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Connecting New Urbanism And Sustainable Development Environmental Sciences Essay

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Before the set up of the analytical model, it is just a must to investigate the correlativity between the lasting development, new urbanism, back garden metropolis build and new town create. So the review can be further and meaningful. First this discuss regarding the dépendance between new urbanism and sustainability.

Second, it talk about the about the union between the eco friendly development and garden city construct.

To get the following section, the study methodological examination which includes the analytical style, informations assimilation methods plus the justification to get the indexs and selection of instance survey will be sent as under. Besides, to get easiness of illustration, a flow graph and or chart of the study attack is usually shown in Figure 1 .

Connection between new urbanism , A, sustainability

This can be a demand to position the relationship between the new urbanism and durability by analysing how to societal, economic and environmental sustainability can be obtained through the rules of new urbanism. It can be a good mention in measuring the sustainability of recent Town expansion in Hong Kong.

Social durability

Social durability can see since the four elements. You will find societal addition, societal equal rights, societal accordance and societal stableness.

Diverse land consumption would be helped bring different places to stay mix in a community. It would communicate people coming from different background and it assist accomplish social inclusion. Besides societal addition can create harmony civilization in a community.

The low-income category can easily bask a comparable lifestyle environment since the wealthy people perform. Besides the ask broad opportunity of hotels types may convey career chances, it should guarantee hapless can get a occupation by it. Overall, Social equality should be achieved by guaranting the same distribution of benefit and methods.

Social accordance is the involvement of people in societal life. By the creative process of walkers friendly environment and unfastened unlimited can supply topographic point for societal assemblage and promote connection. Besides famous and social heritage must be good stored. As a consequence a feeling of belonging will be established.

Social stableness is critical to supply a harmoniousness environment to residents. Urban basic safety is a must in advancing societal stableness. Security can construe as low crime rate and unemployment level.

Economic durability

Economic durability can be achieved by striking a fair balance between the production as well as the ingestion of a community. Basically, to supply a ego covered community to achieve the financial sustainability.

For the production, the lodging combine within the city will communicate different type of occupation probabilities, such as is yours, commercial and industrial. So the different type of people can happen a suited occupation within the town in order to rise the concern. Aside from the point of views of occupants, it could decidedly salvage transit disbursal and the échange clip.

To get the consumption, most likely, while the new area have a distance for the metropolis Centre. It should source shopping installs for the occupants. That increases the consumption and boosts the economic system from the new city.

Government besides plays a dominant associated with import function when sing the durability of a fresh town. For illustration, plan a threshold populace to back up the economic feasibleness of the community theodolite program. Besides government bodies should supply different helps to hike the concern environment and chances.

Environmental durability

Environmental sustainability could be attained by environmental protection, resources upkeep. A good prepared new town can fully use and efficaciously use the land and can forestall city conurbation and protect environmentally vulnerable region. For illustration, by supplying sufficient green belt can source more unfastened infinites for recreational property usage.

One the other side of the coin manus, it might besides progress resources conversation. High concentration development is the characteristic of recent town development. High concentration of advancement favours the population conveyance program. By the first appearance of green conveyance can decidedly reduce and order air pollution. Besides a good designed public conveyance system may promote residents to cut throughout the usage of private auto, effect in keeping resources decrease dodos fuel ingestion.

Furthermore, with a several types of land us within fresh town, people can encounter their demands within fresh town. They were doing non necessitate to go to the metropolis Centre. It is decrease the échange clip. Besides, it motivates cycling and walking inside the town, in order that it can accomplish the environmental sustainability.

Connection among Sustainable Advancement , A, Garden Metropolis Concept

As said, essentially, sustainable expansion means to encounter the demands of nowadays devoid of consisting the power of the hereafters coevalss to operate into their ain demands and accomplish the total amount in the environment, economic system and society. One the other side of the coin manus, yard metropolis is a beginning of recent town develop, its seeks are self-contained and balanced development. With the aims of garden locale construct, it may concern with three countries. In this chapter, it can province the actual connexion between the sustainable advancement and garden metropolis build.

Social Factor

For social sustainability, that chiefly deals with the issues of societal life and sufficient community installations to keep a self-contained community.

For community installations, because discuss, garden metropolis construct concern regarding the adequacy of community installations, infirmaries, constabulary place and flames Stationss, to keep to self-contained community. One the other side of the coin manus, enough community installations can improve the societal sustainability of recent town.

The finish of back garden metropolis is to develop a well-balanced town inside the facet of economic, societal and environment. The proviso of green belt as a great border can be utile in supplying a high criterion existence environment. Furthermore, the original end of new area is to source a self-contained community and balanced advancement. So that residents can bask higher populating standard. On the other manus, sustainable development discussions about the standard of life which the construct is comparable to new area construct and garden town construct.

Financial Aspect

Harmonizing to Backyard City Concept, it proposes production and ingestion should be in the same topographic level.

You read ‘Connecting Fresh Urbanism And Sustainable Expansion Environmental Savoir Essay’ in category ‘Essay examples’ Besides, by always be aftering various kinds of land utilization within the city, for illustration, commercial land consumption, it can supply different job chances to local residents. It can heighten the financial sustainability and carry through the finish of self-containment.

Harmonizing to the theoretical accounts of Back garden City, it clearly shows the form, pattern and location of various land utilizations. Community installation are located at the chiseled community centre. It might move like a focal point from the community this means you will heighten a very good sense of belonging.

Besides, harmonizing for the garden metropolis construct, this stated the bound of maximal human population. Therefore , this may hold better resources allotment.


Environment Feature

For yard metropolis develop, it concerned the life environment to the country countries. To get the new city in Hong Kong, there are many environment steps to control the air pollution, noise pollution and H2O pollution and supply a much better life environment.

For the sustainable creation, all the environment protections should be done in order to source a pleasant environment for each of our following coevals.

For the garden metropolis construct, the edge of the city is between a green belt. For the newest town, keeping of green belt and natural environment will be besides the major issue, there are plentifulness of green belt and besides coordinate an edge for some from the new towns. It can source a pleasant and harmony environment.

For the garden metropolis create, it is suggested that the town must be linked with the railroad internet. Besides pathway and bike way are well-planned to associate up within the city. For the newest town, this besides shows that the usage of rail-based development, environmental-friendly conveyance for illustration, bikes, so that it can cut throughout the usage of strength ingestion, improve the environmental sustainability.


The outgrowth of garden city construct, fresh urbanism and sustainable development are indispensable to supply better life environment. After the survey of these constructs, the conditional model could be set to measure the sustainability of recent town expansion in Hong Kong.

Analytic version

Given the value of new town constructs and recognition of new city, in the initially portion of the survey, literary works reappraisal about sustainability, new town develop and the Rules of New Urbanism will be more often than not reviewed.

In the 2nd percentage of the study, new town development in Hong Kong will probably be illustrated beneath the same version used in the old portion. For put to deathing a utile rating, a complete and obvious statement of standards is important. In order to explicate a typical set of rating standards for new community public business presentation in Hk, the convenance of the ranking standards depends on the Principles of New Urbanism, Hong Kong Organizing Standards , A, Guidelines, and the SUSDEV 21 Indexs. By utilizing the three different criterions, the more exact and effective rating are available. In respect of each identified standard, appropriate measuring yardsticks will besides be decided for bespeaking new community public business presentation.

In the third portion of the survey, the population presentation with the selected occasion, Tai Po, will be examined. Tai Po New City will be reviewed in two degrees. These are the major degree and the micro level. The score consequences will certainly exemplify the extent of new towns in accomplishing the aims. Last, recommendation will be given to acquire better be aftering to NDAs.


Books Review

Principal Data

Supplementary Datas



The guidelines of New Urbanism

Sustainability Dénombrements

( SUSDEV 21 )

New City Planning begin from 1970s


Marco Level



Fresh Town Strategy

New Urbanism


Info Collection


Micro Level

Chart 4. 1: Circulation Chart of Study Approach

Evaluation Conditions and Evaluation Indexs

More often than not, the aim of this kind of survey is always to reexamine the sustainability of recent town creation in Tai. Po. Following the literature reappraisal on the outdated new town plan in Hong Kong, I really do believe physical planning is considered the most cardinal section and give labor and birth to the progress new town. So to travel out a utile research, it is important to transport away a survey chiefly give full attention to the planning issues.

In order to transfer out significant survey, main, it is a must to place every one of the cardinal concerns. Second, from the cardinal issues, it should be capable to abstract some indexs in the cardinal problems. Third, the standards should be comprehensive, utile and possess supportive environment to trial the direct linkage between the indexs and standards.

Following the literature reappraisal, I would would like to utilize the measurement theoretical bank account that set up by Kan ( 2008 ) like a base. The ground that I select her theoretical account is that her assumptive account is definitely base for the rules of new urbanism. In her assumptive account, the girl summarizes all of the cardinal details from every degree and identifies every one of the cardinal concerns and put dénombrements to mensurate it. This can be rather just like my preliminary planning, as I would want to analyze the sustainability inside the position of physical preparing.

Furthermore, to be able to transport away a more thorough survey, bottom on Kan , s i9000 theoretical bank account, Hong Kong Organizing Standards , A, Guidelines ( HKPSG ), 2030 Evaluation Criteria, SUSDEV twenty one Indicators is going to function as a mention and qualifying criterion to modify a lot of indexs and standards.




Evaluation CRITERIA

Environmental Quality


The quantity of pollutant should face the requirements from Environment Protection Section ( EPD )

Environmental Friendly Transportation Measures

Quantity of Stations Offered

At least one train station should be provided for each key vicinity in every new city to let 10-minutes walking trip

Resident , s Pleasure Towards Deals of Public Transit

The larger the occupants , satisfaction towards the food selection of community theodolite, one of the most sustainable it can be

Time Needed to Travel to Town Centre

The shorter the clip necessary to go to the locale Centre, the more sustainable it truly is

High Density Development

Domestic Plot Ratio

A maximal domestic secret prepare ratio of 5 should be applied for any new community development in Hong Kong

Residents , Satisfaction Towards Constructed Form and Quality of the Environment

The bigger satisfaction towards built signifier and top quality of the environment, the more eco friendly it is

Maintenance of Green Belt

Areas that Zoned Under inches Green Belt “

About 25 % to 40 % of the property within a Fresh Town needs to be zoned intended for environmental maintenance that needs to complete environmental sustainability

Provision of Open Space

Areas that Zoned Below ” Available Space inch

Around a small portion to 15 % of the area within a new town ought to be zoned for recreational and leisure pursuit that needs to accomplish environmental and societal durability

Well Defined Town Hub and Advantage

Presence of Town Hub

A city Centre that could run into residents , daily necessities requirements should be provided

Presence of Edge

Manmade barriers and natural limitations should be offered to make a well defined line

Table 4. 1 Crucial Themes, Evaluation Indicators and Criteria with the Marco Level





Walkable and Cyclable Environment

User Friendly Biking Paths and Bicycle Auto parking Areas

The larger the use of bicycle waies and bike auto parking countries per hebdomad, a lot more sustainable it can be

Connectivity Among Residential Estates and Neighborhood Centre

Occurrence of continuous prosaic streets and prosaic crossings

Existence of Bridgess and metros

Balanced Blend Housing

Rate of Human population and Casing Mix

A 50: 50 split between private and public accommodations should be implemented to develop a sustainable fresh town

Adequacy of Various Types of Open up Space

Types and Areas of Open Spots Provided

Green unfastened endless within non commercial estates should be provided

Mix of Activities and Services

Types of Activities and Companies Offered

Social, educational, price tag, medical, ethnical and flow activities must be provided in the vicinity

Citizens , Fulfillment Towards Mix of Activities Supplied

The higher the occupants , satisfaction level towards the mixture of activities the vicinity, the greater sustainable it truly is

Compact Area

Walk-to Some Distance to Transit Areas and Key Shopping Companies

Walking show should be within just 10 proceedingss to let convenient walking

Jogging distance must be within 1000m to let easy walking

Table 4. two Key Themes, Evaluation Symptoms and Conditions at the Tiny Level





Unique Design of Open public Buildings

Design of Public Structures in Tai Po Fresh Town

Creation of landmark

Preservation of Historical Heritage

Being of Preserved Historical Building and Landscape

To think about the placed historic edifices and the announced memorials in Tai Po New town

Table 5. 3 Key Themes, Analysis Indicators and Criteria on the Micro Level

Justifications of Selected Fresh Town

Latest old age ranges, there are several paperss or these related to the rating of first and 3rd coevals of new area. They are normally making the comparing between your first coevals and the third coevals of new town. In no uncertainty, this is great to hold this kind of theses together with the end of doing betterment planning in the hereafter.

On the other manus, the cut spread between first and 2nd coevals is relatively short comparison with others, so it discovers that the next coevals of new towns is usually ever getting ignored. There is a deficiency of complete theses to mensurate or perhaps reexamine the 2nd coevals of new towns.

To be able to acquire an overall reappraisal of numerous coevals of recent towns, in order that it can go with with other ask rating of recent town development between the first and the third coevals. Consequently , it is a need to to hold a deep rating of the second coevals of new town.

Tai Po is a 2nd coevals of new community. Tai PO New Community, covers a development region of about 2898 hectares for current population of 292 600, is a biggest managed to graduate table along the 2nd coevals of new city ( Municipal Engineering and Development Division, 2009 ). With such sort of graduated table of development, it is utile to carry on an ranking in this.

Data Collection

Data aggregation can be split up into two parts. They are the primary informations and secondary infos.

Primary Info

Site Trips

Site Appointments will be conducted in Tai Po Fresh Town to roll up the principal informations. Besides photos will be taken for any clearer account.


Surveies will be done to obtain occupant , s i9000 sentiment about the durability of their living topographic point. Surveies had been carried out in 15th-17th February 2010 coming from 12p. meters to 6p. m. the whole sample size is 100 residents which reside in Fu Ming Sun. A questionnaire continues to be set for this specific examine activity ( See Appendix ).


Supplying another beginning to carry on the qualitative information, a societal member of staff who functions in Tai Po Community Center will be interviewed.

Supplementary Datas

Personal pc Research

To specify the range of review, the personal pc researches chiefly come from the catalogs, diaries coming from library.

To explicate the rating specifications and ranking of the fresh town, informations from Format Zoning Strategies, the authorities planning paperwork and paper, Census and Statistics.


The methodological analysis can easily acquire a complete reappraisal of the selected fresh town.

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