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Mars company PLC Analysis , Description Best of Contact form Aleksander Terzijew, you happen to be signed in. |My Consideration Options | My Task Basket (0 items)|Sign Away * Work Search 5. My Jobpage Applying for: European Finance Creation Programme 2011 (Job Quantity: UNI00330) Loading, Step 5 out of 5|Print/E-mail | Start of the main content section. SummaryThis summary exhibits the information contained in the job submitting form.

To modify some specific information, simply click “Edit” up coming to the relevant section. EditPersonal InformationAleksander Terzijew62 Blandford RoadManchester, M6 6BEPoland”Kujawsko-Pomorskie”[email, protected] om Home Phone Number| 07865963872| Mobile phone number| | Operate Phone Number| | Ask for your account to be erased, at any time by simply logging in to the system and changing this kind of box to DELETE MY OWN PROFILE. If you opt to delete the profile, this will then disqualify you by any current roles that you have got applied for. | Do NOT delete my profile| Source Checking Source Type|. Career Fair| Source| Stansted University| Education Institution| University of Salford| Programme| BUSINESS| Education Level| Bachelor’s Degree| Average grade| | away of| | Start Date| -Jan-2007| Graduation Date| -Jan-2010|

Institution| University or college of Salford| Programme| | Education Level| | Average grade| | out of| | Commence Date| -Jan-2006| Graduation Date| -Jan-2007| Job history Current Job| No| Employer| Sage-COS| Placement Title| Accountant| Start Date| -Sep-2009| End Date| -Oct-2010| Achievements| 16. 09. 2009 , twenty one. 10. 2010 Sage , COS Accounting, Consultancy Ltd gained a general Book , Keeping qualification on , screen ruse using Sage 50 Accounts software discovered the principles of both manual, software , based accounting acquired a grounding in bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, economical management | Current Job| No|

Employer| Smart Town Futures| Position Title| | Start Date| -Jul-2009| End Date| | Achievements| twenty-three. 07. 2009 Smart City Futures fresh conversations that tap into the unrealised potential of available innovation, successful collaboration between Universities, Sector, Government shared knowledge, experience, challenges, failures, explored collaborative solutions on Smart City Futures questioned traditional seminar dynamics, try out new types more in tune with the connected world got an active portion in non , hierarchical dialogue, collaborative ideas era | Current Job| No|

Employer| Applied Language Solutions| Position Title| Freelance Interpreter| Start Date| -Jan-2009| End Date| -Nov-2010| Achievements| summer. 2009 , 2009 Freelancer Interpreter , Applied Terminology Solutions viewed within a variety of face to face ( on site ) configurations, mainly among Public Services, Private tasks ensured which the translations sent are while accurate as it can be assured that could handle most professional translation, interpreting requires ensured that at every justification in the translation process, quality checks are made in | EditCover Letter Plain Text Cover Letter| |

Attachments Relevant Files| File Name| Date| Comments| Yes| Resume cover letter. docx| 30/Nov/10| | Yes| Alex CV. docx| 30/Nov/10| This data file includes a cv from which fundamental candidate details has been extracted. | | | | | EditQuestionnaire Please indicate your current site. (Address particulars and post code, we all will use this when selecting your analysis centre location). | sixty two Blandford Road Manchester M6 6BE| Do you have a valid traveling licence intended for the country where you will be applying? | Yes| If you answered Zero to the over question, you should can you give us with more details.

I don’t have a current traveling licence since: | N/A| Which from the following levels do you presently hold or are expecting to obtain? | a couple of: 1 or above| If you have indicated a non UK degree or equivalent, please enter the specifics below (what exams? wherever were they sat? what was your class? what is the grade range? eg German born Arbitur you , 4)| N/A| What level of UCAS points (excluding any attained through Basic Studies) are you experiencing? | A lot more than or corresponding to 300 points| Please make use of the space beneath to explain how you acheived your UCAS details or variation (what tests? here had been they lay? what was the grade? what is the class scale? for example German Arbitur 1 , 4, A-level Maths , A class / one hundred twenty points )| Matura: English , 75% Mathematics , 80% Geography , 66% Cultural Studies , Very Good Business , Incredibly Good Computer Science , Very Very good Civil Protection , Very good Social Technology , Good| We need trainees to become flexible to relocate anywhere in the UK although completing their very own graduate plan. Are you prepared to do this? | Yes| Whilst at university, what has been the maximum level of the involvment with clubs, communities or clubs? Leader, chief executive or staff captain| Identify a time as you worked pressurized to complete a project or task. (Character limit truck inc. spaces) What made the case challenging? How did you approach that challenges? What actions performed you take to complete building your shed or task? | I was introduced to the analytical and financial tactics that are frequently used by industrial accountants and fund managers when planning economical strategy and portfolio expense. The task was given to transmit within a week time. The challenging scenario was the word count of 5000.

I actually am certainly not the man who can type stories, We get the details I try to make that short and clear. Nevertheless this project needed to be completed the way that teacher wanted. I was always determined to achieve large results and I am usually ready to continue to work hard. I decided to not waste any moment so I possess took the mandatory books and start writing the very first day. I use successfully finished the job with 76%. In as a result of this task I have sharpened give attention to business businesses and useful areas. My spouse and i developed a wide range of personal expertise vital to any business and management career.

I have learned how to make extensive use of time frame simply by planning everything in advance. | Outline an event where you found it difficult to establish an effective functioning relationship with a colleague. (Character limit 1500 inc. spaces) How did you build the relationship? What challenges do you face? How performed your manage those difficulties? What would you learn through the experience? | The most hard time to establish a highly effective working romance with my colleague took place ding my personal first season at the school. It was a group of five associates with different skills. I build the relationship simply by becoming their particular friend.

It had been not easy mainly because each one of these people was totally different. However they experienced one thing in common always prepared to party. We already understood that it will become difficult to fill in the project on time. Even so step by step I possess became one of them by making a little party with all the team members. Then I have introduced my program how to deliver the project in time and attain high tag. They reliable me and understood it is crucial to work as a group much less an individual. My spouse and i learned that sometimes you have to think outside the box and be imaginative to achieve an efficient targets. Illustrate a time at the time you had to work harder to influence a group or maybe a variety of visitors to deliver a job or acquire a critical aim. (Character limit 1500 incorporation. spaces) Just how did you influence the group? That which was the most difficult thing regarding influencing these people? How did you know you adopted the right approach? | At Salford University there were to work in groups of 5 or 6 people. Then simply select financial industry and establish precisely what is the product range. Determine how these products will be promoted to consumers. Finally Compare the practices up against the theory in the context in the chosen organisation.

To effect the group effectively I had formed crate some database regarding my group members (nationality, age, hobby etc . ) To influence them they should feel that I am one, which I do before choosing the team leader. The very next day I was elected to be a team leader i really had various responsibilities. I’ve organised every person by giving these people specific targets to achieve. I had been confirming that all of the members look through temporary reports, which were spread through the group. I then had to be sure that the group is operating well as well as the bonding between your members is helping the group truly feel more comfortable with each other.

The crucial as well as the most tough thing regarding influencing them it was monitoring and creating positive image of the well going job even if there were some difficulties. I had to demonstrate that I was controlling anything and never anxiety, no matter what was happening. If the team comprehended that I is designed for all of the concern by being peaceful and presenting an appropriate opinions, I was fully trusted as well as the team members quickly adopted my own approach. | | Driven by Bottom of Type Footer Menu * Legal * Web page owner * Trademarks * Privacy 2. Site map * 2008 Mars, Incorporated and its Affiliates. Almost all Rights Reserved.

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