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What do you think about producing academic documents? If you have appreciated writing during the past, what would you like about the process of writing? If you have not really enjoyed that, why not? Would you have some of the misconceptions about writing talked about in Section 1 of the text message? What did you learn inside the chapter that you think might be helpful to you in writing paperwork here at Ashford University? I really do not like producing academic papers. It is very frustrating and some need doing a lot of research around the topic.

I abhor write documents because the subject is not of interest in my opinion sometimes. I also think it is a little hard to do a thesis statement. In reading Chapter 1, “many writing experts suggest keeping a personal record or a journal to help you know what you have browse and to sharpen your composing skills (Sole, 2010). I’ll start writing at least twice weekly to help improve my writing abilities. Sole, E. (2010). Necessities for School Writing. Hillcrest, Bridgepoint Education, Inc. ttps: //content. ashford. edu Following studying the active reading strategies in Chapter two of the text, read Chapters 1 and 2 and your Instructor’s Insight into Week One again, making use of the SQ3R strategy as you may reread the materials. Discuss how this reading strategy is similar or perhaps different from the method that you read the materials previously. Do you consider this strategy improved your comprehension of the course materials? Discuss whether the approach will or will not be helpful to you within your college training?

SQ3R is short for Survey, Query, Read, Recite, and Assessment. “Survey means to skim headings, subheadings, section summary, charts, and furniture in text message, Question the headings and subheadings into questions, Read to find the answers to your queries and record the answers by highlighting, underlining, or taking notes, Recite and summarize what you discovered by sharing with someone else or writing this down, and Review simply by going back and reading the notes or perhaps information that you just highlighted or perhaps underlined to einforce learning and to make the information to memory (Sole, 2010). After reading Chapters 1, a couple of, and the Instructor’s Guidance for the 2nd time and applying the SQ3R process, I could say that I follow this criteria as Now i’m doing school work. I think it is just a good and helpful technique to follow and definitely will improve how you comprehend whatsoever you’ve go through. Sole, K. (2010). Essentials for School Writing. North park, Bridgepoint Education, Inc. https://content. ashford. edu

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