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The WMTP is one of the husband and wife in the Zisukhanyo Schools Job that is funded by an Irish charitable organization, the Protea Education Development Project. This undertaking supplies computing machine labs and support services to three colleges: Eastville, Liesbeeck and Mitchell Heights Major Schools in Mitchell , s Basic, South Africa over a period of three older ages. The function of WMTP with this undertaking is usually to present three wellness promotion intercessions[ 3 ]to educate and raise intelligence on HIV among the engaging schools.


HIV and AIDS have reached outbreak proportions for most parts of sub-Saharan Africa and still have therefore turn into globally important in the larger wellness environment. By 97, 20. eight million HIV and AIDS instances had been recorded with this part, this kind of constitutes two-thirds of the planetary sum of men and women populating with AIDS for the twelvemonth ( Paul-Ebhohimhen, Poobalan , A, Van Teijlingen, 2008 ).

It is, on the other hand, the impact in the pandemic upon striplings , wellness that produces much more concern. Bankole ( 2008 ) estimates that 4. a few % of immature mature females and 1 . a few % of immature operate forces older between 15 to twenty four old ages were populating with HIV at the port of 2005. Current quotes are that half of new instances of HIV infection result from people beneath the age of 25 and that 80 % of AIDS situations worldwide happen to be between 12-15 and 24. In the same survey it absolutely was reported that truly immature striplings ( age range 12-14 ) are already going sexually lively. In the above-named survey it was found that although these types of immature people had honnêteté of HIV and birth control method method, that they earnestly lacked the specific apprehension on these subjects that could perchance forestall these people from undertaking HIV and other sexually family infections, or going pregnant. Therefore , it is vital to convey the best information to immature persons before they become sexually effective.

The overpowering grounds suggested that aiming striplings as a poor group for preventive intermédiaire at the proper phase is going a critical portion of any system reacting to HIV and AIDS. With this in head the WMTP designed its attack to steer the HIV intercessions intended for the Zisukhanyo Schools Project.

Our attack

The PPKTM was developed and refined by WMTP above several outdated ages ( Van Zyl , A, Mattheyse, 2007 ) and its rules give ongoing advice for the execution in the HIV Reduction and Education Events. High-level rules incorporate to:

set up a marriage of trust with the mark communities

vehicles accurate information concerning HIV and AIDS in a manner that it is realized and effects on the life-style of neighborhoods

empower users of the communities, through instructions, with HIV cognition and accomplishments that they in fold can pass to the wider community

influence engagement of nongovernment organizations ( NGOs ) and community-based administrations ( CBOs ) to promote ownership from the cognition sharing events by communities.

carry out ongoing monitoring and score of truchement.

This strike farther intends to drive the scholars toward purposes of behaviour change as proven with the general subject to develop youth leading. Harmonizing to Mahat G et Ing ( 3 years ago ) purposes of actions alteration can easily further efficaciously be achieved through authorising episodes such as similar instruction. The attack depends on the wellbeing belief theoretical account ( Rosenstock, 1966 ) which suggests that if a individual is motivated to avoid unwellness or to get good ( value ) and the idea that a specific wellness action would prevent unwellness ( anticipation ), so a good behavioral actions will be considered. Groups of parents and pedagogues have undergone two the same pedagogues , classs and another can be planned in 2010.

Intervention applied in the Zisukhanyo Schools Task 2008-2010

The 2008-2010 Zisukhanyo Schools Job insofar since it relates to HIV, comprised of 3 intercessions:

HIV Prevention and Education Occasions to raise awareness on HIV and HELPS on appropriate yearss in the South African calendar including Youth Time and Women , s Day every bit very good as the planetary Globe AIDS Time. The tag groups would be the broad institution community: all the scholars and pedagogues every bit good because sing parents and guests. Three situations take topographic point at each school for each and every undertaking twelvemonth.

Summary of 2009 research

The WMTP , h attack to intercessions was based on aged ages of experience in carry oning appropriate eHealth research in the application of a Peer to Peer Knowledge Transfer Model ( PPKTM ) for community wellness marketing intercessions.

HIV events had been organised each and every of the three take separating schools: Liesbeeck, Eastville, and Mitchell Heights Primary Educational institutions, on 3 outstanding yearss in the Southern African diary, viz., Youngsters Day, Girls , t Day and World ASSISTS Day during 2009. The intercession was executed to enable the mark teams to go being aware of on HIV bar, which harmonizing for the Health Idea Model theory, would decide on purposes of behaviour alteration. The overall subject matter for the events was inch Develop the young person, the leaders of tomorrow inches. Four aspires were identified with pre-determined indexs to mensurate the extent to which the purpose of this kind of intercession was met. Each one of these aims had been either met or surpassed.

Consequences revealed a complete addition of 11 % in college students , HIV cognition and a seventeen % addition in their knowledge on HIV leading. The 2nd aim suggested that the pedagogues intended to recycle for cash the things which were offered to these people for the actions of the doj, in their instructions of Your life Orientation in school. There was a great addition inside the attending of parents at the occasions, particularly wherever they had heard of the event for the wireless in advance during the particular proclamations which were broadcast inside the preamble using to the function. The finishing aim, to construct a program for HIV cognition posting and social networking among the draw groups, was besides achieved as assessed by four of the indexs.

Recommendations for the concluding twelvemonth include that results from all HIV truchement should be bundled where feasible to derive optimal benefits. Emphasis must be placed on the sharing of HIV bar schemes with scholars, just good since encouraging of parents , proposal. The wifi run plays an built/in function to prosecute the wider community and should be maintained. The general subject, of producing young person commanders, should besides be broadened upon. This really is driven by simply research argument that neighborhoods are much more likely to go sceptered to alter their behavior when information and behavior alterations are advocated by associates from within their particular little community and the fact that learners rely to a great extent on their friends like a beginning of cognition within the subjects of safe love-making and HIV.

A Expert Educators , Course acquiring to develop pedagogues and parents as HIV the same pedagogues would you take part in the HIV Prevention and Education Events and community businesses. One category attended simply by pedagogues via all the educational institutions is shown per twelvemonth for the continuance in the undertaking rhythm.

Summary of 2009 examine

The Peer Educators , Course is known as a cognition 2 was developed to set up capacity about HIV amongst pedagogues. The class is offered yearly to pedagogues and parents of the Zisukhanyo Schools Job. These implications refer to the September 2009 class offered to parents and pedagogues of the Zisukhanyo Schools Project in Mitchell , s Plain and the Intshayelelo Principal School in Khayelitsha, S. africa.

Quantitative info analyses showed that thirty seven % with the pedagogues who attended the students taught Your life Orientation, the acquisition nation where HIV is addressed in the Southern African training. The norm from the pedagogues , experience in mastering the topic was nine outdated ages. A number of these pedagogues perform non hold the assurance, accomplishments or expérience to educate principal school college students on HIV and ASSISTS or discourse sensitive subjects such as love-making instruction. However, they do gain the importance of sharing expérience of these subjects with their students.

The class proved to be a great aid to the individuals with statistically important betterments in all countries after the school. There was a 54 % addition in HIV expérience and a 40 % addition in accomplishments expansion to talk sensitive issues with scholars. Further more analyses had been conducted through categorising and aggregating qualitative informations which will showed that pedagogues , outlooks prior to class ( 46 % ) were largely relevant to factors which usually came from beyond the schoolrooms, like the assorted ethnical backgrounds of students and the standard ignorance of society sing AIDS. Ahead of the preparation, fifty-one % of participants came with an outlook of increasing their HIV cognition and 26 % of meat uping their particular educational successes in these countries. All the members commented after the class that their outlooks of the category had both been achieved, or exceeded. A notable observation was the greater determine of parents , attending. Their increased engagement implies even more HIV equal pedagogues to go active in the greater community.

The effects serve to show that the prep class is definitely an effectual tool to construct capacity of those important accomplishments and knowledge among participants to enable them to move as HIV equal pedagogues in going around HIV cognition and instructing these neighborhoods which have been badly affected by the HIV pandemic. By utilizing pedagogues and parents at schools since members from within this community, the knowledge has a greater opportunity of conveying regarding the needed behavior changes ( Hilfinger et ‘s 2009 ).

HIV/AIDS eLearning Undertaking

Throughout the first executing twelvemonth ( September 2008 to May 2009 ), Eastville Main School in Mitchells Ordinary was chosen to take part with an Irish school, Wesley College in Dublin to endure in-depth eLearning on different facets of HIV. After the eLearning stage, executed in a unafraid country in the AfroAIDSinfo World wide web portal, students from the two schools sub-divided into small groups with two Southern region African and two Irish scholars in each group. These students collaborated via an email treatment forum to build up HIV pamphlets as final product of their honnêteté consumption.

The Collaborative eLearning Undertaking is recognized as by the MRC as a professional intercession about cognition transport and writing. The purpose of this intercession is usually to reassign knowledge on HIV and HELPS to To the south African ( SA ) and Irish scholars throughout the technique of eLearning. The undertaking was initiated in response to the excessive prevalence of HIV in South Africa and 4 aims had been identified pertaining to the starting. These is designed included: proviso of dependable HIV expérience, utilizing Data and Communication Technologies pertaining to cognition writing, enabling communicating between two schools, and development of a cognition items ( brochure/pamphlet ) by simply scholars as an reaction to the eLearning and cognition sharing starting.

It was the first chance for scholars coming from both says to be encountered with eLearning. Information and Interaction Technologies ( ICTs ) to which college students were uncovered included electronic mail, the Web, quest engines and a listserv ( email treatment discussion board ).

An internet questionnaire which will measured HIV cognition degrees of scholars included was implemented before and after the intercession. A comparative research of the annonces on college students HIV honnêteté degrees showed an addition of twenty. 9 % for SA and seventeen. 4 % for Irish scholars. Even more analysis revealed an addition of dua puluh enam. 1 % for SA and 23. 2 % for Irish scholars inside the usage of ICTs. The minimum difference between the two groups reflected the fact that Irish college students had better IT skills than their contrary numbers depending on their outdated exposure to ICTs. There were two inquiries inside the post-questionnaires that scholars accomplished after the system intercession which in turn focused on linking socio-economic and cultural splits. Both the Irish and Southern region African college students scored much more than 50 % on bridging the ethnical barriers. These kinds of consequences had been supported by qualitative analysis in which both SOCIAL FEAR and Irish scholars built self-generated comments on find the better ofing cultural barriers.

During the collaborative stage the students developed HIV booklets in group act as a goods of their HIV cognition intake during the Collaborative eLearning Project. All the organizations submitted booklets and received base in balls Markss. The scholars reported the collaborative group work and connection as the high area of the plan intercession where 67 % of the SOCIAL FEAR and 85 % in the Irish college students mentioned just how much they loved and taken advantage of from the canal.

An Irish scholar said ” I actually greatly appreciated the undertaking. It opened my eyes towards the universe , s jobs with AIDS/HIV. I besides learned a batch about the southern African world and people through speech production with my own spouses through electronic mail. inches

A South African scholar commented inch I appreciated it really much, it was merriment I loved being portion of this commencing. I discovered more regarding computing equipment and to fill a healthy lifestyle. When I grow up and run into person I will be loyal to him and condomise. “

Both groups were guided throughout the HIV/AIDS eLearning Undertaking by simply pedagogues who also submitted regular milepost research. For the pedagogues it absolutely was the initially clip that they were subjected to eLearning and it was a learning treatment with many difficulties for them every bit good. The Irish pedagogue mentioned in his concluding study ” We would extremely need the contrainte stage as it allows a existent sizing to the starting and units it besides other matters a student might take by school. inch A concluding word from your South African pedagogue was ” my scholars soon after excelled in every area of your life Orientation appraisals where these were tested upon gender and HIV/AIDS and I attribute it to the HIV/AIDS eLearning Commencing. “

Advised HIV intermédiaire for the drawn-out executing

Based on the successful delivery of the 2008-2010 Zisukhanyo Educational institutions Project, the undermentioned recommendations are made pertaining to the extension of the undertaking:

Configurations attack: The drawn-out undertaking insofar mainly because it relates to the HIV and AIDS intercessions, will be handled harmonizing into a wellness promotion scenes assault. A options attack intended for schools is usually selected as a school is recognized as a little community with its ain civilization which is a wellness advancing environment in its ain right ( Naidoo , A, Wills, 2009 ). A holistic bottom-up authorization and educational attack will probably be followed. The intercession aims to systematically outcome alterations in wellness and societal well being for the whole community based on participative planning. A Highly positive societal and health and fitness instruction actions will authorise scholars to adopt control over all their lives. A Empowerment of students as persons and as a bunch intends to ruffle amendment throughout the school setting. A Outcomes contain: Improved self-confidence among college students, moving while agents to behave upon the city, Development of HIV cognition, accomplishments and assurance among students, A supportive and patient community, University community motivated to take healthy life styles. Interventions are:

HIV Prevention and Education Occasions: These are suggested to be continued on three chosen yearss during the class of a twelvemonth each and every school because they are the chief stations to raise consciousness on HIV and ASSISTS. Based on the aims of wellness marketing, extra work will be designed to authorise the college community to develop HIV expérience, accomplishments and assurance to raised their health and fitness ( Naidoo , A, Wills, 2009 ). Within a societal framework, self-pride will be developed through assorted group activities to enable scholars to complete independent determinations for confident wellness action ( Wallerstein, 2002 ). As a personal resource, empowerment develops electricity and guarantee in persons for positive stairss towards personal wellbeing ( Ottawa Charter, 1986 ). The other intercessions listed below are introduced to back up this kind of intercession.

Peer Educators , Course: Distinct customised the same pedagogues , classs are suggested pertaining to pedagogues, father and mother and scholars. Our current category for pedagogues has been customized for community members and will be more suited for presentation to parents. A customised class will be developed and presented to youth market leaders as a continuance of an overarching subject to develop young person market leaders in an HIV context. The main focal point will be pedagogues and students with some for the patients parents during the full undertaking beat. These classs intend to lend to the cognition, accomplishments and assurance of participants to advance within the institution community as agents to reassign HIV cognition, create supportive conditions for larning and proposal , choosing to swear, authorization and community heart.

HIV/AIDS eLearning Undertaking:

An investigation survey is going to predate the first Expanded Zisukhanyo Educational institutions Project eLearning to assess schoolroom larning to eLearning, organizing portion of the initial Zisukhanyo Schools Task 2008-2010 between SA/Irish eLearning scheduled to get down in May 2010. Funders: Protea Schools Expansion Project ( eLearning constituent ), MRC, WCED and SA Dept of Treasury ( schoolroom constituent ). Two recommendations for eLearning happen to be proposed:

The fact that South African schools take part in the eLearning intercession as a group, be it natural or processed ( 8 schools every in their second undertaking twelvemonth ). These kinds of intercessions should certainly non have topographic point until all the schools possess computing equipment labs and received computing machine literacy preparation.

Otherwise one of the first ten schools participates in their second undertaking twelvemonth with an Irish college, and among the following 8-10 schools participates in their second undertaking twelvemonth with an Irish university.

The specific canal will be integrated harmonizing towards the discretion with the funder. The budget below is definitely presented in one-year format.

Proposed spending budget

Year you , 2010

8 universities



Project way, disposal, experts

R 300A 000, 00

R 300A 000, 00

1 ) HIV Peer Educators , Course

( 1 for pedagogues and 1 to get scholars @ 40 individuals each )

Peer Education class, statistical analysis, study authorship, refreshments

R 296A 254, 84

Development of college students Peer Education stuff

Ur 78A 000, 00

Travel of pedagogues and scholars to see instruction school

R 43A 200, 00

2 ) HIV Avoidance and Education events

( 3 situations for almost 8 schools )

HIV actions aligned towards the SA course of study, presentation, talk about, parents , stuff

L 30A 1000, 00

Advice to a radio station Stationss , A, function theoretical bank account in colloquialising research articles

R 16A 084, fifty four

1 hours programme for broadcasts just before events , Radio Stations

Ur 40A 000, 00

3rd there’s r 83A 490, 00

Outdoors broadcast upon yearss of events , Radio Station

Engagement with the function assumptive account

3rd there’s r 183A 678, 00

Expansion , A, printing of difficult transcript helpful events

Ur 20A 1000, 00

3rd there’s r 24A 500, 00


R 20A 000, 00

R 20A 000, 00

Repackaging of all broadcasts in podcasts and composing content articles for online publication

3rd there’s r 5A 000, 00

Ur 10A 235, 00

Mobile phone connectivity

3rd there’s r 33A 396, 00

Refreshments , parents and pedagogues

R 36A 000, 00

Statistical analysis and ending year-end analyze

R 83A 490, 00


Ur 509A 084, 54

L 1A 113A 743, 84

MRC fiscal disposal garnishment @ 12-15 %

L 167A 061, 58

Grand sum

3rd there’s r 509A 084, 54

3rd there’s r 1A 280A 805, forty two

Percentage part by each spouse

23. 37 %

68. 63 %

Season 2 , 2011

sixteen schools



Job direction, removal, scientists

Ur 350A 500, 00

Ur 350A 000, 00

you ) HIV Peer Teachers , Study course

( 1 for pedagogues, 1 for the patients parents and 2 for students @ forty five participants each )

Peer Education course, statistical analysis, study authorship, refreshments

R 681A 386, 13

Travel around of pedagogues and scholars to see instruction school

R 99A 360, 00

2 ) HIV Elimination and Education events

( 3 events for 18 schools )

HIV activities aligned towards the SA course of study, presentation, treat, parents , stuff

R 69A 500, 00

Advice to the airwaves Stationss , A, function theoretical accounts in colloquialising research content

R 36A 994, forty-four

2 human resources programme intended for broadcasts ahead of events , Radio Stations

L 92A 1000, 00

Ur 192A 027, 00

Outside the house broadcast on yearss of events , Radio Station

Engagement of the function theoretical account

L 422A 459, 40

Expansion , A, printing of adverse transcript helpful events

Ur 46A 1000, 00

3rd there’s r 55A two hundred, 00


R 46A 000, 00

R 46A 000, 00

Repackaging of broadcasts in to podcasts and composing content for online publication

Ur 11A five-hundred, 00

R 23A 540, 50

Phone connectivity

R 76A 810, 80

Refreshments , father and mother and pedagogues

R 82A 800, 00

Statistical examination and finishing year-end analyze

R 192A 027, 00

3 ) Collaborative HIV eLearning Undertaking

Project course, disposal, website development

R 300A 000, 00

Revising and modernizing of HIV content in educational function, appraisal , A, actions

R 89A 700, 00

Graphic skill and development of synergistic apps, treatment program

R 44A 806, 31

Web development & portal license part

L 125A 000, 00

Ur 57A 500, 00

Customized Jerseies

L 33A 284, 68

R 16A 642, 34

Statistical analysis of questionnaires

3rd there’s r 48A 006, 76

Ur 24A 003, 38

Analysis of college student remarks, pedagogues studies and concluding research

R 76A 810, eighty

R 38A 405, forty five

Orientation treatment for SOCIAL FEAR scholars

R 32A 004, 50

3rd there’s r 16A 002, 25


R 1A 266A 601, 18

R 2A 508A 670, 55

MRC financial disposal levy @ 15 %

3rd there’s r 376A three hundred, 58

Grand sum

Ur 1A 266A 601, 18

R 2A 884A 971, 08

Percentage part by each loved one

33. fifty five %

sixty six. 45 %

Year three or more , 2012

16 universities



Project course, disposal, scientists

R 402A 500, 00

R 402A 500, 00

1 ) HIV Expert Educators , Course ( 2 intended for pedagogues, you for parents and 1 for scholars @ 40 members each )

Peer Education class, statistical analysis, research authorship, drinks

R 783A 594, 05

Travel of pedagogues and students to peer training class

3rd there’s r 114A 264, 00

a couple of ) HIV Prevention and Education situations ( a few events pertaining to 16 educational institutions )

HIV activities in-line to the SOCIAL FEAR course of study, presentation, address, father and mother , products

R 79A 350, 00

Guidance to radio Stationss , A, function theoretical account in colloquialising study content

L 42A 543, 61

2 hr programme for messages before incidents , Stereo

R 105A 800, 00

R 220A 831, 05

Outside broadcast on yearss of events , Radio Station

Engagement of the function theoretical account

R 485A 828, thirty-one

Development , A, printing of difficult transcript resources for events

R 52A 900, 00

R 63A 480, 00


3rd there’s r 52A nine hundred, 00

Ur 52A 900, 00

Repackaging of all contacts into pod-casts and composing articles intended for online distribution

R 13A 225, 00

R 27A 071, 58

Telephone on-line

R 88A 332, forty two

Refreshments , parents and pedagogues

R 95A 220, 00

Statistical analysis and concluding year-end study

3rd there’s r 220A 831, 05

3 ) Collaborative HIV eLearning Undertaking

Project direction, removal, portal development

R 345A 000, 00

Revision and updating of HIV articles in educational faculties, evaluation , A, activities

3rd there’s r 103A 155, 00

Visual art and development of synergistic apps, treatment platform

3rd there’s r 51A 527, 25

Webdevelopment + site license part

R 143A 750, 00

R 66A 125, 00

Customised Jerseies

R 38A 277, 37

R 19A 138, 69

Statistical analysis of questionnaires

R 55A 207, 77

R 27A 603, fifth there’s 89

Evaluation of scholar remarks, pedagogues research and finishing study

3rd there’s r 88A 332, 42

R 44A 166, 21

Alignment session to get SA college students

R 36A 805, 18

R 18A 402, 59


L 1A 456A 591, thirty eight

R 2A 884A 971, 08

MRC fiscal fingertips levy @ 15 %

R 432A 745, sixty six

Grand sum

R 1A 456A 591, 36

R 3A 317A 716, 74

Percentage portion by every single spouse

33. 55 %

66. forty five %

12 months 4 , 2013

eight schools



Job direction, convenience, scientists

R 462A 875, 00

3rd there’s r 462A 875, 00

one particular ) HIV Peer Educators , Course

( you for pedagogues and one particular for students @ 45 participants each )

Peer Education course, statistical research, study authorship, refreshments

L 450A 566, 58

Travel of pedagogues and scholars to see instruction category

R 65A 701, 85

2 ) HIV Avoidance and Education events

( 3 events for almost eight schools )

HIV activities aligned towards the SA training, presentation, treat, parents , stuff

3rd there’s r 45A 626, 25

Advice to radio Stationss , A, function theoretical accounts in colloquialising research content

R 24A 462, 57

1 human resources programme pertaining to broadcasts before events , Radio Stations

Ur 60A 835, 00

3rd there’s r 126A 977, 85

Exterior broadcast in yearss of events , Radio Station

Engagement from the function assumptive account

Ur 279A 351, 28

Expansion , A, printing of difficult transcript helpful events

3rd there’s r 30A 417, 50

Ur 36A 501, 00


R 30A 417, 60

R 30A 417, 50

Repackaging of most broadcasts in podcasts and composing articles for on-line publication

L 7A 604, 38

3rd there’s r 15A 566, 16

Mobile phone connectivity

R 50A 791, 14

Refreshments , father and mother and pedagogues

R 54A 751, 55

Statistical evaluation and ending year-end analyze

R 126A 977, eighty five


3rd there’s r 662A 238, 20

Ur 1A 700A 477, sixty six

MRC monetary disposal levy @ 12-15 %

Ur 255A 071, 65

Grand sum

L 662A 238, 20

L 1A 955A 549, 31

Percentage part by every spouse

twenty-eight. 03 %

71. 97 %

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