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Laboratory Techniques and Measurements Name

Name: Kensley Shelley|Date: 9-17-12| Exp two: Laboratory Methods , Measurements|Lab Section: 0000| Data Desks: Step 1 : Length and Measurements Object Measured|Length in cm|Length in mm| Key|5. 12-15 cm|51. your five mm| CD|12.

0 cm|120. 0 mm| Fork Spoon|18. 05 cm 16. 30 cm|180. a few mm 163. 0 mm| Step 2: Warm Temperature Measurements Hot tap water temperature49. 50_? C Boiling water temperature __immediately: 104. 5, after 5 mins: 103. 0__? C 3: Cold Temperature Measurements Cold plain tap water temperature_24. 5_? C Glaciers water temperature after 1 min: 4. a few, after a few min: 1 . 0? C Step 4: Volume Measurements

Volume of half loaded graduated cylinder__12. 5__mL Volume of completely loaded small evaluation tube __n/a__mL Number of drops in you mL___14_drops Volume of the micro pipet __28__ drops_2___mL Step 6: Density Measurements Part A Mass of empty managed to graduate cylinder_16. 9_g Mass of graduated canister and normal water 21. 1_g Net mass of the normal water __4. 2_g Density from the water_0. 84_ g/mL Component B Mass of graduated cylinder and alcohol _20. 4_g Net mass of the alcohol __3. 5_g Thickness of the alcohol__0. 7__ g/mL Part C Mass of graduated canister and sodium solution ____g Net mass of the sodium solution____g

Thickness of the salt solution____ g/mL Part Deb Volume of fifty percent filled managed to graduate cylinder__8. 0__mL Volume of 1 / 2 filled graduated cylinder and metal bolt_9. 1__mL Amount of the metal bolt_1. 1_mL Mass with the metal sl? __7. 2__g Density with the metal bolt__6. 55__g/mL Portion E Mass of 1 / 2 filled beaker__89. 0__g Mass of normal water displaced simply by metal bolt__90. 1__g Amount of the steel bolt__1. 1__cc Density from the metal bolt__6. 55__g/cc Mass of 1 / 2 filled beaker__89. 0__g Mass of water displaced by simply magnet__89. 8__g Volume of the magnet _0. _cc Mass of the magnetic __4. 0_g Mass the moment dropping the magnet inside the beaker__92. 9__g Density with the magnet__5. 00__g/cc Calculated volume of the magnet using proportions of length x breadth x height__0. 78__cc Denseness of magnetic using the calculated volume_5. 13___g/cc Conclusion: Concerns and Concerns: A. Which method of identifying density is somewhat more accurate, this particular displacement technique in Part G or Archimedes’ principle technique in Part Elizabeth? Why? Pertaining to the metallic bolt, My spouse and i received a similar answer intended for both trials, so I might say both were similarly accurate inside my experiment.

B. What is the relationship between mL and cm3? They equivalent each other, cubic centimeters = cc C. Everyone understands that water is supposed to boil at 100 C. Why did your water sample boil for a different heat? Water boils at several temperatures depending on the altitude. The greater pressure in the air keeps the molecules via escaping since easily. M. To help you get a feel for metric measurements, you need to know the relative size of a few standard measurements. For example: 1 mm = thickness of a penny, a penny weighs 2? grams, and 20C = normal room temperature. Determine the next:. What is the mass in kilograms (kg) of a individual that weighs 143 lb? 64. 86 kilogram 2 . What weighs around 1 g? dollar invoice, paper video 3. What is approximately you cm extended, wide or perhaps thick? finger nail is 1 cm vast 4. What weighs regarding 100 g? 20 nickels, 40 money 5. What weighs about 1000 g? 1 liters of normal water Conclusion: The experiment was created to help acquaint the student with proper clinical measurements and techniques. This was done by enabling the student to work with the different laboratory tools in lots of ways, such as: warming, measurements, quantity, and thickness.

In completing this research laboratory, I am better mindful of the different equipment which will be utilized and how to properly use them, just because a slight oversight in testing can skew your data. I actually witnessed this kind of in the denseness calculations in that the wrong mass or volume could considerably skew the results in the density. We first registered 7. six g because the mass for the metal bolt, but upon second glimpse I noticed it was only 7. two g. When this may not really seem significant at first, using a difference of 0. 5 g is very significant in determining the correct density. I also observed how important you should account for 1 uncertain number.

When measuring items making use of the cm part of the ruler, I had to account for a great uncertain digit when it tested in between two lines. Accounting for this uncertain digit helps to gain a far more accurate studying. Also, examining at the bottom with the meniscus is usually very important when ever measuring. Initially when i first used the beaker, I did not get down to eye level and therefore I can not correctly see the meniscus, but following putting this to eyesight level, I really could see that I was slightly off on my dimension. I also learned how to determine the mass of certain things that are not quickly measured.

I did so so frist by measuring the cylinder’s mass and then measuring the mass of the tube with the liquefied in this. I was then simply able to take away the two and get a good measurement of the mass of the water. Another technique applied was applying displaced normal water to determine the volume level and consequently the thickness of an target. By placing the object over a string and placing this in the water, I was capable of record the mass with the displaced normal water (90. one particular g), which i was then able to come to be the volume in the object (1. 1 mL). This number along with the mass of the subject (7. g), could then simply be transformed into the denseness of the thing (6. fifty-five g/cc). There have been a few potential errors that can have occurred while preforming the experiments. 1st, when calibrating my at your home scale, I had formed to place a subject that was 500 g on the scale. While I believe that the object I placed on it had been close to that mass, it may have been away slightly which may have skewed my results. Also, you can the possibility of miscalculations when I was determining the volume of the magnetic using the leader. There is always the possibility of miss counting a thing that can triggered inaccurate benefits.

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