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Coco-Cola and Coco Helado The journey of Coco-Cola and Chaveta ...

The journey of Coco-Cola and Chaveta Frio In the poem “Coca-Cola and Cocorota Frio Martin Espada talks about a boy who travels to Puerto Potentado searching for different things, that this individual himself has not had or perhaps tasted before, Puerto Rican Culture. The narrator explains that this individual only understands stories of his relatives, realization of his identification, and finally attaches with his authentic identity after his initial trip. In the poem Espada says “island of family members folklore witch indicates that stories that he features heard is all he is aware of Puerto Rico, the family’s that live there.

Espada as well says the fat boy wandered, table to table, with mouth wide open. He was trying to find heritage, traditions, and personality instead he found what he had in Brooklyn witch was Coco-Cola. In the text message he keeps on mentioning himself because the fat youngster that is on the island of st. kitts, like and out sider that doesn’t in shape anywhere. The fat boy sees himself likely to every stand where he recognizes a “great-aunt giving him a cold goblet of Coco-Cola. Witch in the mind he could be thinking to his home why Coco-Cola is such a great thing here. Diestro makes it clear that the excess fat boy is lost in the own identification.

In the second stanza he still refers to himself while the fat boy when he reaches the roadside stand off of the beach. That first word he says “opened his mouth area to Coco Frio. Meaning he finally opened his mind into a new feeling in his identity, Culture. After the fat robot tried the Coco-Frio he was no longer body fat bot having been the youngster now. As the green cover overhead, drooled coconut milk down his chin. He finally have got to know how his family culture is. The past sentence inside the second stanza Espada says “suddenly, Puerto Rico has not been Coco-Cola or Brooklyn, and neither was he.

He was explaining how Puerto Vasto and Brooklyn weren’t everything regarding Coco-Cola any longer. He finally connects to his traditions and he knows his identity. Period went by plus the boy thought back of just how people on st. kitts would beverage Coco-Cola and sing music from WW2. To the young man people in Puerto Potentado were shedding their tradition and they were focusing on the American tradition with coco cola. Since Espada could state in the third stanza “while so many coconuts inside the trees sagged have with milk, enlarged and unsuckled.

The young man was trying to say that as being a lot of persons focus on coco cola as a new icon in Desfiladero Rico there losing all their true identity and Culture as the boy performed before while using the coconut. Any potential problems that Espada went through if he got to the island other people proceed through also. Daily people look for their accurate identity within their culture making sure people no longer miss crucial details. The boy finally understands what it means to be a true Puerto Rican, it’s not all about the party’s and fun u can include on the island. Its learning the way the island has symbols that folks don’t find.

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