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Where were that they? Elena observed the water anxiously. If anything at all had occurred to Meredith or Stefan, it was Elena’s fault. The lady had certain Stefan to leave Meredith jump the fal s.

His objections had been total y reasonable, she can see that now. Meredith was marked pertaining to death. Pertaining to God’s reason, Celia got almost been kil education simply getting off a coach. What experienced Meredith recently been thinking, getting off a cliff in water the moment she was at the same sort of peril? What had Elena been thinking about to let her? She really should have been by Stefan’s area, holding Meredith back. And Stefan. The girl knew he ought to be excellent, the realistic part of her brain held reminding her that Stefan was a goule. He didn’t even need to breathe. This individual could stay underwater for the. He was incredibly strong. However, not so long ago, she experienced thought Stefan was absent forever, thieved by the kitsune. Bad issues could happen to him , vampire or perhaps not. In the event that she misplaced him today through her own ridiculous fault, through her personal stubbornness and insistence that everyone make-believe that your life could be the way it used to be , that they would have some straightforward fun with out doom fol owing them , Elena would lay down and die.

“Do the truth is anything? inch Bonnie asked, a move in her voice. Her freckles was standing out in dark dots against her soft face, and her usual y modern red curls were desperate flat and dark against her mind.

“No. Certainly not from up here. inches Elena shot her a grim appearance, and just before she possibly consciously made the decision, she dove into the pool area.

Underwater, Elena’s vision was clouded by the froth and sand placed up by the fal t, and she treaded normal water for a instant as the lady tried to peer around. Your woman saw a spot of night that looked like it might be individual figures away near the middle of the pool and struck out toward that. Thank Goodness, Elena thought fervently. The moment she acquired closer, the darkness settled itself into Meredith and Stefan. That they seemed to be unable against some thing in the water, Stefan’s encounter near Meredith’s legs, Meredith’s hands getting desperately toward the surface. Her face was bluish coming from lack of air, and her eyes had been wide with panic.

Just as Elena arrived close to these people, Stefan jerked sharply and Meredith taken upward. As if in slow motion, Elena noticed Meredith’s adjustable rate mortgage swing toward her because Meredith rose. A sudden whack sent Elena shooting backward toward the rocks behind the fal s, the fal t pushing her deeper underwater as the girl passed underneath them.

This can be bad, she had sufficient time to believe, and then her head struck the dirt and anything went black. When Elena awoke, the girl found herself in her room at home, stil in her swimsuit. Sun shone through the windowpane, but Elena was damp and shivering with frosty. Water trickled from her hair and bathing suit, droplets winding down her legs and arms and puddling on the carpet.

She was unsurprised to see that Damon was presently there, looking as sleek and dark and poised as ever before. He’d been perusing her bookshelf, because comfortable as if he were in his own house, and he wheeled around to look at her.

“Damon, inches she explained weakly, mixed up but , as always, so pleased to see him.

“Elena! ” he stated, appearing pleased for a minute, and then he frowned.

“No, ” he said dramatically. “Elena, get up. “

“Elena, wake up. inch The tone was frightened and needy, and Elena fought the darkness that seemed to be possessing her down and exposed her eye.

Damon? she almost said, but little bit the word again. Because of course it was Stefan who was gazing worriedly into her eyes, and even nice, understanding Stefan might object to her california ing him by his dead brother’s name twice in one working day.

“Stefan, inches she stated, remembering. “Is Meredith ing right? “

Stefan covered her snugly in his arms. “She wil be. Wow, God, Elena, ” he said. “I thought I had been going to shed you. I had to pul you to shoreline. I didn’t know, inches His voice trailed away, and this individual hugged her even nearer to his upper body. Elena did a quick self-inventory. She was sore. Her throat and lungs hurt, probably from breathing in normal water and hacking and coughing it out. There was clearly sand ing over her, coating her arms and bathing suit, and it was needs to itch. Yet she was alive.

“Oh, Stefan, inch Elena explained, and shut her sight for a instant, resting her head against him. The lady was therefore cold and wet, and Stefan was so warm. She can hear his heart defeating beneath her ear. Reduced than a human’s, but presently there, steady and reassuring.

Once she opened up her sight again, Matt was kneeling next to them. “Are you okay? ” he asked her. When the girl nodded, he turned his gaze to Stefan. “I should have jumped in, inch he said guiltily. “I should have helped you save them. Everything seemed to happen therefore fast, and by the time That i knew something was real sumado a wrong, you were delivering them change your mind of the water. “

The lady sat up and carressed Matt’s adjustable rate mortgage, feeling a warm ton of passion for him. He was so good, and he felt thus responsible for ‘s of them. “Everyone’s fine, Shiny, ” the girl said. “That’s what matters. inches

A few foot away, Alaric was checking Meredith while Bonnie hovered over these people. Celia was a little a greater distance away, her arms draped around himself as the girl watched Alaric and Meredith.

When Alaric shifted apart, Meredith caught Elena’s eye. Her confront was white-colored with pain, yet she was able to give her an apologetic smile.

“I didn’t indicate to hit you, ” the girl said. “And Stefan, I should have paid attention to you, or maybe had more sense and stayed in shore. ” She grimaced. “I think I might possess sprained my ankle. Alaric’s going to drive me to the hospital to allow them to tape up. “

“What I have to know, inches Bonnie stated, “is whether this means it’s al above. I mean, Celia’s name appeared, and your woman was practically strangled inside the train doorways. And Meredith’s name came out, and the girl almost drowned. They both got salvaged , simply by Stefan, good job, Stefan , so really does that mean they’re safe now? We haven’t seen any longer names. inches

Elena’s cardiovascular system lightened with hope. Although Matt was shaking his head.

“It’s not that simple, ” this individual said darkly. “It’s by no means that easy. Simply because Meredith and Celia could be saved single time, it doesn’t suggest whatever it really is isn’t stil after these people. And even though her name was not cal education, Elena is at danger, also. “

Stefan’s arms had been stil around Elena, nonetheless they felt hard and unyielding. When the lady glanced up at his face, his jaw was set and his green sight ful of pain.

“I’m afraid it can not the end. Another name has came out, “

he told these people. “Meredith, We don’t think you might have seen that, but the plant life you were tangled in spel ed it out against your hip and legs. ” Everybody gasped. Elena clutched his arm, her stomach dropping. She looked at Matt, in Bonnie, in Stefan himself. They’d never seemed even more precious to her. Which one from the people who she loved is at danger?

“Wel, don’t retain us in suspense, inch Meredith explained wryly. Her color was better, Elena noted, and her tone sounded sharp and skilled again, even though she winced as Alaric touched her ankle gently. “Whose brand was this? “

Stefan hesitated. His eyes darted to Elena and then quickly away. He licked his lips within a nervous touch she’d under no circumstances seen from him before. Getting a deep breathing, he last y said, “The name the crops spel education out was Damon. inches

Bonnie sitting down using a thump, as though her thighs had provided way. “But Damon’s lifeless, ” your woman said, her brown eyes wide.

However for some purpose the news did not shock Elena to the primary. Instead, a tough, bright feeling of hope bombarded her. It would make sense. Your woman had hardly ever believed somebody like Damon could just be eliminated.

“Maybe he is not, inches she heard herself state, lost in thought because she recal ed the Damon in her dreams. When your woman had exceeded out within the water, the lady had seen him once again, and he had told her to wake up. Is that dreamlike patterns? It could have been completely her subconscious warning her, she intended doubtful y, but his name had appeared underwater.

Could he always be alive? He had died , she got no doubt about that. Nevertheless he was a vampire, he had died prior to, and resided again. The Guardians acquired tried, someone said, and they got said there were no way to get Damon back. Was that a unnecessary hope? Was your eager conquering of her heart on the thought that Damon might be alive just Elena fooling very little?

Elena snapped back to this current to find her friends gazing at her. There is a moment of complete silence, as if however, birds got stopped vocal.

“Elena, inches Stefan explained gently. “We saw him die. “

Elena gazed into Stefan’s green sight. Surely, in the event there was virtually any reason to hope, he would feel that the same way she did. Nevertheless his look was stable and unfortunate. Stefan, the lady saw, had no doubt that Damon was dead. Her heart compressed painful sumado a.

“Who’s Damon? ” Celia asked, although no one solved. Alaric was frowning. “If Damon’s certainly dead, ” he explained, “if you aren’t sure about this, then whatsoever is leading to these incidents might be playing on your sadness, trying to hit you where it hurts. Probably there’s a great emotional threat here that it’s trying to produce as discussion as a physical one. inch

“If spel ing out Damon’s brand is meant to upset all of us, then really aiming at Stefan and Elena, ” Shiny said. “I mean, it’s no secret that Meredith and i also didn’t like him very much. ” This individual crossed his arms defensively. “I’m apologies, Stefan, nevertheless it’s true. “

“I respected Damon, ” said Meredith, “especial y after he performed so hard around in the Dark Dimensions, but is actually true that his death didn’t, affect me just how it did Elena and Stefan. I can agree with He. “

Elena glanced at Bonnie and noticed that her jaw was clenched and her eye glistened with angry cry. As Elena watched, Bonnie’s bright eyes dul ed and dropped focus, gazing off in the distance. She stiffened and turned her face up toward the most notable of the high cliff.

“She’s using a vision, ” Elena stated, jumping with her feet. Bonnie spoke in a voice slimmer and rougher than her own.

“He wants you, Elena, inches she said. “He desires you. inch

Elena fol owed her gaze toward the cliff. For a crazy moment, that hard, dazzling hope emerged bursting back to her torso again. The lady ful sumado a expected to find Damon up there, smirking down for them. It might be just like him, if he’d somehow made it death, to exhibit up suddenly, make a great entrance, and then pass off of the miracle with a shrug and a dry quip.

And there was someone standing near the top of the high cliff. Celia provided a little shout, and Ellen swore loudly. It had not been Damon, although. Elena can tel that right away. The silhouetted figure was wider than Damon’s lithe form. But the sun was therefore bright the lady couldn’t make out the person’s features, and your woman lifted her hand to shade her eyes.

Such as a halo, jaunatre curly hair gleamed in the sunshine. Elena frowned.

“I believe, ” the girl said, identification dawning on her, “that’s Caleb Smal wood. “

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