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REFLECTION LOG Name: Creeks Lloyd Hubbard Modules a few , four Module several: Natural Forces Affecting the driving force Date: 10/19/12 Vocabulary: Make sure you define half a dozen (6) of the following conditions in your own words. Please don’t just copy and paste the meaning. 1 .

Gravity- A undetectable force that the astronomical subject exerts in its area. 2 . Inertia-The property of your body in which it remains at rest or continues shifting until afflicted with another force. 3. Potential Energy-The energy that a body system or system has stored because of its position 4.

Kinetic Energy- The energy a human body or system has because it is moving. five. Friction- Level of resistance encountered by a moving target in contact with another object. six. Traction-The adhesive friction among a moving object plus the surface on what it is going. 7. Centrifugal Force-An evident force that seems to draw a revolving object from a center. almost 8. Centripetal Force- a force that brings a spinning object toward a center. 9. Deceleration- The house of an target slowing down. 15. Force of impact- Component 4 ” Signs, Signs , Pavement Markings 1 )

Explain the goal of the following in complete sentence answers, employing proper punctuational and sentence structure: A. Cracked yellow lines indicate: Damaged yellow lines indicate moving zones pertaining to vehicles journeying on a two way, targeted traffic opposing the other person road. B. Yellow lines (broken or perhaps solid) indicate what type of traffic: The side of the road while using solid discolored line facing it is a no-passing zone, while the opposite aspect of the street, with the cracked yellow line facing this, passing is allowed. C. Broken white-colored lines show: The white-colored line means traffic in both lane is traveling inside the same way.

The busted lines show that individuals may alter lanes. Observe and describe the different signs in YOUR city. Provide specific types of each (include color, form, what the signal is for, and so forth ). Create in full sentences, using proper transliteration and grammar. A. A regulatory signal: There are these kinds of white symptoms around important intersections inside the town. They have written with them “Buckle Up It’s the law with a light human stick figure that has a seatbelt on. Only so individuals know what express it is intended for, the place a green-colored image of your Florida. W. A vehicle driver services sign:

When we are driving a car home and we are arriving off the freeway, I always recognize a big blue sign with categories. The categories occasionally say “Gas or “Food with the emblems of companies such as White castle or Covering gas. C. A fun sign At the sea, there are indicators put up not even close to land intended for boats. That usual says not to move past this time or watch out for sharks and tidal ocean. D. An indication that you know what it means because of its shape: *If there is not one of each of the above indicators in your town describe any several different types you see in your community.

Response in full sentences, employing proper transliteration and sentence structure. 2 . List 3 interesting or important facts by Module 3 and four using complete sentences and proper spelling and sentence structure: A. Acknowledge the color and type of lines on the road constantly, it could save your life. M. You cannot complete when a stable yellow series is in your favor. C. When you start with an intersection, continue. Last-second adjustments may cause accidents. If you skipped a change, continue to the next intersection and work on your path back to where you want them to go.

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