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Investigation of Magnetic Domains by Search Coil Field

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Physics Research laboratory Report – C15 Subject: Investigation of magnetic areas by search coil Goal: To use a search coil and a CRO to investigate the magnetic areas generated by simply alternating currents through a straight wire and a slinky solenoid. Equipment: Search coils 1 |Slinky solenoid 1 | |CRO 1 |Slotted bases a couple of | |Signal generator one particular |Metre rule 1 | |a. c.

mmeter you |Crocodile clips 2 | |PVC-covered birdwatcher wire dua puluh enam s. watts. g. you m lengthy |Connecting potential clients. 2 | Theory: When there is a transform of the permanent magnetic flux? related to a wire loop, that induces a great electromotive force (emf)? involving the loop ends, but a continuing magnetic d�bordement or a non-linked flux would not. This is the fact of electromagnetic induction, stated by Faraday’s law for the wire cycle,? -d? /dt The activated emf,? is equal to the negative rate of alter of the magnetic flux? related to the trap. If we replace the wire loop with a short coils of N turns, the induced volt quality is D times those of a single trap, so Faraday’s law becomes? = -Nd? /dt When loop ends are linked,? produces a current which brings its own magnet field. Their direction often opposes the flux alter d? /dt. This truth is known as Lenz’s law and is expressed by the negative sign. For a spherical loop of radius r and area A sama dengan? r2 in a constant permanent magnet field M (Fig. thirty-six. ), the magnetic d�bordement linkage? is? = M? A sama dengan BA cos? B? denotes the field component normal to the trap. The d�bordement linkage is usually zero when loop and field are parallel. It really is highest if the loop is usually perpendicular for the field, i actually. e. cos? =1, therefore,? = -NA dB/dt. The search coils is always used to measure the magnet fields. That consists of D turns from the coil enclosing an area A. When subjected to a changing magnetic discipline B, an e. m. f. is usually induced throughout the ends in the coil. The induced e. m. farreneheit. (? ) is straight proportional for the rate of magnetic field, i. electronic.? = -NA dB/dt.

If the search coils is connected to a CRO, the corresponding activated e. meters. f. and so magnetic field magnitude can be discovered. Precautions to get magnetic discipline around straight wire 1 . The wire should be lengthy 2 . The distance(r) ought to much smaller compared to the length of the cable. Procedure A. Magnetic field around directly wire 1 ) The outlet as demonstrated in Fig. C15. you and a lateral type search coils to a CRO was connected. 2 . The signal electrical generator was switched on and was set to 0. 5A and 5kHz. three or more. The middle of the search coil was placed 1 cm away from straight line.

The search coil was at the same level and verticle with respect to the straight wire. The CRO environment was modified to display a complete trace about its display. 4. Time base of the CRO was switched off. The length of the top to bottom trace displayed on the CRO was recorded, which represents the induced peak-to-peak e. meters. f. (V) in the search coil as well as the magnetic field around the right wire. a few. The steps 2 to 5 were repeated with the various other values of current (I) from the transmission generator in steps of zero. 1A. Then simply, the results were tabulated. 6th. A graph of the caused e. meters. f. (V) against the current(I) as plotted. 7. The steps 2 to 4 were repeated with all the others ideals of distances (r) of the search coil away from the right wire. The results were tabulated. 8. A graph from the induced elizabeth. m. farreneheit. (V) against the reciprocal of distance([pic]) is definitely plotted. on the lookout for. The frequency of the transmission generator was varied to modify the sensitivity of the search coil. W. Magnetic field around slinky solenoid 12. The outlet as displayed in Fig. C15. two and a lateral type search coils to a CRO was linked. The expanded length of the the solenoid is one particular m. 10. The sign generator was turned on and was going 0. 5A and 5kHz. 12.

The search coil was positioned at the middle of the solenoid. Make sure that the search coil was verticle with respect to the solenoid. The variant of induced at the. m. n. was shown on the CRO. 13. Step 12 was repeated with placing the search coil towards the end of the the solenoid, across its cross-section and along their length. 14. The search coil was placed with the centre with the solenoid once again. The time foundation of the CRO was switched off. The length of the vertical track shown on the CRO was recorded, which symbolizes the activated peak-to-peak e. m. farrenheit. (V) inside the search coil and also the magnet field throughout the solenoid. 15.

Step 14 was repeated with the various other values of currents (I) from the signal generator at suitable intervals of zero. 1A. The results were tabulated. 16. A graph with the induced elizabeth. m. farreneheit. (V) against the current (I) was plotted. 17. Stage 14 was repeated with all the other expanded lengths (l) of the the solenoid. The space among coils has to be even. The results were tabulated. 18. A graph with the induced e. m. farreneheit. (V) resistant to the reciprocal with the stretched length of the solenoid(1/l ) was plotted. Results A. Magnetic field around right wire |Current I/A |0 |0. one particular |0. a couple of |0. |0. 4 |0. 5 | |Induced e. m. n. (V)/mV |0 |0. five |1 |1. 6 |2. 4 |4. 1 | [pic] |Distance (r) as well as cm |1 |2 |3 |4 |5 | |1/r /cm |1. 00 |0. 50 |0. 33 |0. 25 |0. 20 | |Induced elizabeth. m. farreneheit. (V)/ mV |4. two |3. a couple of |2. 6th |2. a few |2 | [pic] The sensitivity of the search coils can be increased by increasing the rate of recurrence.

B. Magnetic field around slinky solenoid When putting your search coil at the hub of the solenoid, across the cross-section, the induced electronic. m. n. shown within the CRO, we. e. the length of the top to bottom trace may be the maximum, this means the permanent magnet field from the straight wire is the maximum. When putting your search coil at the end in the solenoid, around its cross-section, the caused e. meters. f. demonstrated on the CRO, i. electronic. the length of the vertical find is nearly 50 percent that in the centre with the solenoid, this means the magnetic field from the straight line is nearly 1 / 2 that with the centre from the solenoid.

The moment placing the search coil over the length of the solenoid, the activated e. meters. f. demonstrated on the CRO is quite standard except near its two ends. |Current I/A |0. 01 |0. 02 |0. 03 |0. 04 |0. 05 |0. 06 | |Induced e. m. farreneheit. (V)/mV |1. 4 |2. 8 |3. 4 |4. 2 |6 |6. 6th | [pic]g Stretched duration (l ) / meters |1 |0. 9 |0. 8 |0. 7 |0. 6 |0. 5 |0. 4 |0. 3 | |1/l /m |1. 00 |1. 14 |1. 25 |1. 43 |1. six |2. 00 |2. 60 |3. thirty-three | |Induced e. m. f. (V)/ mV |1. 6 |1. 8 |2 |2. a couple of |2. some |2. almost 8 |3 |3. 2 | |[pic] Debate 1 . In the V-I graph in step 6th (Graph A. 1), the present flowing in the straight line is straight proportional for the induced at the. m. farrenheit. (V). Because the induced e. meters. f.? = -NA dB/dt, the current streaming in the right wire raises with the magnetic field created by the current-carrying straight line. From the V- graph in step 8 (Graph A. 2), the distance through the straight cable is inversely proportional for the induced elizabeth. m. farreneheit. (V). Because the caused e. m..? = -NA dB/dt, the length from the right wire diminishes with the permanent magnet field manufactured by the current-carrying straight cable. Thus, the result agree with the equation [pic], exactly where? 0 is a permeability of free space. 2 . From the V-I graph in step 16 (Graph B. 1), the current moving in the slinky solenoid is directly proportionate to the induced e. m. f. (V). As the induced elizabeth. m. f.? = -NA dB/dt, the latest flowing in the slinky solenoid increases while using magnetic discipline produced by the current-carrying solenoid. From the V- graph in coordination 18 (Graph B. ), its expanded length can be inversely proportional to the activated e. meters. f. (V). As the induced at the. m. farreneheit.? = -NA dB/dt, the stretched size decreases with all the magnetic field produced by the current-carrying the solenoid. Thus, the effect agree with the equation [pic], in which? 0 is a permeability of totally free space which is the number of transforms of the the solenoid. 3. You ought to place the search coil additionally level and perpendicular for the straight cable. Otherwise, the magnetic field cannot slice the search coil entirely and preferably. Then, the induced at the. m. farrenheit. is not the maximum and even there is no caused e.. f. shown for the CRO. As being a rollecteesult, your data cd is definitely not accurate. 4. There are several sources of mistake. First, there exists reading error, zero problem of ammeter. Secondly, the area between coils is not even. Thirdly, the magnetic field around the directly wire and the slinky solenoid is easily disrupted by other apparatus nearby. Finally, the search coils is not really at correct angles towards the straight wire and the the solenoid, this associated with data collected becomes inaccurate. To avoid interference, the installation should be significantly distant through the return qualified prospects and other apparatus.

The space between coils is virtually even. The search coil is nearly at right perspectives to the directly wire and the solenoid Consequently , the try things out can be superior. 5. Basis for the awareness of the search coil can be increased by increasing the frequency. To start with, the search coil detects a varying B-field through the current activated in it which is: In the deduction, you observe that using a and B0 held constant, which are the area of search coil and the peak value in the varying B-field respectively, the interest rate of transform of permanent magnetic flux? ncreases with raising? which is the angular frequency with worth 2? farreneheit, where farrenheit is the consistency of the B-field. 6. The Earth’s discipline can be ignored because it is a stable magnetic discipline. Conclusion The magnetic discipline around a very long straight line carrying a present-day is straight proportional to the current (I) and inversely proportionate to the distance(r) from the cable. The magnetic field in the solenoid transporting a current is definitely directly proportionate to the current (I) and the number of turns (N) but inversely proportional for the length (l ) from the solenoid.

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