2 . 1 of the Appendix, the two chart show the big difference purchasing power on diverse generations. We can see in the first chart that people in era 25-34, 35-44, and 45-54 have the most powerful purchasing electric power. And people at this point in individuals ages get into 3 generations different years, the Baby boomer (1946-1965), Technology X (1966-1976) and the Millennial Generation (1977-1992).

We feel the older generation getting the baby boomers may not care too much about being health-conscious, but if we had the time and money we might want to analyze this to discover if they are a part of our target market. The younger generation, being the millennial generation is usually anyone at the moment age 21-34. Then you finally have the previous generation, which can be Generation Back button, who contains anyone at the moment 37-47 years old. So , away of these a few generations it will probably be in our welfare to go with the millennial technology. They have great economic state, and they have good education background.

It means they can manage higher value of caffeine, and the Millennial generation would be the most environment friendly, which we will talk about in another portion of the paper. 3. Competitor Analysis Yuban competes in the high quality coffee bean and ground espresso market. While there are quite a few coffee brands competing in the North American marketplace, most of these remain competitive on a expense leadership approach.

Only a few rivals such as Green Mountain Coffee, J. Meters. Smucker’s Folgers are brands which have small premium marketers such as Reasonable Winds Espresso and Gourmet organic coffee Co., and everything compete in the premium espresso category inside the environmentally friendly and fair trade category (Agas, 2006; Figures, 2013).

These brands particularly differentiate upon quality instead of cost. Business of Main Competitors: The coffee bean and grind sector is highly fractured in terms of business. While Yuban only has its own 1 . 93% of the industry, companies such as Folgers and Maxwell House have 21 years old. 6% and 14. 62% respectively but with down marketplace products (Statistics, 2013). Therefore, it is quite clear that there is intensive room for additional growth of the Yuban company.

Market Composition: The caffeine industry certainly a competitive a single. However , the marketplace structure from the coffee industry and especially the coffee bean industry that gives the recycleables for Yuban could be described as an oligopoly. The precise characteristics on this oligopoly are, however , more reminiscent of a cartel just because a relatively few suppliers control the supply and distribution of coffee beans throughout the world (Igami, 2011). Consequently, Yuban, which is a brand within the Kraft Foods umbrella, has limited choice in selecting it is supplies.

The coffee bean sector was managed officially through a cartel framework until 1989 under the Worldwide Coffee Agreement or ICA but afterwards market competition with fresh entrants such as Vietnam worn away the charge of this established cartel corporation (Igami, 2011). Yet, because coffee bean production is largely restricted to certain geographic regions, these types of countries’ government authorities express a lot of control over which usually entities control production and distribution. Competitive Barriers: There are numerous of significant competitive limitations within the coffee bean and espresso grind market.

While just about any firm can purchase the recycleables or even the done product as ground espresso, the packaging and distribution of the product is a much more sophisticated effort. The most significant competitive barrier is a establishment of a retail distribution channel which in turn requires discussed shelf space in retail outlets, distribution channels including warehousing and transport services and product packaging and design establishments (Amato & Amato, 2009). All of these elements require equally material assets as well as managerial competencies that needs to be established just before actually getting into the market.

Sources of Competitive Advantage: Yuban’s coffee full coffee sector has many sources of competitive advantage. The main source of competitive advantage for Yuban is its parent businesses size, range and income. Kraft as being a corporation that earned more than $18. three or more million during 2012 as well as coffee items which include Yuban contributed nearly 8% of these revenues to Kraft’s income for that period (Annual, 2012). Consequently, Yuban has entry to Kraft’s significant financial resources and its created competencies in the selling and marketing competencies of significant food product brands.

IV. External environment evaluation Economic environment: The main emerging marketplaces in espresso consumption especially in Asia and South America market under the history of increasing, global with regard to coffee during fiscal 12 months 2011 to 2012 flower 2%. During the fiscal season 2012 to 2013, global coffee creation stabilized around 146 , 000, 000 bales (60 kg per bag). Caffeine is one of the most widely consumed beverages worldwide and in usa. There are 183 million caffeine drinkers in US and a seven percent increase more than 2011 in coffee intake.

Technological environment: Modern technology may improve the development process and achieve financial systems of scale. Ultimately sophisticated technology will help coffee creation in many elements, the product manufacturer, and the coffee beans. Ultimetly, the producing high-quality coffee beans is relatively the same which includes secrets from the drying process that fluctuate. In our recommendations, we advise the introduction of coffee vending devices, which will be a location that Yuban will distinguish itself from the rest of the espresso market.

Political and legal environment: Low production of coffee beans, creating unstable climate could lead to a protectionist makers. So bigger import prices to counteract the damage due to the low creation. Yuban espresso is already jungle certified, and so the politics environment is in its benefit and will just cause it to increase more to become more lively leader in this political and legal area. Cultural and social environment: More than fifty percent of Americans drink coffee daily.

This signifies more than a hundred and fifty million daily drinkers. 35 million U. S. adults have professional coffee refreshments daily, including drinks including mocha sapine, coffee, main coffees, cappuccino, and etc. 65% of coffee consumption inside the breakfast period, between dishes, with the leftover 5% and also other foods. Concurrently, 35% of coffee drinkers prefer dark-colored coffee.

Sixth is v. Company Examination Yuban is definitely an inexpensive model of South American coffee. Contrasting the same kind of caffeine, Yuban delivers lower price espresso than other company in the market. Although Yuban caffeine offers a lesser price, it also emphasizes the caliber of the product. Power: Yuban provides 100% Arabica beans the finestcoffee beans.

To support the quality coffee beans, the company gets the Arabica beans via some of the best espresso growing areas in the world, and the highest quality espresso beans are sourced from some of the finest espresso beans grown in Central and South America. Therefore, Yuban will continue to be made with 100 % Arabica beans but not 100 % from Colombia, and some of these from Brazil, Peru and Nicaragua and so forth. In addition , to prevent ruining the coffee’s taste, Yuban applied a sugars and egg glaze for the beans in a roasting procedure, ensuring to hold the flavor from the beans a rich style.

Currently, Yuban is owned by Energi Foods which can be theworld’s biggest buyer of RainforestAlliance-certifiedcoffee. And Yuban has become granted certification with the Jungle Alliance 5 years ago. It means that there are at least 30% of its beans are organic and natural. According to the documentation, Yuban not only uses eco-friendly farming strategies, it is also required to provide a fairsystem to employee and successful farm managing. It is to maintain your product quality in a advanced while nonetheless supporting the team who is accountable for growing and protecting Yuban coffee beans. Weak spot:

Yuban does not have its very own official web page. If persons want to buy Yuban coffee, they can only obtain it from websites like Amazon as well as super markets. In a shopping website like Amazon, there are various kinds of espresso brand, not only Yuban caffeine. In fact , in the event that people buy an instant coffee or perhaps coffee beans, the majority of them have a certain brand that they buy and definitely will not search another brand’s product. Consumers just give attention to what they need and in this situation Yuban is not concentrating on its focus on customer since it is sharing the arena numerous other coffee options available too.

Yuban also does not have a renownedbrandofcoffee name or customer dedication. An official internet site is useful to leave customers give attention to your brand’s product, and support more detail information about your small business. It is an picture that you are providing the customers. Therefore, this is a weakness intended for Yuban coffee. Opportunity: People lifestyles are changing because more and more people appreciate drinking coffee, especially when human beings reach some age in their life that is suitable to drink espresso. Yuban may use the alter of lifestyle trend to market its espresso.

After all, Yuban coffee is definitely historicbrand in coffee industry, and it will give consumer assurance to taste its coffee. Thus, it is a good opportunity to increase industry share. Furthermore, Yuban is owned by Kraft Food which is oneof thetop500companiesin theworld. It can work with Kraft Foods’ awareness and resources to attract more clients, because people may well know what Energi Foods can be, but they may well not know what Yuban is. Thus, Kraft Foods can support the confidence pertaining to the consumer, when the consumer consider whether to obtain Yuban espresso or no. Yuban coffee also does not individual different sort of coffee items.

It keeps the style of traditional instant caffeine, and launchesseveral different typesof coffee to accommodate customer personal preferences. So far, there are no various other products apart from instant coffee or whole coffee beans. Whatever the season Yuban coffee items do not change where as another coffee brands may provide different roasts or combines. There is an opportunity here because it can develop new products that happen to be based on four seasons a year. This can help catch the attention of more prospective customers if we give something different every now and then but still maintain our first product.

Yuban coffee is likewise not manufactured with very much innovation to differentiate itself and sell. Yuban can boost market share throughdiversifying the products and also focusing on their packaging to offer a design and style that matches the goal of it. Menace: Yuban espresso is accredited through the Rainforest Alliance, nevertheless that only warranties 30 percent from the beans in different package of Yuban caffeine are naturally grown. It implies that there are 70 percent of Yuban coffee item that do not probably originate from ecologically-sensitive farms.

Customer may well focus on the 70 percent of Yuban coffee product and worry about the caliber of them. Yuban strives to aid lower price and high quality item, but the naturally grown coffees are more expensive than coffee beans that are not organically grown. If a growing number of customers pay more attention to this kind of, Yuban caffeine will lose somecustomers. Thus, this can be one of the threats for Yuban coffee. In addition, in the external environment, the economic recession can reduce consumers’ demand of coffee, and there are many competitors in the caffeine market, such as Folgers, Maxwell House, and Nescafe.

Nevertheless , Yuban espresso does not concentrate on the offers or advertising. It will affect the company’s business. It almost certainly reduces it is sales and profits, even market share. As a result, Yuban must confront these kinds of problems, and the way to solve all of them. VI. Advertising Information Requirements In our analysis, we found that Kraft Food has a large portfolio of recognized roast and surface coffee brands that is one of a kind to every type of coffee customer. Their stock portfolio includes Maxwell House, Gevalia Kaffe, Yuban, and Cafe Collection.

Yuban coffee is made of 100% premium Arabica coffee beans, is pile grown espresso which offers stubborn, robust flavour and provocative aroma. In line with the Kraft food website, Yuban coffee is made to appeal to the people consumers whom demand environmentally conscious products. Thus, Yuban coffee is perfect decision for customers who would like to make a difference on the globe. This strategy of marketing Yuban espresso to the environment friendly is element of our target, however , Kraft foods hasn’t differentiated whom the environmentally conscious really are.

All of us discussed earlier who each of our target market included, but we will take a better look and understand them and their practices better. In a study conducted by Make Insight (2009) “69% of millennial’s surveyed expressed authentic interest in the surroundings, but they also confessed to a lack of personal participation in green-related activities. To put it briefly, this group understands the why although is not sure of the how (Gaudelli, 1). Thus will probably be our task to make use of how they can take part in the green motion.

If we acquired the time and money, which will Kraft does have, we would advise doing marketing research within the three ages which include style x, baby boomers and the millenials to understand their very own buying practices especially when considering choosing a great environmental mindful product more than one that is not. VII. Marketing Mix Product: The package of Yuban coffee suggests that its drinkers can easily have nice tasting cup of java and feel that they can be participating in performing something perfect for coffee farmers as well as the environment. Yuban is definitely grown in respect to Rain forest Alliance Authorized standards and also applies organic coffee beans.

Consequently , the product provides two benefits, being better for the rain forest and world, and is also also organic, which means you can think really good at the time you drink Yuban. The bundle description likewise comprises information of delete word a minimum of 30% Rain Forest Connections Certified Coffee in every bag which is supposed to assist in conservation in the environment as well as support caffeine farmers (Cliath, 2007). Yuban coffee includes a very unique smell than any other caffeine. It has a fresh and pleasurable smell, loaded with a fresh surface coffee bean aroma.

It is gentle and does not have any bitter after taste (Cliath, 2007). The introduction stage is the 1st stage inside the life circuit where the espresso was introduced to the market. At this time there were low sales with high retail prices. Then there is the expansion stage that is certainly characterized by quick increase in sales. This happened when the Yuban coffee was just introduced to the market. It can be believed by simply some sectors that Yuban coffee is still in the progress stage, signs indicate that it can be in the maturity stage. In the maturity stage, there is substantial brand understanding, high syndication, and affordable prices.

Yuban caffeine is believed to be in this level (Cliath, 2007) however , we feel in another way about this. All of us feel that Yuban can be reintroduced into the market with our advice and backside track for the introduction and growth level once more. The coffee boxed in what appears to be a doze ounce hand bags. Today it really is packaged in the traditional preserved coffee storage units, or in coffee instances. Coffee situations are independently sealed glasses of premeasured grounds, suitable for use in a single cup cofeemarkers. They are grouped together in reasonable pouches pertaining to convenience and freshness plus the label likewise contains a K pertaining to Kosher on the exterior.

There is no indicator through whether or not the bag is constructed of recyclable materials or is usually (Cliath, 2007). Thus Yuban is not really differentiating its packaging in relation to its goal either. Customer care is required for the espresso brand to get the feedback from the consumers on the actual need superior. The product likewise does come with a warranty from your company. Customers are guaranteed of the quality in the product. Place: A lot of products require much less market exposure than others. An ideal market coverage degree the actual coffee readily available widely enough to reach the target customer’s demands.

This however , should not be exceeded. The ideal direct exposure degree requires intensive division, selective distribution, as well as special distribution (Cliath, 2007). Yuban coffee is usually distributed both equally at the inexpensive and the selling level. It distributed all over nations worldwide. One is likely to get Yuban coffee in the supermarkets, selling shops, and coffee retailers. It is also sent out directly by company towards the wholesalers. The product is geared towards individuals who believe that they are playing the upkeep of the environment and minimize or end further damage to the rain forest (Cliath, 2007).

With our suggestion of bringing out the Yuban vending machine, placing these kinds of machines in call centers across the country, colleges and universities will probably be another way to expose our environment friendly product to the target market. Campaign: The advertising objectives are to get buyers to remain devoted to buying environmentally conscious products and the customers will feel like they are doing all their part in sustaining the earth and environment through their particular purchase of Yuban coffee. Promotion Blend:

The advertising prepare will focus mainly releasing a website intended for Yuban and also its own Fb, YouTube and also other media site promotions. Even though print advertising and marketing can be very useful we will attempt not to dive too deep in this area even as we are promoting an environmentally conscious product and wish to track the carbon footprint. Our copy thrust could be more psychological to make certain customers understand that they are doing the right point by choosing to get Yuban coffee. Personal offering can be used especially if we display customers who also and the place that the original Yuban coffee beans will be grown and cared for.

This could be demonstrated through videos on YouTube and also shared in our Facebook . com page and website, similar to what Kashi does with the cereal products. Yuban may initiate a reward system that if their espresso packaging is recycled to certain grocery stores they can have a discount on the next Yuban coffee merchandise they get. Again here, customers may feel good relating to this buying method. Publicity will be used when we present Yuban coffee in the coffee shop recommendation through Tom in Toms and Urth Coffee shop. It will turn into recognized as the coffee found in these shops and slowly grow towards the coffee utilized in customer homes and so on and so forth.

Price: The necessity for a completely organic coffee is usually price delicate because the cultivation of gourmet organic coffee is tough. Thus, if we can figure out what the minimal requirements are to be certified as organic in FDA standards and such, then maybe 30% is good enough and we need not promote our product is only 30% organic and natural, and we may call it completely organic in case the requirements aren’t demanding. The pricing strategy for Yuban will be price slightly higher than competition such as Folgers but only because of the environmental work that goes into preserving what Yuban believes in.

As well, by costs our coffee slightly higher we can which includes something in our promotion that a part of the revenue from sales is circulated back into the surroundings to fix what matters most in the world eco. Yuban can provide discounts in case their packaging can be recyclable or perhaps reusable. We might be able to start an fake to return Yuban coffee cans or containers to supermarkets to get a discount on their subsequent Yuban purchase. This goes in line using what Yuban is focused on and is the discount to the consumer which will encourage them to continually get our model of coffee. VIII.

Recommendations and Implementation Manufacturer recognition is very important and carefully connected to the setup of our advice. We advise that Kraft initial redesign and assign Yuban its own internet site so clients are aware of the different product supplying and what this brand of coffee is all about. In the Internet age, individuals have always enjoyed looking for the different websites for the knowledge they can get on each specific product, nevertheless , there is no independent or very well put together web page for Yuban coffee, which can make it difficult for investors for more info.

For example , Folgers which is other brands of espresso that everyone knows quite well as a result of Folgers ring actually possesses its own website while it is a part of the Smuckers Organization. Kraft food also has a portfolio of coffee that is certainly targeted to several customers, nevertheless , Yuban is not given that independence or management to standalone or gain reputation. Maxwell House Coffee, the second from the 4 caffeine brands/products of Kraft Foods has its own internet site, Facebook, and YouTube. Even though Yuban is a product of Kraft Food, Yuban has a poorly designed website with little information about it whatsoever.

Also, the Yuban page in Kraft Company official site is very easy. Yuban can be described as coffee built under the Energi Food series, and it seems they are unwilling to pour in the proper funds needed to finance a separate Yuban Coffee Web page. Customers are viewed as as the backbone of any businesses. Hence, Yuban need to be well aware of their customers’ satisfaction for their products or services, specially in their attempts to track the ‘environmentally conscious’ customer base. Likewise, Yuban ought to conclude concerns reported by clients and try to repair the problems, which will benefit you can actually further development.

In addition , another recommendation to get Yuban would be that the brand can also develop snack machines that will provide hot coffee and specialty refreshments with the touch of a button or maybe more. Yuban is known as a floor coffee product. However , making a caffeine run to the nearest Starbucks or perhaps local restaurant is not an option throughout the day. Hence, our recommendation of vending machines is also a really convenient to those customers. Especially if the machines are placed in locations including college hallways and structures where pupils are only allowed enough time to seize a quick beverage or munch during their short break.

Placing the vending machines in call centers where hours of businesses usually begin early each day and are located in large multi-level buildings that grind and brew a cup of fresh caffeine is is a strategy which usually would allow Energi foods to tap into the coffee machine business because not only would Kraft supply the espresso, which is Yuban in our case, but it would also sell the machine that brews the coffee to business, or collect some kind of rent or lease contract for having it.

Our third and last recommendation is always to become the espresso supplier of coffee outlets such as Jeff n Tom’s and Urth Cafe. Ben n Tom’s has an interesting location bottom in Oregon, Australia, Singapore and Asia. They do not however carry or perhaps brew good quality coffee. Hence, by becoming the sole coffee provider pertaining to Tom n Tom’s will be a win-win condition. Urth Coffeehouse is a coffeehouse which offers exclusively organic coffee and tea, Yuban would get caught in this category and can provide lower prices than other naturally grown espresso.

Though Urth Cafe at present only features location throughout Los Angeles, it is only an example of the position that Yuban coffee usually takes in the market. Appendix Figure 2 . 1 Determine 8. you Research and make improvement Time Function Cost Take note One month Renovate a new website $30, 500 Two months Taken video upon you Tube 50 dollars, 000 Three months Research and make improvement Included in customer service Long time Customer support department two hundred, 000 each year Work Reported Agas, G. (2006).

Conscious choice: Yuban coffee. Organic Health, 36(10), pp. 20-24. Amato, T.

H., & Amato, C. H. (2009). Changing selling power and gratification in distribution channels. Foreign Journal of Retail & Distribution Managing, 37(12), pp. 1057-1076. Total annual form 10-K. (2012). Energi Foods, Buyer Relations (online).

Retrieved by: http://ir. kraftfoodsgroup. com /sec. cfm Igami, M. (2011). Oligopoly in International Commodity Markets: The truth of Coffee Beans. Available at SSRN 1531401. Figures and details on the coffee market inside the U. T. (2013). Statista Research Publications, 01(05), pp. 1-72. E-imports.

Coffee Stats.

Retrieved from http://www. e-importz. com/Support/specialty_coffee. htm Kraft. (n. d. ). Your customers attention. about the planet. about people.. Retrieved from Oches, S. (2012, November). Meet your customer. Recovered from http://www. qsrmagazine. com/consumer-trends/meet-your-consumer Cliath, A. (January 01, 2007). Viewing Shades. Organization & Environment, 20, 5, 413-439. Gaudelli, Janis. The Greenest Era (April 29, 2009).


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