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Statement, Goal

Statement of Purpose Possible Graduate Student for The fall of 2008 Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering I was interested in going after a Experts Degree in Electrical and Computer Anatomist at Purdue University with Computer Anatomist as my own Area of Interest. My interest is situated specifically in the field of computer buildings.

My undergraduate architectural degree in Electronics and Communication and my specialist experience in Samsung haven’t only introduced me to varied concepts in computer structure but also convinced me personally that a Experts Degree can be an essential very first step in my search for master this kind of field. My personal career objective is to become a computer builder and to contribute actively to analyze in laptop architecture, via an academics environment. Consequently I want to follow up my personal Masters level with a PhD. I have had a strong inclination towards Science seeing that my institution days.

I gained entrance into NITK, Surathkal, probably the most prestigious undergraduate Institutions in India because I secured the 9th rank away of approximately 200 thousand test takers inside the qualifying Prevalent Entrance Test (CET) for Engineering. Within my undergraduate research in Electronic devices and Interaction at NITK, courses on Digital Devices Design, Microprocessors, Digital Computer Architecture and VLSI design and style introduced myself to the different aspects of computer system design, coming from hardware design to software(assembly programming upon 8085, 8086).

In my Digital Computer Buildings course, I was introduced to the standard computer structure concepts just like Instruction Set design, Instructions Level Parallelism and Storage Hierarchy. The quantitative strategy followed by Professor Ramesh Kini and the many practical good examples given by him in the classroom have got helped me gain a thorough comprehension of the fundamentals. The laboratory training in Digital Systems Style, Microprocessors and VLSI helped further enhance the ideas I discovered in theory.

My own scores likewise reflect my personal interest and aptitude in computer architecture related areas. Thus, That stuff seriously through my personal undergraduate knowledge, I have attained the good technical history necessary for graduate student study. By the end of my own sophomore year, I finished a research project in the field of Digital Signal Finalizing (DSP) at National Tail wind Labs (NAL). This task was an excellent research knowledge for me mainly because it involved thorough self research and insightful echnical conversations with my personal guide, Doctor Narasimhan. I realized the value of plus the effort necessary for producing unique work in a research field. I feel that working in such an environment has equipped me with the tenaciousness and the conditional mindset essential for the process of research. This analysis experience as well motivated me to take up task management on Supply Loss Concealment (PLC) intended for Audio because my elderly year thesis project.

In this project, I had formed to read a large number of research papers in order to be familiar with concept of PLC, to evaluate different relevant algorithms and to finally choose one which in turn would be ideal for the needs of my project. This procedure made me understand the importance of doing a thorough literary works survey in a project just before embarking on implementation. The project was in effort with a DSP software firm called ITTIAM systems, and working with persons from the industry helped me observe how such assignments could be utilized in true software products.

This likewise influenced my own decision to participate in the sector and gain exposure to a professional environment prior to studying further. Following my own graduation, My spouse and i joined the R, Deb team of Samsung India Software Businesses as a Application Engineer. My own interest in pc architecture forced me to participate in the Memory space Solutions Department where, for the past sixteen a few months, I have been focusing on various assignments on computer software development and hardware design and style involving Adobe flash memories, particularly Samsung’s NAND-flash devices.

In one of the projects, I had formed the opportunity to work together with the Adobe flash Memory Planning Group in Memory Split Headquarters in Korea, in which I was active in the design of an advanced Flash Memory space device named Flex-OneNAND. This kind of project involved understanding in detail, the hardware architecture of flash memory devices, and was a wonderful learning knowledge for me as it also allowed me to understand the storage hierarchy of the computer system, particularly, how refuge plays an important role in improving the throughput of memory equipment.

Apart from the above job, my role has been mostly in Software program related to display memory. My project in Bootloaders included working closely with the equipment, and necessary me to understand the program between memory space devices and the processor perfectly. I was capable of observe how conversation between hardware and software happens with the lowest level. A hands-on knowledge at doing work exactly where hardware meets the software has allowed me to gain an excellent overall perspective of a computer system and I believe that this perspective ill enable me to know better and contribute innovatively to research in computer architecture. I believe that Purdue is the perfect place intended for my graduate student studies mainly because, apart from the superb facilities and distinguished faculty at the College or university, I was keenly interested being a section of the research that may be currently being taken on by the Purdue Computer Architecture group.

My own research pursuits and aptitude in laptop architecture meet closely together with the current research projects being performed by Prof. T. N. Vijaykumar. We am confident that, with my solid educational background and work experience, I am able to produce useful advantages to research in the field of high performance microprocessors of the Laptop Architecture group. I hope My spouse and i am given the opportunity to show my capabilities and to have the vibrant student life of a graduate student at West Lafayette.

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