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Howard Zinn

Columbus has long been portrayed while an enlightened, peaceful manager who “discovered” a new universe, and became good friends with the native people. Howard Zinn’s approach to Columbus’s encounter with the residents is a completely different perspective. Zinn details Columbus as a man that is willing to torture and kill others to accomplish what he desires, in this case this individual wanted to get gold and other resources for taking back with him to Spain.

When Columbus and his men arrived towards the islands, he noticed that the natives were generous, and accommodating since they willingly traded almost everything they possessed and brought them such things like: meals, water, and gifts. Since the beginning the natives offered all of their food to Columbus and his males. Columbus thought that the local people were unaware because that were there no guns for self defense purposes, when he showed them a sword, that they had no idea using it and ended up trimming themselves.

Columbus was more than certain, that he can take control over the natives, and captivate all of them as slaves. In his composing he published, “They will make fine servants…. With 50 men we could subjugate all of them and cause them to become do whatever we want. ” (Zinn, 3) This frame of mind leaded to enslavement, sense superior, and genocide by Columbus wonderful men towards the natives. Columbus had convinced the king and full of Spain to finance an journey to the gets, and the prosperity, he expected to be with the Indies and Asia.

Columbus would receive ten percent of all of the goods collected, governorship over new-found countries, and the celebrity that would go with a new title: Admiral of the Ocean Marine. Columbus assumed the natives could lead him fantastic men to where the platinum was, in order to take it in return to the Full and Princess or queen so he took most of them as prisoners on his ship. He also wanted to take the tablets back to Spain as slaves and be able to make them do whatever they wished them to perform. Columbus got advantage of the ignorance from the natives, and made them perform hard labor for him and his males.

Columbus believed that there was huge fields of rare metal, in the province of Cicao on Haiti. He started to be desperate to shell out the costs back to the king and queen, and so he buy every native older than just fourteen to collect a specific quantity of precious metal by three months. Once they had collected the quantity, they would be given a copper that will put around their particular neck, those without it had their hands cut off and bled to death. Various felt it had been impossible to do this, and tried out escaping nevertheless were constantly found and killed.

In order to was finally clear that there was not any gold still left, they had taken them all as slave labor to big estates which can be called encomiendas. Columbus’s big plan for Hispaniola since the commencing was to benefit from the natives and take their very own land, and the gold this individual believed was located right now there. He built the initial fort in the Western Hemisphere, and remaining some of his men to look for and store gold presently there. Columbus were required to ask for more help from other majesties, this individual convinced them by expressing he would take them “as very much gold as they need , nd as many slaves as they ask” (Zinn, 6 ) Columbus’s plans affected the natives, in several ways, first of all we were holding going to shed their area, and also they had been going to be used captive intended for slave labor. Howard Zinn not only launched a new perspective on Christopher Columbus, but he altered the way We viewed points. I under no circumstances knew just how much killings, and torture was put after the local people in the searching of the “New World”. We learned the way the hero I think Columbus was, in reality was more like a villain. He didn’t treatment what he had to do so long as he got what he wanted, even if it managed murders and torturing the natives.

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