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Moral Representation Everyday in our lives were forced in to ...

Everyday in our lives were forced in to making moral decisions about anything under the sun. There are situations that will make such method difficult, and situations where answer definitely seems to be just right in front of our confronts. I believe it will be difficult for anybody to decide on any kind of ethical issue if he has no clear idea of morality.

Privately, I am aware that of at least two moral principles that guide myself in my day-to-day ethical decision-making. These are utilitarianism and Kantian moral beliefs. utilitarianism holds that a person’s action would be considered morally right whether it tends to encourage happiness for the greatest number of people. Thus, utilitarianism as a meaning philosophy areas emphasis on the results of individual action, rather than on the reasons behind this sort of action (West).

On the other hand, Kantian moral beliefs, or more popularly known as the particular imperative, will be based upon notions of obligation, need and explanation. Kant thought that morality consists in the choosing and doing right conduct, plus the proper actions is influenced solely simply by rational concerns. Thus, Kant holds that subjective factors, including thoughts, should not be regarded as in ethical decision-making (The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy).

I believe in both these hypotheses and I make use of them both when I decide day-to-day ethical dilemmas. There are times when. In my opinion purely logical considerations should certainly prevail, yet there are times i also consider very subjective factors like emotions. In my opinion that the two theories guide my actions and decisions, and equally allow me to think about various concerns in my mind.

On the other hand, I believe that Kant’s approach in determining the right conduct is a better decision-making process, because Kant provded crystal clear criteria for selecting. Kant supplied this secret, thus:

“So act, that the rule on which thou actest would confess of being implemented as a law by simply all rational beings. (Kant). 

This rule is simpler to follow as it does not change depending on my own mood or perhaps subjective predilection, which could change in any day. This serves as a “true north,  which in turn teaches most men how to think and decide ethical dilemmas.

A single moral issue that deeply concerns myself is euthanasia, or mercy killing. Euthanasia is defined as a great act seen as “the deliberate ending of a patient’s life by a medical doctor, usually by lethal injection (Religion Facts). Euthanasia is always staying raised because an option where a person is with a fatal illness and slim chances of recovering. It is an important concern for me since I could conveniently imagine me personally in the position of the unwell person’s friends and family, and I may imagine very subjective feelings that would dictate either euthanasia or maintaining your life support. In these kinds of situations, utilitarianism can support both position, since the decision depends on the effects of an actions. On the other hand, Kantian philosophy can provide a even more definitive response, but this sort of answer would not consider emotions, because these are subjective factors that are not based upon reason.

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