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Pearly Byrd-Lain American InterContinental University SSCI210-1205A-02 Product 2IP/ Ethnocentrism Abstract Through this summary I will be discussing ethnocentrism and the beliefs of the value one puts on of their cultural values. I will start with the definition of ethnocentrism that is certainly the belief that the values, symbols, and customs of one’s own culture will be superior to the ones from another culture (Editorial 2012). First let’s just get started with what is culture are practices or morals that is passed on through generation to era.

Ethnocentrism is part of one’s lifestyle. I have selected the TV display Iron Cook America to exhibit how ethnocentrism plays an element even in cooking. There exists a competition with the professional chief cook Mario Batali and the first contender named Des Jardins. This competition is like all the rest although I was not looking a lot at the foods being prepared, I had been watching the exchanges going on with the chefs the announcer and the all judges. They all have a different ethnical background and are from a unique culture.

Competition began with the type of food that will be ready into different courses. The chefs go through the food and began. Mario Batali can be Italian and his pride is definitely on the line because he is rivalling with a first time contender. Mario is not really worried about the cooking although about the win. Then simply there is the first time contender looking to make a name pertaining to herself being a professional cook although she gets cooked for some of the most renowned restaurants in California your woman still had to prove that she can greatest Mario Batali.

Mario Batali specializes in Italian language cooking and Des Jardins specializes in Frenc-california cooking. They were both elevated in this ethnic background that they commenced their profession. Mario is definitely a proud Italian and this shows in the work in the kitchen. He reveals Des admiration and good manners but this individual takes pride inside the dishes being created. Des Terrain also has her pride in the dishes that may be being made. Her line of ancestors and forefathers recipes are online due to the fact that she at home cooks with prawn on daily basis. (Shrimp being the dish selected for the cook off. Des Extérieur won your competitors but you can notice that her ideals and morals were in play. In the 18th century and the twenty century the Chinese turned down the Western religion due to the fact that the China were an ethnocentric kind of people that presumed that their very own religion and values had been more remarkable than regarding the Europeans so the Oriental never excepted the spiritual beliefs with the Europeans above their own values in Confucian. References Content Board (2013) Introduction to sociology. Words of Wisdom Sayre, Henry M. (2013) Learning about the Humanities. 2nd IMPOTENCE. Pearson

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