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During the film, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, there were a lot of positive and negative conversation that inspired the main character’s life decisions. The story is around a young woman, named Toula, that is of Greek good who is fearful of being caught up in the life she is now living. She is a frumpy girl that actually works in her family’s restaurant because she gets not been able to find a Ancient greek language man to marry, also because of this, her family promises that she’s old and has failed is obviously.

She is permitted to attend university, which in turn, gives her new confidence and she is capable of fall in love with a non-Greek gentleman that is called, Ian.

Throughout the movie the girl struggles to get her family to simply accept him because the man she loves, and she also finally comes to terms with her heritage and cultural identity. At the end in the movie, Ian is approved into the family, he becomes a baptized Greek, agrees to marry in the Greek Orthodox Church and participate in the Greek tradition. Despite the happy ending in the movie, Toula struggled to follow the rules and values of her tradition, practiced nonverbal communication with Ian, and received accord from her mother when Ian was required to deal with a language hurdle of English and Traditional.

Toula has a hard time receiving the culture of her family. Through the movie, it appears as though the Greek traditions is a high context tradition. High context cultures possess a strong feeling of tradition and record, and they do not change much over time. In the beginning of the video, Toula says that her family needs her to “marry a Greek youngster, make Traditional babies, and feed everybody in the relatives till the morning she drops dead.  As she has not really been hitched she is caught up working in the family restaurant until your woman does. Your woman breaks traditions when the girl starts online dating and then seamlessly puts together, Ian, as they is not only a “Greek son, and not via a Ancient greek family. In addition, she does the impossible since your woman marryed Ian and alterations the history and tradition in the culture, as high circumstance cultures do not change as time passes. It is also a tradition for the Greeks to have big families, Toula talks about to Ian that she gets twenty-seven first cousins and Ian seems to be very interested in what she is telling him because he just has two cousins. Ian’s family is American and they are the alternative of Toula’s family, they may be part of the low context traditions, like a number of other American families.

One of the biggest differences is that Toula’s family is loud, big and together and Ian’s family is small , quite, and only find each other in special occasions. Toula and Ian practiced different forms of nonverbal communication throughout the movie. non-verbal communication means messages indicated by nonlinguistic means. Ian and Toula have both equally used deal with and sight as a type of nonverbal interaction. When Toula was still functioning as a man in her family cafe, the moving Zorba’s, the lady was caught staring at Ian by Ian and his good friend.

Her looking suggests that she was extremely interested in Ian and thought that he was attractive but Ian’s friend assumed that the girl was crazy because of how she was staring at Ian. Toula as well caught Ian staring at her in the windows of the travel company that her aunt has. Ian’s looking at Toula recommended that he was interested in her and thought that she was pretty. Ian used substituting, a form of nonverbal communication, to state hi to Toula in the window with the travel agency simply by waving and smiling at her. There have been no words spoken to one another during this landscape.

Toula employed body orientation to hide via Ian in her family’s restaurant in back of the countertop as he was leaving. Your woman did this kind of because she may have been uncomfortable for getting caught staring at him and the lady may have also been shy. A similar thing also happened in the travel agency when Toula hid behind the water répartir when Ian turned his back to her to talk together with his friend. When he turned back around he could not get her and he walked off. Prior to Ian happened to run into the more mature lady in the street in front of the travel agency, he was using the gesture of possibly a duck, to get Toula’s attention and to make her chuckle.

This touch made her laugh and smile and it was able to help her loosen up and feel a bit more comfortable. Ian had to cope with the language barrier a few times inside the movie, nevertheless there were two scenes which were quite humorous. Ian asked Nick, how will you say “thank you in Greek and he as well asked Angelo, Toula’s cousin, how to claim “everyone discussing go in the property,  and both instances he was told something completely different. This really is similar to the “English-speaking representative of a U. H. soft drink maker naively received laughs from Mexican clients when the girl offered cost-free samples of Fresca soda pop.

In Mexican slang, the word fresca means ‘lesbian'(Adler).  In both of these instances, Ian plus the representative believed they were saying one thing nonetheless it meant another thing in the additional language. Sympathy was demonstrated in the film when Toula was turned down by her father intended for wanting to head to college for computer classes. When this kind of happened her mother, Helen, showed empathy. Empathy means being able to experience the world form the other person’s point of view. Nancy explained to Toula that Toula was the same as her the moment she was her grow older.

Maria stated that she knew how she sensed and she would talk to Toula’s father about the computer classes. Maria confirmed the psychological dimension that helped her to acquire closer to Toula’s feelings. She also showed legitimate concern to get the wellbeing her little girl Toula. I will relate to persons being considering my lifestyle just as Ian was extremely interested in Toula’s culture since it is different, nevertheless unlike Toula, I enjoy my personal culture and i also embrace that. I have found that having a distinct culture, because most of my loved ones is certainly not from America, as a positive thing.

Even though it enables you to a little diverse, it also makes you unique and it contributes to your identification as a person. If I were in the situations that Toula was in, I might have done some points different. Merely were her, I would have told mother and father before nearly anything got serious, because it was shown inside the movie that lies only lead to even more problems. Telling them early that your woman found someone non-Greek might have also cause problems but mainly because they wished her to get married so bad, I think they would have started to be welcoming quicker.

It is important being proud of the culture and never ashamed because your culture as well as the people that raise you make you who you are. Also, many face expressions could be perceived as in ways that you would not want or expect, just like Toula receiving caught gazing at Ian fantastic friend, convinced that she was a little crazy. So occasionally when connecting nonverbally, it could be best to make use of words to communicate your actual thoughts.? Works Mentioned Page(s): 187, Looking Out, Looking In, 13th Edition by simply Ronald M. Adler, Cengage Learning

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