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The situation that involved Wear and Officer Jones in State By is a good example in understanding the concepts active in the Fourth Change, particularly the cortège of reductions of proof.

In the examination of the case, a single will see that the only crime that Don provides committed is driving with an ended license. And then for this case, Express X offers every directly to punish him accordingly ” with a great of $22.99 and 10 days in the county jail.

However , it is also critical that the fact the constitution of State Times has a offer identical to Amendment IV of the U. S.

Constitution, the additional evidence obtained by Police Officer Jones in his encounter with Don cannot be used because evidence against Don in any court by simply reason in the Fruit in the Poisonous Tree Doctrine. This particular doctrine opines that any kind of evidence obtained illegally cannot be used in any kind of court due to the fact that this is in immediate violation in the suspect’s Last Amendment.

Although Don would commit a violation of law in State X by traveling with a great expired license, this particular breach does not automatically warrant a bodily search or even a search of the car , despite having the approval of the believe. In the case of Sarasota vs . Bostick, we have found that in the framework of investigatory stops and detentions, Police may prevent you for any purpose, but are certainly not entitled to any information other than your identification nor may they will detain you without reasonable suspicion. (Flex Your Legal rights, 2006)

In this particular case, the Police Police officer did not possess any sensible or likely cause to frisk Add because the latter was not an instantaneous or significant threat for the officer nor was there any indication that Don carried virtually any illegal system.

Perhaps the only reasoning that can be applied by Police Officer which may justify his stop and frisk action in this case is a tip or perhaps report provided to him which a lone male driving in a car with an out-of-state license can be coming through town, touring in an easterly direction, and carrying a great illegal delivery of heroin. Just the same, the authorities Officer went over and past his call up and work by frisking Don and subjecting him to a justify less browse account of any traffic breach.

Furthermore, in the event there was any evidence that can be used against Add in this particular case is definitely anything that is seen to eye of the Officer. The pot that was seized inside the car may not be used by the state of hawaii in convicting Don because it was received thru an illegal search. While it is given that Add consented to the search, the court should certainly rule which the burden is on the criminal prosecution to prove the voluntariness of the permission and understanding of the right of choice. (Find Rules, 2006)

Through this particular case, I i am of the judgment that Point out X need to rule for Don and suppress all evidence acquired in the face between Add and Officer Jones since the search was done intend to and all evidence acquired as a result thereof should be considered inadmissible. Hence, the charges of illegal possession of marijuana and also other dangerous medications should be dropped. At best, Don should be found guilty of generating with ended license “a direct breach of State X’s law, and should become netted the right penalty.


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