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The initial poem I will write about is a Charge with the Light Escouade by Alfred lord Tennyson. Alfred was born on the sixth of Aug 1809 in Lincolnshire England. Alfred perished on the sixth of August 1892.

The poem is definitely talking about war that he read in the newspaper and he wrote a poem about them. The battle came about in the 1854. Alfred has not been a jewellry in the war he believe war is a good thing. In the first verse it discusses the six hundred soldiers going to war inside the valley of death. He talks about the soldier staying ambushed inside the valley by Russian army. The leader told the soldiers to the valley.

The soldiers travel and leisure about six or several miles inside the valley “half a little league, half a little league, half a little league onwards done up the area of death. There is a very good use of tripling half a league, half a little league, half a little league three times in start creates a beat you can almost hear the gallop with the horses hooves as you the words. There is personification in this verse “Valley of death” this is a good because it suggests to us the Light Brigade are going to lose their comes from the valley few of these people will survive the struggle. In the second verse he talks about the soldiers increasing the valley ready to challenge “Forward the light brigade.

The soldier failed to have a decision to go and battle inside the valley of death. The soldiers needed to go and fight mainly because that was there duty to do since the commander asks these to do noticed. Alfred said the troops was fearless because it explained in the poem “theirs to not make respond Theirs certainly not reason why Their own but to carry out or die This lets us know that Alfred is informing that the military was brave to guard there region. In this verse there is personification “In to the valley of death. This is a good use of personification because it details the valley of fatality because of the struggle in the valley.

Ther is a ggod verb the “Blunder’d” is good as it means making a mistake. This underlines the fact that what the Light Escouade is doing is going to end in catastrophe. In the third verse this talks about the cannons capturing the light groupe “cannon towards the right of those, cannons to the left of them Cannons in front of them this is good repetition in the word “Cannan” underlines how senusly survounded the Light Escouade was by enemy. It also tells us that with connons all round all of them the Light Groupe were getting into a fatal trap as there was not any escape course.

Theres a good persanification bthere “Jaws of hell” this really is good mainly because “Jaws” bring eating and gobbling up food. The idea is that the troops are going to be consumed up by fireing canans of the russians. The word “Hell” suggest that the place and conditions are unpleasant like heck. There is a perception of disaster. Alfred head of the family Tennyson explains to that the light brigade was bravely to the valley and fight. “Boldly they rode and well The light escouade was silly to go to the valley of loss of life because the foe was in the best and they may shoot them easily.

Inside the forth passage it covers the Light Brigade ready to fight as they consider there swards out. “Flash’d all their sabres bare “Flash’d as they tum’d in air The light escouade was struggling the gunners away and charging the army apart. Theres an excellent use of verbs in this composition “Flash’d, sabring, charging, plunged at the beginning of the verse underlines the brave bravery which they rode into the valley. “Reel’d shalter’d and shunderd, This verbs at the end from the cerse show that the fight went badly for the sunshine Brigade and they are forced to retread.

Alfred was talking about “all the world was wondered as the Light Groupe was fighting the. At the end it tells the Light Brigade was going from the battle “reeled in the sabre stroke. The military was worn out after the challenge “shattered and shunder’d. The final two lines is saying the fact that light brigade is going back but not the six hundred that had made its debut in the struggle “Then they will rode backside but not, Certainly not the six hundred In verse five it conveying the challenge that the Light Brigade battled in the valley of death.

Alfred says what was the battle love to fight in. “While horses and hero fell he’s telling the soldiers in the Light Brigade were being wiped out while we were holding fighting. In the last lines it tells “All that was left of those, Left from the six hundred In this verse there are representation “The jaws of death There’s usage of onomatopoeia “Thundered” and “Stormed” as you listen to the tones in your head, you are made aware of the seriousness of the assault against the Light Brigade, the cannons will be shooting those to pieces.

In the last verse from the poem can be telling just how proud had been the soldiers when they came back of the battle “when can easily their beauty fade Alfred is praise war and fighting plus the soldiers inside the Light Brigade. “Honour the charge they made,  he is adoring the demand that the Light Brigade produced in the fight. Alfred is saying that the Mild Brigade was brave to fight inside the battle inside the valley “Noble six hundred”. He uses onomatopoeia With this verse like “Thundered and Stormed as you hear the noises in your head you are made aware of the seriousness of the attack against the light escouade.

The second composition I’m going to talk about is Azucarado ET Decorum Est simply by Wilfred Owen. Wilfred Owen was born 18 of Mar 1893 in Shropshire Great britain and this individual dead in the war in France in November 1918. In these to poems you will find differences and similarities. In Wilfred Owens poem this individual has created from his experiences in war than Alfred had only go through it from your newspaper. Wilfred was saying war was a terrible factor and Alfred was praising war in the poem.

I think that Alfred lord Tennyson is incorrect about war, war isn’t I good thing its horrible and Wilfred is write about war. The similarities in the two war poems are the both a lot of soldiers are scared in the two poems. In the two poems you will find creating a picture in your extracted that there are people dieing inside the poems. “In all my dreams before my personal helpless sight He falls at myself guttering, choking, drowning in Wilfred Owens poem and in Alfred composition is saying, “sobering the gunners there. The poem begins with a explanation of the military.

This is absolutely contrast to light Escouade where the military are “bold and “Nobel. Soldiers in Dulce OU Decorum Reste look like a few old women “Nock-kneed and “coughing just like hags. The poem depends on a smile. The soldiers will be compared to “old beggars below sacks This really is complete different with how we expect troops to be like they are high and solid and their back strait not really “bent double Theirs a good use of repeating in this verse. Repetition of the idea of older. “old beggars and “hags like outdated women.

This contras once again with how soldiers should be we expect them to become young and full of life. There are some verbs in this passage such as “trudge “marched asleep “drunken with fatigue advise totally tired men who also are practically dead on their feet. This can be totally different to the types of verbs employed in the “Light Brigade including “charging and “flashing of swards. In verse a couple of there is totally chaos the moment someone shouts out “Gas! Gas! Speedy boys The soldiers are really tired that their reactions in finding and putting d their gas masks is absolutely slow.

Words like “clumsy “Stumbling underline that their movements will be awkward and tired. As opposed the activities of the soldiers in the charge of the light brigade are fast and effective “boldly they rode and well From this point onwards Dulce targets one induidiual man the main one who does not get his mask on and dies mainly because his lungs are filling up with gas and he cannot inhale, very different towards the light escouade which centers throughout in six hundred males.

Dulce makes the reader to become emotionally involved we love the awful death of this one man but in lumination brigade because there are six hundred of which we manage to care less that many of them expire. In sentirse 3 Wilfred Owen begins to talk directly to you. Earlier he has used “I “I saw him drowning meaning that he privately was at the battle and witnessed what happened. Again it makes us feel sorry to get the man who died.

In different ways to Alfred was hardly ever a gift he read about the light brigade battle in the news newspaper the uses the pronoun “They during his poem so again we may feel near these soldiers. The images in sentirse 3 of dulce is definitely associated with body parts and tips about enjoys that the target audience finds revolting e. g. the obstruct came gargling from the frat and “obscene as cancer These quotes underline how terrible fatality of this person was and if only people understood this kind of they would end pretending that it can be great awesome your region Tennyson dreams that it is marvelous, noble and brave die for your country.

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